49 thoughts on “Notre Dame fire: Can the architectural masterpiece be restored? | ABC News

  1. free masonry is responsible for ALL the crimes of this world including the Bombings of sri lanka.. The ONLY reason why the free masonry will not bomb Mosques is because they do not want to get caught so they can fool the world into believing it is the Moslems that carry out these terrible atrocities. IT has and ALWAYS will be free masonry. WAKE up people. ALL your presidents prime ministers*trump and all the past presidents) were and are free masons.  royals councils judicial systems are INVOLVED!!In case some of you are wondering ' I am Catholic'!!!  Death to free masonry. Jesus Christ is the POWER!

  2. Compare to Notre dame, I more wanna to see yuanmingyuan, how about let the British and French pay to rebuild the place?

  3. This is a Black horrible day for the Christians . among the world .
    If you are not a Christian you cannot feel the significance of such
    a disaster .Because I hear many people speaking about a building

  4. WOW WHY ARE YOU FUELING THE FIRE????? Bottom middle door open the fire is blazing feeding it oxygen like that

  5. could have sworn I saw a large sausage on a long stick descending from the clouds.
    Remember the Rainbow Warrior & Mururoa Attol not to mention priests playing with young boys. NO sympathy here.


  7. MACRON:
    Illegal Immigration crime and loss of life = No Crisis
    Illegal Immigration and Refugee influx = No Crisis
    France citizens quality of life diminishing = No Crisis
    Building older than dirt = Crisis

    There is a final cost for replacing building, what is the cost of replacing the lives lost due to illegal immigration and refugees Macron?

  8. I actually went to Notre Dame two years ago so this kind of hits hard, and back then my worst worry there was people taking photos

  9. No evidence of arson they said. Really? A Roman Catholic church in the
    middle of a muslim neighborhood and they expect us to believe Notre Dame
    just Magically burst into flames all by its self. Yeah, we be that
    gullible – 'NOT'!.. I think we all know what happened. Let us see if the
    new investigation will reveal the truth. And why is there no news about
    the muslims sighted in and around Notre Dame just before it burst into
    flames?.. Not allowed to blaspheme Islam, that's why. The media will
    never tell the truth about how Islam has been responsible for burning
    hundreds of Christian sites over the centuries or the hundreds of
    thousands of Christian murders Islam is responsible for. Peaceful
    religion my arse!

  10. I loved how the burning in flame thed church build whit a slave labour you dont served to God whit slave labour and stolen natural resources from other countries French ripped off entire afrika Algeria many other countries the ripped off I don't care if the everyone in France will go to hell or entire France will burned whit flame God willing it might happened some day amen amen amen

  11. Notre Dame is an ideal place to pick up BBQ charcoal for free, just in time for Easter.
    Theresa May go back to Europe for a better deal again, only threaten that next time, it'll be the Louvre.

  12. Any famous landmark should have Security Cameras everywhere.,. have.fire retardant and a Fire system..period

  13. To people that are saying that it's not going to be the same allow me to tell you that this Notre Dame is the one that it was restored in the XIX Century. So, the question is, Do we want N.D. to be restored as it was before the XIX Century restoration or do we want it as it was after the XIX Century restoration? The Spire that collapsed didn't exist before the XIX Century restoration. The spire is relatively new, just 100 years. I would like the spire as it was before the fire. And please, no modern design.

  14. If Europe was up to modern fire protection this structure would have had fire sprinklers and the damage would 0f been alot less and gave fire fighters a chance to save the structute and get water pipes to get hand lines into the structure.

  15. Notre Dame is a landmark of ruling class oppression of the Catholic Church. No wonder then that 600 million dollars were pledged in under 24 hours by the super rich while the working class of France are left struggling to get by. Truly disgusting!

  16. A week before the Notre Dame fire a MUSLIM was sentenced for plotting to burn down Notre Dame. A month earlier there was an arson attack on the famous Paris church of San Suplice. In the past year there have been 875 arson and vandalism attacks on French Churches and religious sites. – Why have the media downplayed this?

    Notre Dame is France's '9/11'

  17. Notre-Dame burned because france took in alot of refugees that hate Christians and there faith along with all of western civilisation that was built on Judeo-Christian values.
    That mainstream media will not mention that in the last year 875 churches in France have been vandalised and this has happened on easter week, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
    You only need to look at what is happening in to churches and christians in Turkey, iran, Iraq and Libya.

  18. If they really loved this building they would’ve tried very hard to make sure no possible harm could occur. Idiots.

  19. "The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars." Isaiah9:10

  20. No, we don't construct by hand any more, but a cheap simulacrum can be constructed sufficient to keep the tourists coming, and that is all the Catholic-bashing Macron really cares about.

  21. Most of it is still there and still beautiful. But five years to build a new roof? c'mon , get a good contractor and have them install a modern metal roof with steel trusses. It can be in a style that echoes the original. It will look great, be reliable and keep the weather out and they can be back inside enjoying their cathedral in a few months.

  22. This is the worst report world wide that I have seen so far. You have no idea what you are talking about. I am ashamed of being an Australian in Europe and listening to this garbage from ABC news.

  23. Boo Hoo… do not play on our heart strings. We KNOW about the Zionists/Jesuits/Vatican Satanic Spiritual warfare. We (Christians) are so much stronger than the filthy demonic/reptile hands that play us! Those who conduct Machiavellian control over us have lost their control!!. LOL. Viva la France and those who have died under ancient Vatican orders. Your poison will not take us down. Feed us to the lions?? HAHAHA!!!

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