Nissan Juke Dashboard Warning Lights Overview

Nissan Juke Dashboard Warning Lights Overview

Hello everybody it’s Lurgs here welcome to my channel and today the Nissan Juke the dashboard lights and what they mean ,the instrument panel. But before we get started telling you about all the different warning lights we better have a lovely cup of tea, Oh lovely. So here we are inside the Nissan Juke and let’s turn on the ignition and then let’s get started. Okay so the first one on the instrument panel is the engine coolant temperature gauge, obviously if this gets anywhere near the top near the hot you need to pull over because you do not want to be carrying on driving if the engine is overheating. And this one is pretty self-explanatory this is the fuel gauge, again if don’t let this get too low. If it gets really really low then you start to pick up sludge and dirt from the bottom of your fuel tank which is not good for your engine. And this gauge here is the outside temperature you can change this to Fahrenheit but this is set at centigrade, and it’s currently 18 degrees hmm toasty Now this light here only applies if you’ve got an automatic gearbox so this would currently be in Park mode if it’s an automatic gearbox this shows you what gear you’re in. And these are the left and right indicators if both of these are flashing it means obviously you’ve got your hazard lights on. CVT means continuously variable transmission this is where you do not have a gearbox as such, it’s just a seamless transition as it gets faster and faster. If this light is permanently on it means you’ve got a problem with it. This is the airbag warning light so get that checked out because you’ve got a problem with your airbags. This means your engine requires servicing and on different models it may look like this. There is a problem with the engine oil pressure do not drive any further get that checked out immediately. Your fog lights are on, foggy This is the intelligent key warning system this should go out if it doesn’t then you need to get your key checked out at the local dealer. This is the tire pressure monitoring system, so if this light stays on permanently you’ve got a problem with one of your tires, just go around to all 4 tires make sure that they are at the correct pressure. The all wheel drive warning lights now this can be either this light or the other light, this means you’ve got a problem with your all-wheel-drive system get that checked out. Your high beam headlights are on, very dark is it? This means that the vehicle dynamic control system has been turned off which means the anti skid control system is off so if it’s very wet or gravelly and you put your foot down hard it will spin the wheels. This is the vehicle dynamic control warning light this will just flash on if the wheels have skidded or you’ve gone round a corner and it’s wet or it’s icy and the wheels are failing to get good traction. This is the battery charge warning light if this stays lit it probably means you’ve got a problem with your alternator so this battery isn’t charging while you’re driving along get that checked out. This is the engine start indicator light this basically means that you’re okay to start the engine it’s normally only on automatic vehicles to make sure that you’re in Park mode. PS now this doesn’t mean PS I’ve got something to tell you this means PS power steering so you’ve got a problem with your power steering and you probably know you have because it’ll be really hard to steer get that checked out. If this stays permanently lit it means somebody has not got their seatbelt on tut-tut-tut clunk click every trip. One of the doors on the vehicle is open. The brake warning light, this normally means that you’ve got the handbrake on and on slightly different models it may look like this. Now if this ABS light is permanently on it means you’ve got a problem with your anti-lock braking system, it’s probably due to one of the sensors on the wheels which needs replacing so get that checked out as soon as possible. And that brings me to the end of the dashboard warning lights. Hopefully there you found that useful and I’m just going to put up a list of all the other ones which are available. if you want to go into these in more detail just pause the video. If you found that video useful please subscribe by pressing this button down here. I really do appreciate it Guys and Girls and if you’d like to select any other videos around here that would be cool. And be sure to hit that Bell notification button.

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  2. Hi there Lurgs!

    Currently have an issue with a dashboard light which you haven’t covered – it’s the Auto Stop/Start light which is flashing. There is no reference to this flashing in the manual.

    Was advised this is first sign that the battery doesn’t have enough power to operate the Stop/Start, and that it could be going flat.

    The battery did indeed go flat, which I jumped started & everything was fine.

    A weeks later the light began to flash again (as a note – the stop/start tech doesn’t work after the light flashes), so I actually got the battery replaced.

    The issue is, it hasn’t taken away the Auto flashing light

    Wondering if you got any clues how to solve this?


  3. there is one that I see and dont know what it is.its the most left icon beneath 1000. its a circle with AUTO. what is that?

  4. Hi my nissan duke 2014 warning light for airbag is on nissan told me its ok to buy part to cancel light can you please tell me what i need to buy

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