Nikki Glaser Spills “Dancing with the Stars” Secrets – Lights Out with David Spade

Nikki Glaser Spills “Dancing with the Stars” Secrets – Lights Out with David Spade

The cast of Dancing with the Stars
was announced today. -GLASER: Yes! -Oh.
-Sure everyone knew this. Your phones are blowing up. Uh, contestants include
Kel Mitchell from Good Burger, uh, Hannah Brown
from fur burger, and, uh… I said that as a joke. That
wasn’t supposed to be in there. And Lamar Odom from rehab. -(laughter) -So… what do
we think of this new squad? -Uh…
-You were on Dancing… I was… I was on Dancing
with the Stars last season. Thank you so much.
If you didn’t see it, I got first… voted off. (whooping, applause) I was asked to leave
immediately. It was humiliating.
It was… Getting voted off
that show was… truly one of the worst moments
of my entire life. I took it so seriously. I remember the date
September 27, 2018, worst day of my last year,
and… and that’s saying a lot, ’cause my dad died last year,
and– he didn’t, but it won’t hurt as bad
as when he goes. And he knows that. Uh, what are the secrets
of there that we don’t know? -Everyone (bleep) each other.
-Oh, they are? -(laughter)
-Yeah. Everyone. I mean,
there’s always a se… that always comes out,
like, one couple fell in love– it’s… multiply that. It’s more than that. -But don’t they just do it,
like, -That stays here. fake it out,
so they can get likes, and then they…
they break up when it’s over? Yeah, but it-it is real. It’s like The…
it’s like being on The Bachelor. Like, it is so intense. You’re dancing with someone
for six hours a day for a month leading up to the first show. You know, the first show
in which I was voted off first, as soon as they
could get me off. “As soon as they
could get me off”! No, she’s not joking.
This was traumatic. She, like, cried about it. -It, like– can you believe it?
-Yeah, it was really… SPADE: How do you know
she cried about it? I mean, I thought…
Dancing with the Stars was… I mean, not to be,
like, a joke, but, like… GLASER: You would, too, though.
I’m not kidding you. Oh. I would definitely get
emotionally involved. -SPADE: Yeah, for sure.
-I was on Last Comic Standing 2, and I still have dreams
about it. I remember I got voted off, and
Leann was pregnant with George, and someone was like…
Jim Norton’s like, “At least you’re having a kid,”
and I was like, -“(bleep) my kid.
-(laughter) -Gotta dance on here!”
-Dude, yes! -It’s true.
-This is a… this is a pretty good group
of stars. Usually it’s not real stars. Usually it’s people
I wouldn’t put on my podcast. (laughter) -They overlooked O.J.
-My first solid laugh. -Thank you.
-Yeah! You know what?
You’re one for one, though. (applause, whooping) Isn’t… isn’t, uh,
Ray Lewis on here? -Oh, yeah, yeah.
-Oh. I hope he does the scene… they
do the dance from “Beat It,” -where they both have knives.
-SPADE: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Remember?
He allegedly murdered somebody? -SPADE: I like how you…
-You guys don’t remember that? Wow, you forget,
huh, cancel culture? Yeah, allegedly stabbed
someone to death, and the blood was all over his
white suit, and then the whi… -Am I bringing up…?
-(laughter) Do you guys know him
or something? Listen, that’ll get you
on Dancing with the Stars. It’s the best.
Have they asked you yet? I mean, it’s truly…
Dancing with the Stars is the jury duty
of being a celebrity. Like, you will
eventually get asked. -SPADE: Yeah, I know.
-I know they’ve asked you. I don’t think they even…
it got to me, because I probably…
I think at this point I still wouldn’t do it,
but it’s-it’s in the future, believe me, it’s on the horizon. -GLASER: Do it.
-That and Bachelor in Paradise, -I’m definitely… -Oh,
I would love to be on that show. Oh, B.I.P.? -B.I.P.!
-By the way, Kattan was on, but then he got mad after,
because he said… “I have a bad neck,
and they hurt me.” -You’re on a dance show!
-GLASER: Yeah. -You get hurt.
-I mean, come on. Is Kattan at the level where
you just say his last name? -Oh, yeah.
-(laughter) I was trying to hustle it along.

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  1. I love you the machine! I hope I meet (and think I have) met someone that can love me so much but still laugh at me like you and your lady do. You know she’s badass right?! Goodnight y’all on chat ❤️

  2. Pause at 1:44 to see a woman being uncomfortable when some guy touches her without consent. You can see the woman putting her hand away from the pervy guy subsequently.

  3. I don't know how y'all feel about Nikki Glazer, but, whenever I see her videos on, "YouTube," I get nauseous. She ain't sexy.

  4. Is it just me or is Google reading my mind now? I was literally thinking about that Ray Lewis thing this morning… didn't Google it and yet it's in the next video I watch…

  5. Nikki and Bert are great friends! She’s in his podcast quite a bit. Nothing to read into people. Bert’s a great guy. Loyal to his wife

  6. Damm they are going to have a murderer Ray Lewis on Dancing with the Stars!!! Quick hide the bloody white suit!

  7. I like Spaid but get rid of these no name guests. He doesn’t need them. They only bring the show down. He’s way better alone. If the show gets canceled it’ll be because the choice of D-list guests.

  8. 1:47 – Nikki pulls away from Bert in a non-subtle #metoo movement. Later, she does a lean in. Uhh, mixed messages much? Personal space: respect it or don’t, nobody really cares, right? Oh, btw, great new talk show; topical without needing the stupid divisive politics; finally something I can watch!

  9. Comedians are always the first ones to get booted off that show every season. They're one step above those "week 1 trainwreck auditioners" on American Idol.

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