Nissan Altima LED Interior How To Install – 2013-2016

Nissan Altima LED Interior How To Install – 2013-2016

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2015 Nissan Altima we’ll be
installing LED interior lights on. This is considered a fifth-generation Altima. And the installation is compatible with
year models 2013 and up. Today we’ll be
installing LEDs on our vanity mirror lights, passenger and driver side map
lights in the rear, trunk light, license plate lights, as well as the backup
reverse lights. This model does not have courtesy door
lights, but higher trim levels might. So check your vehicle before you purchase
the kit and make sure to select those additional LEDs in our package. Also, the
new Altima comes standard with LED map lights in the front and those cannot be
replaced. Let’s go ahead and get started. We’re looking here at the passenger side
vanity mirror light. And we have a single bulb that needs to be
replaced. We’re gonna use our crowbar shape tool. And the flat ends here, we’re gonna come in from the side, and lift up from the bottom. Once you get it up from the middle, the whole assembly should pop out. You can see it has one action point here and here for holding
it in place. Now, you have the bulb here. It’s gonna be hot, so we’re just going
to lift up one side. And, instead of … I don’t have a cloth with me so I just have a pair of pliers with some tape on them. Just gonna use that to pull it out
just so I don’t burn my fingers. You can use a cloth if you have one. With that out, we have our LED that we’re putting in
here. Now this is a 5050 standard LED. This is the only type that fits in this smaller
type of assembly. And these ones are polarity-specific, meaning if you put
them in one way and the polarity’s incorrect, it’s not going to turn on. You have to turn it around for the polarity to match up correctly. There we go. Once you have that in, you want to make sure that these LED boards are
facing out at the correct angle. And then you’re putting this back in place. Now, this is an important part to note. There’s a small hole right here that
matches up with the … a pin here. And what you want to do is you want to start
opposite of the pin side. Put it in in the angle here first. And once that’s in, you’re going to bring
some pressure across the sides to get it in place. And you’re all set. The process is the same for the driver’s side. We’re looking now at the passenger side
of our rear map light. We’re going to be using the pointed side
of our serrated knife tool. And the side closest to the switch is where we’re going to be getting
access to remove this outer panel. You force in between, and you’re pushing out. Just like that. And that one comes down and out. Now if the bulb is not hot,
you can pull it out with your fingers. And replace it with the premium LED. Now these are non polarity-specific, so it’ll
work this way and it’ll also work that way. There’s circuitry inside the bulb that
allows it to work in either orientation. You do want to make sure that these
metal leads are kind of facing towards the outside of it, just to make sure they
make proper contact. When they’re in, just test to make sure it works. This one does. When you put this panel back on,
you’re putting it from this side here first and then pushing this way. This side in, then pushing up. Process is the same on the driver’s side. We’re looking now at the trunk light in the interior. This one’s pretty simple. It’s just a
tab that you push out this way and this cap comes down. Now this bulb itself may
or may not be hot so I’m just gonna use a cloth to remove it. And that’s the bulb. We’re going to be replacing it with a
5730 style LED. This is a really great upgrade. The trunk is always really, really dim. And so these LEDs make it a lot brighter
and easier to deal with. That one goes right back in place.
It’s already turned on. Again, these are the non polarity-specific bulbs so they’re not going to have an issue whether or not you plug them in one way or the other. If you have a standard kit, just make sure that
you are testing them before you go ahead and finish reinstall. That one’s done. We’re gonna show you now how to work on the
license plate lights. As you can see here, we’ve already done
one side here with an LED. We’re gonna go ahead and show you how to replace the driver’s side license plate light. In order to do that, we need to remove and get access to the light housings that are behind the trunk liner. For that to happen, we’re gonna be using our crowbar
shape tool and removing about half of these clips. These clips come off. You can wedge in between here. Pretty much the center portion of the clip, you separate it from the outer ring. And once you have that separation, this tool allows you to come in from the
middle and pull it out. Like that. Now we need to do it only on the top
half and that allows us to pull down half of this thing here to get access. So I’m gonna do that now. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna pull
this around the latch and this should come down far enough. We have one light assembly here. This is
your passenger side license plate light. And then one right here is your driver’s side license plate light. Let’s change the camera angle, and we’ll show you right here exactly
where it’s at. We’re looking now at the assembly for the
driver side license plate light. This is a twist to lock, so you turn
counterclockwise and the whole assembly comes out. Just a halogen T10 that we’re removing here. And replacing with one of our premium 5730 LEDs. Now you just wanna make sure
that these leads are facing outward. And that goes back in place. When it goes back in for installation, you wanna make sure you’re turning
clockwise to lock it back in place. And that’s all that you should need to do. The process is the same on the passenger side. And when you’re all done and you finish
your testing, you want to put this trunk liner back in place We’re going to show you now how to access
and replace the backup reverse lights. And to do that you have to start from
the interior of the trunk. You’re gonna pull away on the trunk
liner here on the side and that provides you access to two bolts,
one here and one here. And that’s where you’ll need the eight millimeter socket and socket wrench to loosen these ones up. And you do want to be careful
cause when these are coming out you don’t want them to fall into the
bottom into the body of the vehicle cause they’re very difficult to fish out at that point. Once you have the two bolts out, now the
rest of this assembly can come out. We’re going to change the camera angle
to the outside so you can see how we do that. Now that we have the bolts removed, we need to get this entire assembly out. To do that, you’re first going to create some leverage by putting the butt end of our
crowbar shape tool down here in the side. And just wedging it in to loosen it up
a little bit here. Once you have that in, you’re gonna come here
from the side, and push forward. And that releases it. Now the reason it’s so
forceful: there is one, two… there’s two pressure clips here along
with the pin here that’s holding it in place,
if you can see. But once you have it off it’s very simple. Your backup reverse light is here at
the bottom. Counterclockwise to remove. And it’s a T10 bass style bulb that we’re replacing with a premium 5730 style 10 LED bulb. And these are really bright and specifically made for the backup reverse. So once I have it in, you can have a
friend put the car into reverse. Just to make sure that they work. As you can see they do. And we’re just going to put it back in. You’re gonna line up the holes, turn it clockwise to secure it back in
place. Now that it’s in, when you’re reassembling, the most important piece
you want to make sure fits is this right here. This piece right here. And that’s to
make sure that this end part of the tail light isn’t a
little bit too far out. It’s nice and tucked into the body. So you do want to make sure that these two screws go into the holes here and here. And get it in and make sure that the that the bolt here slides into place correctly. Once you have it lined up, give it a good hit. Make sure you put the two bolts back and you want to also make sure that the trunk liner goes back into
place and you put the trunk liner around the lip of the rubber grommet that’s surrounding to give it a good
clean finish. And that’s all there is to it. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do.
It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos. Have a good one!

65 thoughts on “Nissan Altima LED Interior How To Install – 2013-2016

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    Door Panel (Step Lights): #194
    GloveBox: #74
    Below Radio (USB Light): #74
    Shifter Light: #74
    Reverse lights: #921 (#194 will also work)
    Trunk Light: #194
    License plate: #194
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    High Beam Head lights: H9
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