Nissan Rogue LED Interior How To Install – 2013+

Nissan Rogue LED Interior How To Install – 2013+

What’s happening everyone, my name is Phil with and today we have a 2016 Nissan Rogue we’ll be installing LED interior lights on. Now this is a second generation Rogue and that means this installation is compatible with year models 2013 and up. Now today we’re using a PrecisionLED 5730 style premium LED conversion kit available on And these kits all come with three interior trim tools you can use during the installation. We have a fork-shaped wedge tool, serrated knife tool, and a pointed wedge tool. Now for today’s installation we’ll be installing LEDs here on our vanity mirror lights, the dome lights, the trunk light, license plate light, as well as the back up reverse lights. It’s important to note that the map lights on the Rogue are already LED so we’re just converting the rest of them to match. Let’s get started. We’re looking now at the passenger side vanity mirror light here. You’re going to use the crowbar shape tool here. Come in from the bottom, start prying out. You want to pry out on this side first and start peeling it back, like that. And that reveals the festoon-type bulb here. Now you can just push in here and pop this out. And it’s going to be a little bit hot so … there you go. And that’s your old light. You’re now going to take the new LED board, put this one in. And this is a polarity-specific bulb so if it doesn’t work the first time you try it, just flip it around and change the polarity and it should work fine. There you go. You wanna make sure the boards are facing forward. So just adjust them ever so slightly in the right direction. Now when you put this cover back on you’ll notice that one side here, has a small peg. That peg lines up with this side. And actually want to put this side in last. You want to start here. There’s a small hook that you can see right here. You want to hook in here. And then start pushing down as you come over. And then you want to make sure that piece lines up. There you go. And that’s all set. We’re looking now here at our overhead dome light in the rear. Now instead of taking off the plastic lens here we’re actually going to remove this entire panel and access the bulb from the back. That’s easiest. Going to use our crowbar shape tool here. Come in from this side. And you’re gonna push this way and down. And once you have the back half off, now you push this way to get this out. We’re going to now take the power connector out. Now we have easy access to the bulb here. The way to get this out, you’re just gonna … you’re gonna grab here. Push it against the side here that gives a little. This is the stationary side. Just gonna get this one, here we go. New LED, it’s probably easiest to put it on the side that gives little, til it comes in. And then you want to twist the board so it’s facing out in this direction. Now you also want to make sure that these two metal pieces – here and here – these are the pieces that we were pushing against to release it from the top here. You want to make sure that these are sitting in nicely. We’re gonna go ahead and plug it back in. You can see that one works. And then if you look up here, this section here and this section here is where these two metal pieces go. So you just find their spots, you push up. Those two snapping noises means that it clicked into place. And that’s it. We’re looking here at the rear trunk light and for this we’re going to use the top here the flat end of our serrated knife tool. Gonna come in from the top, you see there’s an indentation right here. You insert and you push down. And now you have this housing here. We need to move this gray panel. Now because this light’s been on so long it’s pretty hot. So you wanna be careful. If you want to lift up from the bottom here. And that reveals your LED – sorry – reveals your halogen bulb. Now I’m going to unplug this just so we can let the bulb cool off. There we go. And now we have a small cloth we’re going to use to get this bulb out. There we go, that’s out. Now we can put our LED in. There we go. And the LED board, make sure it faces down. And actually this is one of the nicest upgrades, it gives a lot more light in the trunk. This panel goes back on top. Snaps into place. Put the connector back in. And we’re going to go ahead and close the trunk and open it to activate the light. There we go, light’s on. Goes in from the bottom first, then you push up. And that’s it. We’re looking now here at the license plate assembly. Now in order to access we’re going to need a Phillips head screwdriver. And you need to take off this black plastic panel here to access the actual license plate housings. We’re using the crowbar shape tool here. We’re gonna come in, just start pushing down. Work your way all the way around. And that whole piece comes off. And now you can see our license plate lights. You’re gonna use the Phillips head screwdriver, we’ll unscrew this side here. That one comes out. Now you can pull this out. This just twists to unlock and reveals the bulb. Pull this one out with your fingers. Replacing it with the new LED. Now this is polarity- specific so you want to make sure it works before you reassemble. Those turn on. We can put this back in the assembly. Twist to lock it in place, insert back in. And now we can screw this in. Do the same thing to the other side. Now this panel needs to go back in. This hole here is for the backup reverse light. You can start with the back half first. Get that settled in. Then all you really need to do is start pushing each section to click it in place. And you’re all set. Now, in order to access the backup reverse lights, you actually need to remove this back panel here so you can unscrew the assembly that’s holding this in place. Easiest thing to do, take your crowbar shape tool, insert in here from the top, and start pulling down. Once you have one or two of the clips, removed, this whole thing will just start to come undone. Pretty simple, pretty painless. Set this aside. And now we’re going to use an 8 millimeter socket and socket wrench. And there’s three screws – one here, here, and here – that we’re going to remove to get this assembly out. And also we’re going to unplug the power cable here so when this comes out we can pull it out. So I’m gonna unplug power now, ok, and then…you don’t have the best angle to see, but you’ve got one bulb, one bolt here. Now we’re gonna push this up. There we go. We’re gonna go ahead and change the camera angle so you can see into this panel here. We’re looking now, when we removed the three bolts we pulled this back. And actually I guess you didn’t need to remove the wire connector because it’s still connected here. This bottom one here is your backup reverse light. We’re gonna go ahead and twist it counterclockwise to remove it here. And replace it with our LED. Now before we reinstall anything, you wanna make sure it works. We’re gonna put the car in reverse with just accessory power on. Ok so this one doesn’t work. And what you’ll notice is these have these open wire leads. You want to make sure they’re pushed out to the side to make sure they make contact inside this housing. Oh. The power cable here is undone, so let me put it back in. I’m pretty sure that will fix it. Yeah. There you go, now it’s working. And we’ll plug it back in. Twist it to lock it in place. And then the three bolts – one, two, and three – these need to line up. Just gonna push it back in. There you go. And then we’re gonna put everything back together. So the three bolts that you had are going to go back in and then this panel goes back in afterward. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos. Have a good one!

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  3. Amazing video love how you didn’t edit where you forgot to add switch power in reverse lights awesome vid man

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