New Volvo V60 R-Design Polestar 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Volvo V60 R-Design Polestar 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Volvo v60 Polestar 2019 air design it’s right here with me
why now I’m going to explain you why this is a pole star while it says this
logo here because this car it’s a special edition only in Switzerland I’m
not sure if it is in other countries but here in Switzerland they make this v60
Polestar and it’s amazing amazing beautiful car and you will see in a
moment what change this car have from the normal version first of all all
about this car they try to make black here are some options so you can see
here the difference so we have 2 litre engine 200 horsepower and you can also
see the price 70000 euro there are old option you can stop the video and you
can check it out the car have 10 years warranty 1500 105 5000 kilo meter or
also if you are in baron you can check out the volvo burn they have all the
cars you need here so just check it out and then see what what feels you better
the car come with the newest this technology for example this full
adaptive LED lamp in the front also even down here if you see all the the grill
it’s black glossy it looks super nice and sporty and they try to add so many
things in black the Polestar logo right there also down here we have even these
fog lamps or LED light we have parking sensors in the front we have everything
it’s glossy black and I like it so much I like this plastic glossy plastic black
this looks super nice in my opinion and make the car look much more sporty or
even these shapes and design here you can see it how cool this art insertion
look there anyway I’d love the lines of the car even on the hood we have these
two lines here on the side that looks super nice and sporty and I like it very
much also if you look closely up there you will see the camera 4 for Lane
Assist and reading this traffic sign also going in down here to see these
rims beautiful rims we have here 19 inch rims and they look super nice in my
opinion they are very very interesting who makes super nice rims also here the
edges of the car we don’t have any protection it’s just the paint that has
this shape here I don’t know why they don’t they not choice to put some
protection there some plastic and to add some some plastic like down here that
protect the edges but they just prefer to to fake it also the mirror it’s nice
we have an LED light here black mirror also I love the interior of the middle
we have blind spot here the interior of the mirror you can see it’s in the same
color as the car and black something that I like it very much
also keyless entrance we have in the car the handle are super nice and super
fancy the way you open the car also around the windows you can see this
black glossy that also look very nice and very interesting around the edges
that make the car look much much better I see many many car make new picture
start to make this black around the windows no more chrome up here again
black a glossy on the upper holder for the extra trunk the spoiler in the back
it’s simple and nice nothing fancy no lines nothing there also breaking la
light in the back looks super nice and the back of the car with this full LED
lamp look gorgeous gorgeous in my opinion they are super nice we have led
light and back camera there on the number plate as well
the Louisville All Star logo and you can see it from the back that the car looks
super nice with the rims and the shape it’s phenomenal I like it very much I
don’t know about you but I like it also parking sensors in the back everything
is black the same shape here on the back arch now the exhaust pipe we have it
right here in the both parts they also look nice the way they made it there
also the air diffuser down here quite interesting the way they made it some
light reflector here on the back bumper it’s quite interesting let’s go inside
to check out the interior right now electric lift gate as expected we have
an LED light up here on the roof also you can see the buttons there and the
triangle it’s right there in the door again we have this aluminum here
aluminium hooks as well repair medical kit and LED on the left on the right and
this is those are button for the seats you can fold down the seats from these
buttons also 12 volt port there in the right it is a lot of space here in the
back it’s really huge trunk there you can open this so if you want to carry
long items you just open it like that and then just push the center armrest
and then you can carry it longer items there for example skis or something like
that it’s pretty useful and I see it on the old cars from wall
for these days the same system under the floor you have another huge space there
kind of nice also I find it really really interesting the space there in
the back opening the door and let’s show you this Center on rest you can put your
phone there we still have a space here and also two cupholders pretty pretty
useful here in the middle anyway so let’s try to to put this back the
problem is that you have to come in always in the back to put this clap it
back so you cannot pull it from the interior of the car I think this is the
only only downside of the car now the other thing let’s fold down the seats
for a bit and let’s show you how cool is that because this is the great system
Volvo have a fantastic mechanical system you still have a lot of space here on
the legs amazing great job and everything it’s flat you can see you can
fold down all the seats and into everything flat and the trunk it’s huge
and it’s it’s perfect one of the best best car in my favourite car when it
comes to folding down the seats the way it’s work the seats are fantastic one of
the best seats on the market great leather great quality I like the fact
that all this headrest are so tiny and take up small space and because of this
we have also leather here on the side that it’s super comfortable for the
people that live in the back that and that’s Drive in the back I may not live
in the back and also you can see the combination of leather with a little bit
of soft material that will be on the doors as well you’ll see in the moment I
don’t understand why they put this pillar here on the windows I always
expect to be all just window there but the doors are phenomenal good quality
materials soft materials everywhere combination here we have fabric motor
and here we have leather with stitches so you can see it also storage space and
the speaker down there as well yeah let’s go inside we have events also on
the b-pillar here looking super nice it also hook to another one here and handle
super nice super super nice the visibility is good but I don’t
understand why they put this pillar here why they make this year why they just
don’t leave the big windows just like that anyway led up here on the roof roof
has good quality as well here in the middle we have two bands two vents super
nice and you can adjust also the climatic here you can charge your laptop
230 bats you have they’re super nice a lot of space for my legs it does it it’s
in normal position you can see it from here in my position the other one it’s
way in the back but this one look at the space in the back guys it’s it’s amazing
it’s normal space really look at my legs the way this thing my legs it’s already
stretched there it’s it’s amazing at 12 well great job global I like this space
I like the space also in my head huge space fantastic I’m really happy with
that really really happy I like that very much
going in the middle also a lot of space on my legs here
huge space no problem at all also on my head four fingers five almost if I go a
little bit in the front I have a perfect position here in the middle I can drive
without any problem for long clips three people in the back will be like no
problem not sure for long long trips but for short medium trips without any
problem it’s a huge huge space in the car here in the back great great great
great great space great sits really happy with the back of the car with what
this car can offer in the back also big windows here great
ability one pieces of Windows great quality on the door same as in the back
also here we have some buttons for electric seats you can save the position
a speaker the buttons for electric windows down here fabric material
leather and a lot of storage space there and another speaker to speaker great job
I really like this air design you know you can see here the logo air design and
also the electric seats in the front they are super nice also you can see the
air design logo on the arm headrest here you can see how tiny how cool they are
dust seeds and you can see the fabric material combination with leather side
support super nice super comfy I like them really like the seats are super
comfortable and you have those seats as a premium level on the cars also soft
material all over the dashboard aluminum pedals super nice great quality I like
this I wish I have this seats on my car as well heated seats heated steering
wheel on the car you have almost all the new technology on the car blind spot
great visibility as you also see or also on the other side in the back as well
big windows good visibility no problem at all even the car I have a back camera
you still have a good visibility so you can check it out microphones on the roof
even two one for the passenger as well LED lamp up here and I saw his button
and all that stuff mirror it’s nice good visibility in the back also here we have
this mirror with LED light good quality as well the dashboard it’s also very
good quality you can see the same design simple design that you find it on a xc60
or 390 or this v60 the same design here on the
ven’s as well a great quality and I like them I like this it’s kind of classic
you find it on the old models cars almost all but it’s super nice I like it
it’s super simple very good quality everywhere big blow box so you have
plenty of space there in the glove box and also it’s refrigerated so you can
put your drinks there and keep it cold if you want it not very cold but still
cold not hot the new digital cockpit it’s a nominal great colors great great
resolution and you can also adjust it from those buttons here you can also put
the navigation in the middle or you can customize it the way you want it I don’t
want to go into detail now but it’s fantastic also those those are very nice
good quality anyway the steering wheel it’s fantastic I like
it very much we have a design here a logo you have leather with white
stitches good quality well-made I like it I like them very much one of the best
steering wheel out there also the buttons and the way it look a little bit
of fat it’s super nice I like it I like that it has a great grip and good
quality and good visibility of the cockpit as well the way they made it
they made it well so you have a good visibility also down here we have this
controller for the multimedia also some button for diplomatic system the same
same chrome design here on the center console we have it here on the dashboard
the same material I like this material on the camera don’t you cannot see it so
well with in real it looks super nice down here some extra storage two
cupholders 1204 to the armrest leather also good
quality here we have some storage space with two USB
what very very useful in my opinion a lot of space here the buttons electric
brake driving modes start/stop engine and the stick for changing the gear
right here so everything it’s look looks simple and nice and also good quality as
that this price I didn’t expect less anyway a lot of information here on the
multimedia system we already see it in my other videos if not check out my
other videos on my channel you will see this multimedia system from Volvo
in detail here you have navigation it’s worked fast nice colors very simple you
can also see it on the head-up display or here on the cockpit you have a lot of
settings here don’t wanna go too much in detail but I will shortly show you a
little bit of this and connect your phone here you have some safety system
that you can adjust it from here for example parking sensors blind spot here
you can see it on the mirror the orange line there the super cool also the we
have the camera in the back this car have only on the back the camera now
going back a little bit what we have here we have the traffic sign streets
and reader template you can see there the curve light and all that stuff
anyway yeah I guess that’s the multimedia system
you already see that all right so the visibility from the driver point of view
it’s very good and also the position of driving there and there you can see the
traffic speed limit the car can read this as well and yeah super
see I like it very much anyway that was my review guys with the new v60
air design all-star special edition I can say like that 2019 I hope you enjoy
it please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos thank you very much
for watching my channel and see you soon guys you

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  1. When you have one big window in the back doors you cannot open it because the glass has to disappear in the door!

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