28 thoughts on “New York City’s 8 Most Famous Micro Apartments

  1. Oh how I loved the way they were all decorated and everything was made to fit. They didn't feel cramped…. they felt cozy. ( love the one with the doggy 🐶😊 on the bed ) Nice job!!

  2. 5:00 till 5:59 the best of them all i don't want it i need it 🙂 So Sad that these proyects are impossibles in Latinoamerica are some many people single, married without plans to have childrens (i'm one of them n' we're a lot) or divorce that need their own space.

  3. First one is totally awesome, so in love with this design; second one, uh, no thanks, kitchen is literally in the bedroom, third one -love the fireplace and how all the storage is hidden, fourth one is cool because it looks so open and airy when the bed is closed, fifth one is nothing more than a glorified closet, sixth one is horrible with the tub just hanging out there in the hallway, I like the colors of the seventh one, but it does kinda look like a hotel room, and the eighth and final one, well, it was just ok…not that impressed…overall, the first one was the most amazing of all!!!!

  4. Wait ,why is the microwave on top of the fridge? Is that real? I cant reach the microwave up there even on my tippy toes! lol. But some of these sure were beautifully decorated!

  5. I loved first apt it was great. Not sure I want my stove at the foot of my bed on the second one. Loved the third one.

  6. That's why I live in the Bronx. Please out of Town folks stay in Brooklyn and Manhattan life is good up here don't bring your hipster ass uptown.

  7. Wow isn't this greeeat!!
    Little shanty towns in Manhattan. PRIME TIME POVERTY at it's best! Not now of course but it's coming..
    Ever since WW2 the work population of the world have enjoyed too many luxuries??
    Nice houses with fresh air, automobiles, good food, clean water, money & the freedom to spend it???
    We haven't forgot the purpose they were meant for but we have learned from our mistakes..
    Relax the rules on overcrowding, throw up some blocks, give them a lick of paint & let time do the rest..
    A war is looming. The world in the early 20th century was much more productive. Wealth went to the people who owned it & Health for the mass wasn't an issue..
    It really wasn't an issue! There were plenty more where they came from..

  8. Very cool including the fab music! I love the apt with the fireplace the best….cozy!!! I used to live in NYC on the Upper East Side in the early 1970s and only paid 90 dollars a month for a one bedroom apt in an old brownstone…rent controlled! Today, that same apt goes for $2500 a month!! Checked it out on the internet….shows us just how greedy people have become since then….smdh!! I moved to central NJ a few years later and only paid $162 a month for a brand new studio apt complete with swimming pool and tennis courts. That rent today is unthinkable! Back in the day, rents were AFFORDABLE! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Really nice collection of appartements! Unfortunatly I can't handle the music, it took to much attention and stopped my mind from wandering around.
    Am I the only one who has to mute it?

  10. I like the brick in the last one as an accent wall , I have the same in my 130 sqaure foot apartment which I posted on YouTube if anyone wants to see!

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