New VW Passat Variant R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New VW Passat Variant R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new VW Passat variant R Line it’s right here with me and I’m
really really happy to present it for you
interior/exterior and I try to show you every single detail on this new Passat
interior also it has a fantastic interior and huge space there as usually
the volkswagen passat have all smug and keep the shape of the car and come with
the same huge space in the interior also a lot of comfort a lot of visibility big
windows if you see there also a lot of new technology I will show in a moment
here on the side we have the airline logo on the other side as well we have
some black black trim on the grille here we don’t have any more the chrome grille
so they make all the front grille in black and all the chrome was hided
behind this black I see these days it is like like I think all the people choice
to hide the chrome with black glossy plastic here is the price 70 1384 new
Passat variant airline addition we have 272 horsepower 4-cylinder petrol 7
gearbox here are the other option of the car you can pause the video and read it
if you are interested in all that detail we have also the rims in black glossy
they look quite good I like them very much
the rims they are nice we have three early tires and 19 inch widows here 19
inch is the size of the rims you can see the new a rubber that cover a little bit
of the rims that you cannot scratch it so easy on the other side the air line
the mirror is super nice with some LED blinkers also we have the mirror and the
blind spot it’s here like on the Audi this time the plans put
it in the interior of the mirror anyway you can see here around the car around
the car windows we have this black glossy plastic also big windows and
great visibility you can see there how big there I think is this this tourer
car have the most visibility from the interior outside and we will go inside
and you will see also keyless entry in the car the same handle ours before I
like this black glossy line that go all over the car around there and down here
some plastic in the same colour as the car for a nice sporty design and also
for some extra aerodynamic also the line go all the way to the back even the fake
exhaust pipe are in black this time in black trim we have six parking sensors
in the back there also down here some light reflectors I like this line did
they add this sharp line here in the middle of the of the car all over the
car on the both side is this line that makes the car much more interesting to
fake exhaust pipe as I told you in black also the air diffuser down here the back
spoiler down port its implanted glossy make the car look much more sporty er
LED light on the number plate as well there that’s a cool thing also behind
this logo Volkswagen logo we have the back camera and the new design of LED
light I like this design I like it very much I like those lines here on the side
they look very nice in my opinion the new that that’s the front the first
thing that you see when you see the new Passat LED light then your LED lights
also they choose to to make it black all over the roof it’s black and also this
spoiling here looks super nice in my opinion the spoiler with a brake light
up there look fantastic the shape of the Passat is the same as the old Passat but
yeah you just know from the LED light that this is the new one and also a few
lines here in there sharp edges that tell you this is the new Rosado pasa
electric lift gate that’s a cool feature and it also you can see the button right
here and a handle if you want to close it manually the triangle it’s up there
as well and let’s go to the fun the fun part is the interior of this car we have
a flat floor entrance in the car and a huge huge trunk here a lot of space in
the left side here where you can have the medical kit and another space here
in the right side you have the 12-volt board the handle to lift fold down the
seats and also the button you know what is this button guys look at this you
just push the button and the hook is out and then all you have to do it just
press it just a little bit and now it’s fist and now we can use it now if you
want to put it down press the button release the hook and push it up very
simple just all you have to do is this anyway
you also have this protection for the trunk and I like the fact that you make
they make a nice nice this time to design the quality of the material it’s
it’s much better than before so great great job I like that big trunk as
usually folding sit in one second just like that we have a flat floor there and
a huge huge trunk where you can carry many things you can even sleep or yeah
wherever you want carry mobile or stuff like that it is a huge practical car in
the same time with a lot of quality so both silent get a great great job with
their cars this is my opinion I like it very much
it’s pretty practical this car and has a lot of quality in the car as well also
you can fall down only the middle part if you want to carry skis or long items
and you if you want to keep two passengers in the back and still carry
long items you can you can fold down the middle part you have here two cupholders
as well with the armrest in the middle in the back very practical as well
quality is very good down there you have steel space I don’t like to stick there
in the middle it’s kind of big but yeah I guess it cannot be like an electric
cars just a flat floor pushing the button close the trunk of automatic and
let’s go to the doors huge windows the windows are huge that mean you have a
great visibility from the interior also very good quality on the doors you have
an LED ambient light as well here on the door trim also this chrome design it
very nice we have a speaker here with chrome around the handle it’s nice some
leather in the middle part right here with white stitches here we have rubber
soft material as well the button it’s also nice as a little bit of chrome
there and then the speaker is down here some light reflector and a small storage
space in the door quite nice big entrance in the car not big huge one of
the biggest I see on this state cars or tour also back of the front seat we have
only leather no plastic so which is a cool thing I like that as well also I
think I’d go on the other side because I want to show you the space there and it
sits better from here because we have more light anyway here we have the vent
the plastic we have heated sit in the back you can control the climatic system
from here in the back us BC and also a 12-volt for town they’re very practical
these days useful also some plastic on the side I wish here was also leather or
something soft material the most perfect then was the car perfect here we have
leather seat with a nice design on the side and also kind of site support there
white stitches beautiful design and also they are they are kind of soft not so
soft but a little bit soft so they are good for long trips as well the space on
my legs it is enormous I don’t even need to tell you you can see here I can also
stretch my legs there and I have plenty of space really happy with the space
much more than other cars also on the head it’s amazing space gorgeous
visibility on the windows we have a hook the handle up here also you can see for
yourself good quality on the roof some books here on the side LED light up here
on the roof as well very useful very cool and also the visibility on the
windows it is very good you have great great visibility on the windows going in
the middle here as well I have a lot of space on my legs no problem at all for
me and you can see the seats are in the normal position maybe a little bit back
than normal position and I still have space in the left in the right side also
on my head huge space in the middle no problem even for three people here is no
problem at all traveling for long trips I like that
pretty good great job for fun and I love the space here I also reviewed the
normal the new Volkswagen Passat the normal version of the inline you can
check out on my you know and you can find it out there
if you want to see the normal version also it’s just a few changing here and
there but almost not so big big difference big windows also in the front
great same great quality on the doors the same LED light in the door here for
the ambient light the speaker is the same also here on the front we have
three speakers on the door you can see three type speakers so the sound should
be better than in the back soft material here also the buttons are the same we
have bigger storage space here in the front doors also a light reflector and
the button for the trunk automatic lift gate it is right here
pretty useful also the entrance in the car we have some chrome design here and
then aluminium pedals the aluminum pedals from Roseville and they are super
nice I have it on my Xcode JTA also here you can adjust or Co it’s kind of
electric partial sit I don’t know only the upper part you can adjust
electrically otherwise you can have to do it manually the other things but the
seeds are super beautiful and nice design white stitches airline low bow
here beautiful side support as well I like them very much they are really
beautiful also down here we have some space where you can put your stuff small
space the buttons for the light where you can open and close the lights off
whatever on the dashboard as well down here also it’s soft
I think it’s rubber the vent are nice design also LED light on the dashboard
and the same same kind of chrome design on the dashboard there we have in the
middle leather armrests you can open it you have the
USBC port and a very useful storage space also in the middle 12 volt board
electric hand brake in the middle out of old as well and two cupholders quite
practical it’s it is perfect the way it is this is the this is made from plastic
the middle console but it it looked good and it’s very stable also soft material
on the dashboard we have a head-up display right here that’s pretty pretty
useful as well speaker and otherwise the dashboard is
clean and straight and you have great visibility also on the windows and you
can see in the back and testing visibility because this car has a lot of
Windows a lot of windows parts much more than the other cars in this category
level also the new digital cockpit and the multimedia system I’ll show in a
moment we have the Passat here with blinker at the same designers on tour
Chrome on the dashboard pretty pretty clean and nice we have
here also LED light on the dashboard let go all the way on the doors and the
vents they were there together line up there look very very nice pretty cool I
like that very much also the new cockpit digital cockpit I
think you already know it from my other leaders distinguished it’s also very
nice it has a great quality one of my favorite steering wheels actually good
quality good grip those button are fantastic they are very practical they
are economic the weighting the way they made these buttons while you’re driving
you can adjust every single detail and your eyes stay on the road it is perfect
airline there in the middle the way they think it falls on and make it
clappers for changing the gear manually all that button can adjust every single
thing in the car so you can stay with your eyes on the road also I love the
multimedia system you have gesture control here you can see you can change
the radio station or the sound just adjusting gesture control it has a few
gesture control I don’t know how many people use it but I don’t use it here is
the climatic system is the old one but it’s very practical they don’t even need
to change it because it is very good still his job perfect charging the phone
the mobile phone in front there we have also start stop button here USB port see
there you can see it in the right side also the different modes parking sensors
and cameras stay put changing the gear actually hear the car it’s automatic so
it’s very simple to do it but is the the same shifter as before now the way the
visibility from the driver point of view it’s very good and here you can see the
air line down there that you know it’s a different different edition of car up
here the mirror it’s also beautiful let’s look great LED light on the roof a
nice design the way they designed the plastic it’s reflect the LED light and
make the car make the car ambient look better up here and so it’s buttons or
service and all that stuff also LED I liked is gonna be up here I don’t know
you can see it so well but design it’s very nice handle good quality on the
roof as well I like the roof quality and yeah let’s
show you a little bit of the multimedia system I think you already know it from
my other videos it is very responsive we have a glossy
screen here you can adjust every single information you can change the language
time also kilometer miles foreign eyes or cells you know here is
the home screen you have a great great navigation system with all kinds of
information it’s very smooth one of the best on the market you can see how small
it is you have there all kinds of information everything you need it’s
right here on the navigation and it’s work perfectly you just choice where you
want to go and just press Start and the car it’s loading in inches one second
two seconds it’s loading your destination and you have all kind of
information perfectly resolution colors everything it’s perfect you can connect
your android apple carplay and all that stuff also information about the car
here yeah I think you already know it you see it before I have a full review
with this if you’re interested you can check out on my channel the video with
all these information about the motor mania system here also yeah I guess that
was the car guys in my opinion it has a great price for what he can offer one of
the best car out there that you can buy also it has a very good technology for
example those LED lights with a new technology follow LED on the blinkers
and also full LED lights in the front and also the fog lamps are LED six
parking sensors in the front anyway guys I hope you enjoyed please subscribe to
my channel check out my other videos like it to share it thank you very much
for watching guys don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and check out my
other videos so see you soon guys stay safe and see you in the next video

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  1. So u have to pay 65.280 € if u want R-line… My opinion it's worth it, it's worth of every cent or frank u pay for it. The only thing I dont like is that button grom blinkers. They could let the clock stay there. It looked more expensive and Passat looked so premium. However, VW has join the premium segment of this class with Passat. Passat is my favorite model in this class. Simplicity of German beauty is most visible on VW Passat. I FREAKING LOVE IT ! Bro, you'd explained all quirks very well. Great job and greetings from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

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