Nordic Inspiration: Modern Scandinavian Apartments

Nordic Inspiration: Modern Scandinavian Apartments

More than forty beautiful and modern new Scandinavian style apartment designs in this short video. The Scandinavian design is and always will be in the designer and homeowner preferences because of the light tones, neutral color palettes, the simplicity of the forms and the pragmatism in the use of spaces. Undoubtedly, Nordic style is the most relaxed and enjoyable of all existing interior design styles. A Scandinavian apartment receives abundant natural light due to the large windows. The interior is bright and airy. Light color hardwood floor throughout. The walls are in light colors, predominantly in white. Sometimes an accent wall in dark colors breaks the monotony of white. Watch this video and admire the well-defined lines, the simplicity and elegance of the shapes, the functionality of the living space, in other words the beauty and elegance of these apartments. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC BY EPIDEMIC SOUND

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