New VW Tiguan R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New VW Tiguan R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

the new Volkswagen Tiguan R LINE 2019
model it’s right here with me and I’m really happy to review it for you guys
to show you the interior exterior and every single detail on this car first of
all I will show you the exterior exterior it’s in my opinion very
beautiful I like the lines the sporty lines I like the the color as well also
every single shape of this car look amazing for me also here are some
information about the car 240 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel 62 thousand francs
dollar around 60,000 euro also you can post a video if you want to see all that
detail and you can see it there also the front of the car look gorgeous
a lot of chrome design on the grille also full LED adaptive LED lamps matrix
the new one with adaptive also in the middle here we have the rudder for
adaptive cruise control and emergency brake very useful we have parking
sensors down there you can see as well in the front we have six parking sensors
in the front and in the back as well we have the faux clam down here the down
grill it’s in black glossy and it’s looking very nice in my opinion also I
like the shape of the hood these shapes make the car look much more sporty er
and much more aggressive you know also there is the camera for reading the
traffic sign and also the lane assist so it’s very useful also you can see the
lines come all over from the back to the front here we have some plastic to
protect the edges of the car very useful when it’s
the car those can be changed very easy and it’s very very good for for storms
and chips in time the car will last better down here we have some plastic
but in a colour of the car we have also this black glossy liner that makes the
car it gives a little bit yeah sportiness if I can say so some chrome
with airline logo there on the side on the both sides this this big one is not
so different from the normal version just a little bit of change for example
the mirror it’s also black with LED blinkers but the shapes are also the
same also the lines around we have black around the windows here you can also see
it some rubber black tinted windows on the backside you can also see they are
the same big and nice and you have a great visibility from the interior also
in the back the same plastic to protect the wheel the parking sensors as well
you can see that black line come all over from the front it come all over to
the back and continuing in the back and I like it very much I like this this
line here I think they was really inspired when they put this line that
you really show you it is a little bit something different about the car and
you can see all over in the back it’s come this line we have the exhaust pipe
that fake exhaust pipe that look very nice
also the hook there in the middle so you can pull Caravan also some plastic
glossy on the down part there now the back of the car look very nice and I
like this new LED lamps I like this triangle design
LED light looks fabulous in my opinion I like them I don’t know you but I like
them very much back camera here also LED on the number plate here we have four
motions or discourage four-wheel-drive also up here we have the brake light
this time they chose to put some white around it and the spoiler as well make
the car look much more sporty ER up there we have a roof where you can add
some extra extra storage extra things and the side of the car I just want to
show you from the side that the car looked really good it’s one of my
favorite SUV in this class this t1 and also the price is not bad at all the
rims are all black so they go with the design they go with the flow with the
black lines and black design around the car 20 inch wheels here and they passed
really well on the car and they look pretty good
also opening the trunk we have it electric lift gate as usually also we
have an LED up there it’s very useful in the night here are the buttons and this
is a trunk I like that that the trunk it’s actually directly flat so you can
load your stuff directly there we have a 12 volt port light here on the right
side and over LED again some space in the left side also this light here you
can remove it from here I see the same thing on the Skoda Kodiak I think oh
dear poor car look I don’t remember I see the same thing and here you can use
it also separately it’s pretty interesting the way they do it also
something interesting that I see in this car something that I like it and I love
it it’s the 230 volt to 150 that here that you can
charge your laptop or whatever you have it’s pretty useful also this button it’s
for the hook so you push the button I will show you in the moment and the hook
will go a little bit down and then you have to push it so it’s not fully
electric it’s kind of hot valve electric but it’s it’s much better than have to
install it yourself also this protection for the trunk here
you can take it out very easy I think you know about that
I don’t need to show you going in the back let’s fold down the seats the seats
are also fantastic I will show in a moment in the middle we have two
cupholders and this armrest here and also you can fold down the middle seat
let me just like that and you can carry longer items without any problem they’re
pretty useful in my opinion also you can fool down those seats and you will have
a flat flat floor there it’s very very very good and I like it very much
because you can you can carry big items without any problem so I love it so
great job balls are done really great great space in the interior in this big
one the space it’s fabulous also I want to open the door so we have more space
more light in the interior so you can see better the doors and the quality is
there are also good big windows here good visibility we have some combination
of glossy a grey plastic you can see with some chrome we have LED light under
the chrome lander and see it so we have ambient light in the night these LED
lights look super lines also some leather with white stitches soft
material here pretty good speaker have a storage space down there and also
a speaker pretty awesome I like that very much also putting up the seat you
can see you have different position you can leave it straight for example if you
carry long items so we can pull this we need to hand pull it and push it and the
seat will go all over down there so it’s a little bit on the back so you have
very good comfort you can see the difference from the other on this one it
is pretty awesome and here the the back of the front seat we have this plastic
here that will you can put your tablet or you can eat or you can put something
on it for example you have here in the middle as well the vent also the buttons
for the climatic system and we have 12 volt fourth USB port very useful these
days also a big step there in the middle and yeah anyway it is very spacious here
also here on the roof we have LED light pretty cool so all over the interior of
the car will have LED here you can have a button here that you can actually
adjust it the way you want it so we have leather we have also a storage space
behind the seat going inside now and I have to tell you the space it’s huge
you can see the sit there it’s a little bit in the front but even so the huge
huge space here on my legs amazing space really really impressed with how much
space it’s in this big one also yeah no problem stretching my legs
and super relaxed I like it very much closing the door now
also I have good visibility here and it’s feel like open space handle also
hooks up here on the roof space of my head on my head it’s a lot of space it’s
great great job and very comfortable the seats the leather seats are super
comfortable going in the middle super easy as well a lot of space on my legs
you can see even here in the left and right side you can make a difference and
even so I have a lot of space for another two passengers here the head
space it’s huge because the car have interesting shapes from outside you see
is not so round IRA dynamic is not so good and that way you are able to have a
lot of space in the interior because the car IRA dynamic its suffer a little bit
it’s not so round like other cars you see the newest this cars now come super
round here this plastic that I told you before it’s super useful when you
scratch the car you can change it very easy so the cars that come with plastic
around the wheels there are a good clip deal also keyless entrance here you can
see the handle going in the front and show you the door
big window kind of the same quality as in the back also LED lamp in the front
here kind of LED line I can say that it’s ambient light also you can see it
there on this design although leather the same as in the back the buttons are
also the same with quality we have another LED light up here on the handle
super nice and also the buttons with a little bit of chrome there and storage
space speaker and everything it’s in the right place quite nice it’s not super super fancy
but it’s quite good and I think the quality is enough also the airline logo
down here at the entrance also with an LED line ambient light we have electric
seats full electric seats also it’s saving position you can save your
position the seat and the leather quality it’s gorgeous you have the air
from airline logo there also side support white stitches very
comfortable I don’t even need to tell you that they are really good made and
they did actually a great job with the seat also the buttons for the light a
space here small space and also a low minimum titles good quality going inside
the car immediately you feel those seats are really really comfortable I just
adjusted a little bit because it was a little bit threw up and I’m almost hit
my head in the in the roof anyway now in the front here we have soft material
everywhere kind of rubber all over the dashboard it’s good quality also in the
middle we have an extra storage space very useful I wish I have this on my car
very useful and very nice also the layout of the dashboard it’s perfect the
way they put the things it sits in the perfect position and they look nice and
simplest simple and cool in my opinion also the same design here the Globox
it’s big also multimedia is there this DVD player whatever it’s also there the
steering wheel the band’s the digital cockpit you already see it on my other
videos great great resolution great colors great customized settings
you are able to customize a lot of things there in the middle the steering
wheel it’s great great good quality and also look fantastic I love it I had it
on my golf GT and it’s fantastic it’s so easy to change the settings here you
just press the buttons and it change the adaptive cruise control music sound and
all that stuff you make all also all everything to make it from the stainless
so it’s really good we have an error level here the steering wheel I love it
it’s fantastic also the armrest here leather armrest a
lot of space down here with white stitches then here in the middle we have
two cup holders and a space where you can store your stuff pretty useful the
wheel for a different driving mode of road snow mud and all the 4motion logo
press discards four wheel drive electric hand brake out of old as well parking
sensors parking cameras start/stop button right here you can charge your
phone Wireless down there and also we have two USB one auxilia for 12 volt
port as well wow it’s great a lot of new technology for 2019 it’s fabulous spread
also electric seats heated seat I mean chromatic system there the multimedia
system will also see it from my other previous videos it is one of the best on
the market very responsive and very simple to use and you have a lot of
information there about the car for example here you can custom or you can
change different and see different information off-road as well or sport
mode all that stuff so it’s really really good also the navigation system
it’s very good you have to understand something that
no no navigation system it’s better than Google map online Google Maps oh you
have to understand that Google map online will be always the best and
because I don’t know which card have Google map online all the time but if
you can have this on your card this is perfect because I use the newest ist’s
navigation system on the cars these days and they are they’re mistaken many times
the street so Google map it’s the best anyway great visibility in the back as
well good windows a lot of space this this big space inside the car also we
have LED lamp up here when you have also glass space here super nice useful when
you have so much spacing in the interior of the car
you have lack of iodine Amex so the consumption of the car will be a little
bit bigger but you have more space you have to make a compromise yeah space
with pyro dynamic with consumption and all that stuff because this car it is a
really big car and very spacious car with a lot of space also it is beautiful
they do it in this way but it is super beautiful super nice anyway that was my
review guys with new Volkswagen Tiguan airline 2019 I hope you enjoyed please
check out my other videos subscribe to my channel please and thank you very
much for watching my channel see you soon stay safe and drive safe guys you

13 thoughts on “New VW Tiguan R-Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

  1. Another fine review from yoursèlf, well done.The car looks very impressive in every aspect, but unfortunately i feel the model is for a younger person.
    So being a pensioner, i think i'll need to stick to buying a more suitable Suv. or a that would be in line with my Thank you once again, for an enjoyable review on this lovely car.
    Keep up the good work, your doing a fine job.Ps. What is your Nationality.?👍🇬🇧🚙

  2. Good review, I have a 2019 VW Tiguan R-Line Premium in the United States. I can see the difference in trim levels outside the United States; the VW Phaeton scared VW of America so bad that their cautious to let any VW cost exceed what they think we'd paid in America. For example; even though I have the same VW Tiguan R LIne Premium trim level you're showing; there is only door trim and LED lighting for the front doors only, the back doors are very plan just plastics; the parallel parking option and battery charger isn't even offer on the Tiguan in America; the seats are leather but not the R-Line sport seats with logo and folding trays. I'm assuming these feature were left off in America to keep the cost of the Tiguan under or right at $40,000 dollars. We can be badge conscience here in America and many consumers see VW much like they see Ford, GM, Nissan, Honda, Kia or Hyundai. If they spend well over $40,000 they want the luxury badge of Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Acura, Lexus, etc., to go with the high price. This is probably why VW of America will never allow the new VW Touareg to ever enter America due to it's expensive price tag.

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