New Volvo S60 R-Design 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Volvo S60 R-Design 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Volvo s60 this is the sport
version of the v60 and I’m really happy to review it for you 250 horsepower
2-liter engine it has a lot of great technology inside and outside I will
show in the moment great rims LED lights and all that stuff
I will review the interior exterior and I try to show you everything about this
car maybe we will do a test drive to if we want to see a test drive with this
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see more of these videos by the way if you are in Switzerland come at Volvo
cars in Bern they have great great cars and they will they have a lot of good
discounts as well as the cars and the great service anyway let’s start with
the car and then we will talk at the end so first time guys I want to show you
something about the car some new information because then I forget and I
don’t want to forget so s60 p5 all-wheel drive air design so this is the air
design two-liter engine 250 horsepower automatic gear shifter 8 gearbox 8 gear
and then we have the consumption 164 grams the price 65,000 it’s a great
price for this car really impressive 10 years warranty 150,000 kilometer you can
also pause the video if you are interested in this information just
pause the video and check it out but now let’s show you the exterior of
the car and then we will go in the interior for example the car looks
fantastic it’s look a little bit like on BMW 3-series to be serious and it look
fantastic I mean a little bit better sometimes if I look some some corner
some edges some shape some lines look a little bit better than the BMW 3-series
in my opinion it is a really really great great car
with a lot of technology we go around the car a little bit to see this rims
it’s past super nice I like it it’s super sporty it looks so so nice
also I like around the windows the choice to add this black kind of black
plastic you can see how cool it is glossy I see it on many cars I think on
the new BMW 3-series is also the same we have the LED light in the back that
looks fantastic look at the shape the s60 here also t5 air design logo all
wheel drive really powerful car and really beautiful look how nice its look
at those air exhaust pipes and also the air diffuser down there the lines the
light reflected there look gorgeous really beautiful we have parking sensors
right here you don’t even notice it super nice up here we have the camera
and LED light on the number plate back camera nice design here on this lift
look how cool is look this design I like it very much really nice design I like
the way it comes super nice also have the brake brake light right there on the
window super nice shape I like also this line that go in stop there and then
begin another line to the front super nice the rims are gorgeous really
gorgeous they look fantastic also big disc brakes also the caliper
there we have Michelin tires this time on this car and I think they
are 19 or 20 I’m not sure yes 19 you can see down there 19 inches
they look fantastic you can see they make also this nice design around here
around the edges of the wheel and that to protect a little bit of the paint and
the the stones it will go directly under this so it will not fucked up the paint
here and down here we have some plastic you can see here is start to plastic
down here and protect the down part of the car so you can change this this
plastic later this is pretty cool great job nice lines on the car as well
as you know we have keyless entrance in the car a nice handle here guys super
nice and good look how nice it’s here when you close the door the quality of
the of the doors is fantastic as expected in the Volvo car also blind
spot technology here on the mirror very great technology also LED lamp down here
all black on the mirror super nice I like that and let’s go in the front
there is also the camera for the lane assist and adaptive cruise control I
think on Volvo if I’m not wrong the adaptive cruise control and also the
lane assist is there in the camera I’m not sure I just have to check out also I
like these lines here they look super nice on the hood they make the car look
much more sporty and cooler in my opinion also the front grille it’s
beautiful with with chrome design also front camera there the front camera and
also black glossy on the grille super nice the front of the car looks super
sporty and super nice and even this black glossy all black glossy looks
fantastic we have the new volvo LED light adaptive LED light full LED lights
super nice high beam automatic it’s super great also led here
on the fog lamp and this nice sporty design looks fabulous here really great
we have a lot of parking sensor I think for parking sensors in the front as well
as in the back super nice so that’s the exterior also on the roof you will see
in the moment we have that glass roof going in the back to show you the trunk
automatic lift gate in the trunk super cool triangle great quality up here also
we have here the entrance in the car with plastic and will go a little bit
down but maybe 50 centimeter here we have some space in the left we have the
first-aid kit some hooks there a lot of space here
something that I like that you cannot leave this down and you can push it and
you can carry long items out and under this trunk it’s kind of big the trunk
it’s really big under this we have a lot of space here repair kit and all that
stuff pretty awesome I like that I like that super cool also or the wait a
second I don’t want to close the trunk look how cool is this design here the
way they chose to make this door let’s show you this theme here so this thing
you cannot open it from inside you have to open it from the trunk you have to go
in the trunk you have to lift this down and then pull it you know you don’t have
to push it enough to pull it to you and then you can carry long items like skis
so great job Volvo for this one I like it I like also the LED up here on the
roof and then you have to put it back from from the trunk as well let’s close
this okay so you have to close it manually
all right let’s go here the doors are nice I was expecting to don’t have this
just the glass but this is looking nice when you close the door it’s look better
for the exterior but it’s a little bit problem for the visibility but yeah it’s
a sport car don’t expect too much BMW 3-series have the same thing and all the
other cars on this shape great quality here very very soft material and very
nice the chrome design look fantastic here on the doors soft material leather
also here fabric material I like it leather here buttons huge space down
there on the glow box for the bottle also speaker very very nice good quality
there going inside I like the fact that here it’s leather on the side white
stitches leather so the passenger have great comfort here and the seat are
amazing they are very good quality also here in the middle you have a space
where you can carry stuff and also here in the front two cupholders
super nice great quality I like that very much
also I like the leather with white stitches fabric material right here
they’re so soft and good for long trips I like those seats I also see it before
and also the headrest they look super nice super good quality I love it I love
it I love it there it’s a big step really big step as expected in all the
sport we see that even on the other cars company we have a big step here in the
middle also here you have the touch screen for the air conditioning so you
can adjust it from here also rubber great quality here on the buttons and
also here 150 volts a lot of great quality also we have vents here hooks
great quality LED light handles hooks beautiful sunroof good quality on the
roof a lot of space on my legs a lot of space in my head as well for fingers and
also good quality on the windows in the middle as well we go a lot of yeah I
have a lot of space on my legs on my head yeah three fingers if I go a little
bit down I have good comfort in the left in the right great comfort good
visibility on windows as well the front runner
guys and in the front the same great quality big windows good visibility
I like these speakers Harman Kardon nice buttons handle great quality leather
here fantastic door I like it a lot of space for for the bottle of water air
design logo right here super nice electric adjustable seat I like that the
seat are fantastic side support they look super nice and super fancy this
combination of leather with fabric material look fantastic and also I like
the I like the pedals look at the pedals
aluminum pedals great quality on the vents
you already see that before I like the mirror look coolest the mirror it’s
super nice also LED light up here we have mirror with LED microphone handle
good quality on the roof I like this roof
also here the center console let’s look fantastic down here we have two
cupholders one 12-volt board here you can open this you have a lot of space
down there also here you can control different function from the display we
have 360 camera around the car super fancy and also the new cockpit
it’s gorgeous you can also see the navigation there in the middle great
colors I don’t want to go into detail because I already review it it’s
fantastic the visibility it’s great we have soft
material all over the dashboard Parliament and on speaker great
visibility really nice huge globe box look how big is this global guys really
impress about that soft material even here and the visibility from the driver
pointed back as well great super nice even this design here on the
seats look fantastic and the steering wheel it’s one of the best air design
good quality steering wheel white stitches I love it also the clappers for
changing the gear manually the buttons look super nice and fancy they are
fantastic I like this I like the steering wheel it’s phat and good
quality and also it’s soft really soft it’s really easy to drive this car also
in the front as you know you can put there the navigation or all that stuff
depend what you like to see I show you in my other videos you can check out my
other video and you can see the heads up display as well they’re super cool and also here the
navigation here as well you have the navigation you’d already know that it’s
great quality and it’s work fast it’s super nice you have a lot of information
about the car here you have information about the consumption you go here you
have all that Lane Assist and all that safety systems right here and then
simple to use the seat heated seat here and also you can connect control the
climatic system the armrests it’s leather and great quality also two USB
port and a lot of space down here quite awesome
I like that really I like it it is fantastic car really great quality here
guys are all so when you go to reverse you can also see a lot of camera around
here you can see all the cameras around the car it’s super super cool look how
nice is that 360 camera I can see in the back you can
also see in the front what is in the front of the car super cool when you
park the car it’s fantastic I like this I like this very very much and also the
car is super easy to drive so I hope you enjoy guys enjoyed this video review
with the s60 it is an amazing car if you want to see a test drive please write me
in the comment feel free to send me your feedbacks I hope you enjoyed the review
please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos and stay close guys I
have new surprise for you with great cars that will come soon on the market
so see you soon and thank you for watching bye guys you

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  1. hey nice video keep up the good work…i hope u will review the new 208 peugeot petrol version 2019/2020 when it launched 🙂

  2. Don't tell me all the time: i like, it is boring, rather tell us what you don't like and what's wrong with it. A perfect car is it for sure not. It is only a Volvo anyway.

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