New VW T-ROC R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New VW T-ROC R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back this is the
new Volkswagen T-ROC R-Line 2019 and I’m pretty pretty happy to review it for
you today I will try to show you the interior exterior and I will give you
all kind of details about the car so we will start with the exterior I have to
tell you this car has the newest this technology from Volkswagen LED light
adaptive cruise control emergency brake also the camera for Lane Assist and
reading the street sign also we have LED light on the numbers plate we have
parking sensors in the back also some fake exhaust pipe you can see here on
the side the design of the car in the back it’s it’s pretty interesting also I
like the lines of the car the way they make these lines it is really
interesting also the chrome design up and also this spoiler or where is the
brake light as well it’s interesting the truck up there you can add some extra
storage space also the design of the chrome it’s it’s interesting the way it
come from the back to the front also the lines of the car are interesting you can
see the arch there in the back also this plastic here it’s very useful when you
scratch the car or it’s it’s its last better in time those edges of the paint
also the parking sensors as you can see it on the side the wheels here the rims
look pretty interesting nothing super special but quite interesting and quite
quite nice in my opinion also red brake caliper you can see they’re quite nice
down here we have a plastic that protect the down part of the car again and then
some shape is there quite interesting this is the line
I’m talking about they make it interesting on the door here I think if
you hit the door here will be really hard to repair it in the original state
anyway around the windows in the down here we have some rubber upper part we
have some chrome design quite interesting also the spoiler up here
look nice chrome design there where you add the extra trunk and black the roof
it’s all back also in the trunk I won’t show you the space in the trunk it’s
quite good in my opinion we have electric lift gate here the triangle
it’s up there also down here we have some plastic at the entrance in the car
and the trunk is quite big I like the fact that it’s flat here almost flat
this is a cool thing we have some hooks on the side we have a light no LED light
it’s just normal bulb light there but the space in the trunk is quite good you
can also take this out if you don’t need it down here we have again some extra
space for repair kit and some stuff on the wheel you can also put this a little
bit down like on the body or Audi a3 the new model so you have much more space
there in the trunk it’s more deep so you can carry wheels your winter or summer
wheel since it’s pretty useful and I like that very much I like that it’s
very big you can also open this center armrest there so you can carry long
items without any problem so it’s pretty pretty practical I like that
and it’s also flat if you put the trunk a little bit upper will be flat and
quite good you can see the seat the folding seat and then you have a lot
of here also on the legs a lot of space
quite good let’s put it in the upper position so I will show you that this
thing it’s really straighter really flat so we can carry very easy a lot of stuff
you look at look at it it’s really flat they’re pretty awesome oh I like that
really like it very practical the tea rockets it’s practical I like it so
anyway the exterior of the car it is very nice in my opinion it’s very nice
also here in the middle you have a center armrest in two cupholders very
useful as well and sit our combination of leather with fabric material but
let’s go to the door you see this design of the door it is the same that they
will use it in the world in the new Volkswagen id3 electric one also on the
doors it’s a lot of plastic but you see they design it very nice oh no only this
part here it’s leather but the rest of the door it’s plastic even the speaker
everything the button it’s nice a little bit of chrome but the design of the door
it’s super nice but it’s a lot of plastic there here behind the front seat
it’s leather I like that I like it very much also here we have two vents and the
12 volt port down here and we have this step here kind of big step in the middle
there and those are the seats the seats are leather with fabric material
combination also you can see here actually I think it’s all comparator no
Alcantara here we have Alcantara leather and in the middle fabric material here
in the middle we have fabric material on the side we have leather Alcantara
and leather and Adele here we have leather in the middle they are very
comfortable those seats III sit on them and they are really
comfortable and also we have plenty of space on my legs you can see there in
the front the seat can go a little bit in the front I can even stretch a little
bit my legs under the front seat so I have plenty of space on my head as well
I have a lot of space you can see there it’s quite good closing the door the
visibility it’s ok not the best but ok a little bit of blind spot there in the
back not the best but ok a hooks a handle LED light here on the roof quite
practical in my opinion also going in the middle now right now it’s not so
hard I can go really easy and I still have you can see the space on my knee
the the seat in the front can go a little bit forward up here a lot of
space on my head no complaining at all the left side right side so three people
can stay here not for long trips maybe short and medium trips will be no
problem or maybe with a kid in the middle yeah I’m not sure if this is a
low but yeah I think we’ll be ok anyway and like these lines here really really
interesting and also the LED light it’s super nice super super nice I like the
design of the LED light and also it’s not bad not better this back of the tee
ruk also with a exhaust pipe with those plastic insertion here and also the
light reflector it’s quite interesting I like it I really like it
also the plastic that protect the edge of the car it’s very practical the lines
that go directly to the front a lot of lines that make this car
sport here also the chrome design combination there it’s quite quite quite
good going in the front but before that let’s see the mirror it’s also
interesting we have blinker LED blinker light we
have blind spot here on the mirror in the corner
quite quite useful technology airline logo there also we have into from the
same plastic to protect the edge of the car the wheels that we said before and
yeah in the front on the hood we have again some lines that make the car look
much more sporty ER and angrier those shapes lines in the middle there we have
the camera for that I told you before reading data traffic sign and also for
the lane assist we have full LED adaptive light here they are phenomenal
I have it on my goal if you can check out my videos on my channel if you want
to see the way they look in the night they are amazing also the front grille
it’s nice we have air line again here the logo behind this logo it’s the
adaptive response or rather also daylight LED here we have this with
parking sensors a lot of parking sensors I think there are six here in front six
in the back fog lamp founder pretty this car have a lot of technology and it has
also the quality of the materials are not bad in the place they are matter
most here some information about the card price 43,000 we have three cylinder
150 horsepower also seven gear DSG adaptive cruise control and all that
stuff you can also read here the information that you need it you can
pause the video and read it if you didn’t have time to see it all
anyway we have keyless entrance in the car here you can also see the handle
it’s typical I want to close the light force diamond and then let’s show you
the door it’s big a window to speak and you have good visibility also I like
this LED insertion here on the door ambient light and the
buttons everything it’s simple don’t they expect to be something super
super expensive it’s kind of here we have some leather but the rest of the
door it’s plastic I like although the buttons look nice
they are good quality here you can open the trunk a lot of space a lot of
storage space there the design it’s super nice of the door but as I say in
the back a lot black sticker the airline logo we have aluminium pedals super nice
manual adjustable seat same like in the back we have leather with Alcantara and
some fabric material and line again logo on the seat as it are super nice they’re
super comfy we have side support here and also they are nice for the long
trips here we have some leather for the armrest you can adjust this armrest and
then you have a lot of space down here in the middle
quite quite useful you can yeah super now let’s go to the nice part here we
have the light you already know it it’s typical for Volkswagen you see it from
almost all the cars the new one doesn’t have that but the new one I mean the big
one SUVs have a different there the
visibility in the back is not bad a little bit of fans put there on the
corners but it’s not not not so bad you can see the space in the back was
smaller because the seats it’s way in the back also the dashboard it’s
it has a nice design and it’s it’s kind of straight there we have a speaker on
the pillar I have a handle up here the mirror with LED super nice super good
quality and like that also up here we have emergency buttons also LED light up
here pretty nice as well I like that and also the mirror
you guys good visibility in the back and also see it’s pretty good not bad you
know I like the dashboard I like the design of the dashboard I like the way
they array everything and also this glossy plastic integrated events they’re
super nice good quality and I like it I really like the dashboard as well super
nice the new one active info display I think it’s the name and it’s super nice
great quality great colors you already see it in my other videos and I think so
steering wheel I don’t need to tell you one of my favorite steering wheel air
line here I have it on my car and it’s phenomenal you have all the buttons that
you can control every single detail and every single thing on the car on the
infotainment display on multimedia also have the clappers you can want to change
the gear manually super cool very nice very good quality and it’s also look
super super nice now in the middle we have also this great multimedia system
and some vents they are closely you already know it shortcut button touch
screen changing very easy where you want to go this car doesn’t have a navigation
but you already see it you can check out my video if you want to see full review
with this multimedia system it is also great and it’s worked fantastic a great
resolution great color very responsive it’s it’s one of the best very useful
and I like it very much anyway let’s go forward down here we have the buttons
for the parking sensors different driving modes also heated seats button
and kinematic system down there two USB port super super useful you can charge
your phone down here a wireless and senior leave your phone there and it’s
charge Wireless super nice start stop engine button 12 volt port again on this
side we have some plastic glossy the stick for changing the gear classic and
down here electric handbrake I like that I like that very much
and also two cupholders on the previous model that I that I review on my channel
t rock has a manually handbrake this one has electric one finally also here we
have the glovebox quite big and spacious I like that I like the seats they are
very nice and also the visibility from the driver point of view it’s super good
both women make a great job with we take care with the cars and I’m really
curious how will be the new electric cars from goes on and the new ID I’m
really really curious I can’t wait till I see them
anyway that was kind of my review guys I hope you enjoy and I hope it was helpful
for you if you have question and feedbacks please feel free to comment I
will answer to all of your question also subscribe to my channel if you didn’t do
that yet I have a lot of course videos and they will come every day or every
week videos with the cars new cars and thank you again for watching subscribe
check out my other videos and I see you in the next video guys so take care and
see you soon you

15 thoughts on “New VW T-ROC R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. I have the troc r line 2018 and I have to say it’s a great car to drive and more importantly very safe ! During the winter I have no worries at all in special as the car is AWD !
    The only downside is related to the plastic on the dashboard but that aside it’s a great car overall! Great review, thank you !

  2. Too many cheap plastics to be considered Super Nice!! Compare it to the quality materials in the Volvo XC40 and it looks very cheap.

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