NINJAGO City – LEGO NINJAGO Movie – 70620 – Designer Video

NINJAGO City – LEGO NINJAGO Movie – 70620 – Designer Video

Hi, I’m las, Nico, Chris, Georgia, and we’re all designers for Lego Ninjago. And today we’re going to take a sneak peek at the upcoming Lego Ninjago movie and introduce you to Ninjago City. OK! So for those of you who don’t know Ninjago City is built vertically instead of horizontally With new layers being built on top of old. In fact this allowed us to approach this model in a modular fashion With each level being easy to remove, also in the movie Ninjago City is a vast metropolis with something for everyone therefore with this model We were able to include some unique details and building techniques Like the brick built water which was built using multiple plate layers to add detail and depth or the brick built comic book shop sign Which was achieved by creating new decoration Fortunately we got to work with a cool animation studio in Australia called Animal Logic so not just one designer or even four consider that this is their model Also as you can see there is a lot of writings around the city in a language that I bet you’ve never seen before It’s a brand new alphabet that will develop specially for the movie and by building this model we actually get a chance to learn it by using building instructions, so I’ll leave it all to you. As Lloyd arrives at the base of the City he enters the Old World Here you can find a fish market and a small shack which is home to a maintenance robot Walking around the street. He passes by Ninjago City’s only public telephone and ends up on an ancient stone bridge From here you can see a two-story apartment which includes special printed rice paper Doors and a brand new railing element created specifically for the movie Next, it’s on to the elevator system. Up we go! Let’s take a look at the citizens we meet at this level. It’s been really fun to design Especially Kai in its new jacket with decorated sleeves. So here we are on the shops street now, first thing Lloyd likes to do is to check the flicks like Shadow Crawling here or if you flick the sign We can find the upcoming ones like for instance Return of the Brick separator so now while Garmadon and his shark army are planning the attack of the city Lloyd can actually take a break and stop in for a quick bite By passing these neat boiling gold details we know something goods cooking inside. Inside the well-known crab kitchen Lloyd orders his favorite, the world famous grilled crab and you can prepare this for him with the working grill, simply put in a fresh crab, close the lid, flip the dial, and oh! see how the crab has been grilled Mmm, delicious after all you can’t be a ninja on an empty stomach After eating, Lloyd decides to walk over to the local comic book store and on the way things would be great idea to get some cash from the ATM This is easy by simply pushing the button at the back watches the money is dispensed from the front Ok, so let’s see what the comic book shop has to offer today. The comic shop is filled with cool details To have a more easier exit. Just remove the top Inside you’ll find trading cards Reference different themes from the past you can even find Ninja dolls. They’re action figures Yeah, ok action figures. You might know which one Lloyd is gonna buy Next, Lloyd enters a trendy fashion shop. Here you can find the latest kugi as well as many awesome hats Afterwards he takes the shortcut
home through this old construction site which has been overgrown with this beautiful cherry blossom bonsai tree So here we meet some more modern citizens suited well for the shops streets like the crab chef or the comics guy especially this little dude He’s the biggest fan of the green Ninja Who’s based on the real-life six-Year-Old who actually happens to be my son and who really loves to sneak and lurk around their office So after a great day exploring the city Lloyd decides it’s time to go home To access Lloyd’s apartments simply remove the roof and inside you might just notice that this is where Lloyd hides his ninja outfit. His identity is so secret even his mother doesn’t know that he’s the famous green Ninja Inside you’ll see that his apartments very cramped with the lounge kitchen and bedroom all occupying the same space One key detail for notice is the bunk beds which actually fit two minifigures Later that evening. Lloyd goes to the rooftop sushi restaurant for some food you can activate the sushi bar by turning the light and watch as the sushi travels around the track the restaurant also has a bathroom which can be accessed by removing the top of the tower Aww Chris, we keep forgetting one thing, we can actually remove the toilet And it’s not what you expect to find really it’s just a hat and a fake mustache That works as a disguise for the crab shack from below who’s actually secretly moonlighting and working as a sushi chef at nights So we already met the famous green Ninja, Lloyd But here we also meet his mom who is exclusive to this set international outfit You should really wonder if she has any secrets. Hope you had a good day in Ninjago City. NINJAGOOO

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  1. lego if you can can you tell if this set will come out if i orderd it on lego .com on vip i live in billing montana

  2. If you guys were only paid well. millions of kids play with stuff these people design and they get little in return. 🙁

    I really admire them and find them greatly underappreciated. LEGO should at least put credits with designers' names on manuals and boxes.

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