Here are the new keys of the new
class b 2019 and is clearly inspired by the new class a or c of course the keys
only at the level of style and deure pace this new class b AMG Line we could almost
do everything with it but it’s true that compared to old
generations I’ve owned of the older generations class b there
will have a gain in a wind on comfort even in amg line finish and rims
19 inches the comfort to really have remarkable a sunset in the box in
the screen hd is very beautiful we are on the region of montpellier
good friends know that is Mercedes class b hang in there then I want to first
to say the finish is an amg finish line with some options that make
climb the bill we are on a motorization the most
big diesel engine that you can put on a class b this is the
220d with a cumulative power of 190 horses so after the performances
are still there enough we have you you easily reach 100
kilometers an hour in just 7 seconds you really have a back side that
think a little about the class a but a little enlarged necessarily
it’s your class b 1 class b 1 class b which has the class c1 class b premium so
a premium minivan that orient themselves with luxury notes according to the
finish you take and according to options then know 1 for the tariff on
is on a version that your keys in hand 47 thousand euros know that with some
nice options certainly it pushes the bill up to 57
thousand euros and yes I see you you to frenzy in comment by telling me that
for 57 thousand euros and what is ben you would take for 57 thousand euros in
the luxury space is not much on the market you have what you have
at bmw active tourer who frankly is less fan and less stylish and less
well finished that ranks b and then after you have the scenic but then that’s
another price range because do you have a scenic or the
door thresholds glows as soon as you come home with an arsenal
technological and a presentation interior that borders on perfection
honestly mercedes still put the package with the latest opus of class b
in addition to the class has the class b add volume in habitability with
a bigger trunk a bigger one accessibility to the rear seats
it’s a bit of a class that enlarges improved and here you have what
to install the whole family at the stimulus level he suddenly has plenty of a lot of
blows I think we have to wait but it is easy to reach 390 400
newtons-meters of torque so you have you arrive quickly in speed limit on
highways and road so at the level raise do not worry he has
all the skills to overcome in he is safe under the hood
then at the storage level to inside we have this to store the keys
we have this glove box a little deep with a hookup it’s more
the sbc usbc I think is here too then it will need adapters 1 for
those who do not have this decision yet we have here some doors that
may contain several bottles here we have a finish once again
Aluminum wood is very good finished we have a glove box daoui box
gloves in a minivan this is the vital minimum
so this and then bah afterwards storage is everything we have if we
inconvenience to glasses here and then after you have a whole series of buttons
then there are some buttons everywhere we get lost a little bit I like a lot
because at least it makes it possible to have shortcuts it avoids passing
all by the digital by the screen touch you also have keys here
which are very very well finished we have 1 touched which is a very good feeling that
is very well done here is not me speak I dare say it’s a minivan
of luxury why because there are plenty of little references listen to this little
noise is very beautiful I like it seraphim and to the touch there is everything there is
the touch there is there is also the noise done on the end of the keys it looks like
it’s a little bit it’s a little studied I think it’s clearly studied here
you have you have aerators who are very beautiful you have matters a
little where are you wood? have aluminum for me that’s the
luxury minivan I repeat on a nice girl
amg line then actually there prices it climbs a little bit more we are on a
more powerful 220d diesel versions with a power that peaks attention
hold on to 190 horses ah yes actually it’s not huge
but it’s the biggest engine that can exist on this class b 220
attentions the prices it starts to climb it is around 45000 euros
and this one that we drive is posted more than 57 thousand euros that
starts a lot to encrypt for a luxury minivan or a little bit you
in comment what are you prefer in the category of
premium minivans are more there is bmw with I believe the active tourer
what do you have xiaoting is not there is no minivan
you have either the q3 or nothing at all and then after behind you have in the
generalists the renault scenic evil of shot there it’s not the same at all
screaming we divide almost every two by friends you are not dreaming you are not
in a box a disco it might look a little bit so we
will focus on the consumption the consumption point I arrive at a very
good consumption 5 3 liters per cent frankly i think i can
easily wait for 5 liters cent it’s still a good performance in
terms of efficiency and for those who want them to be big rollers and
who will take this diesel engine I understand 100%
you will be able to do kilometers without consuming too much compared for example
to a petrol version or there consos meaning that’s between 6 and 7 liters per hundred
so for big rollers I advise this 220d it is on this finish amg lines a
really it makes the side a bit sporty we have a front blade that is different
finally, rather a front grille different a diamond calender we have
a little chromium here we have some defects aerators they are fake but who
gives even more style really to this line high line and suddenly you
here are some specific rims of 19 inches and you really have a pace
very sporty luxury minivan if you want one accumulate a few more
spirits the back is a bit more bland my opinion is really my opinion
the back is more bland it looks like a kind of glc of class and
class we have a nice diffuser anyway
fresh and after a very strong de facto for me these are real releases of
exhaust here and we have exhausts chrome we have a diffuser a little
highlight on the part we will say a line in aluminum that makes the side rather
sportsman of this vehicle family look even from profile it is
very sport and sport a belt of crate which is really very low and
that’s also today you have the new light signature and a
new shield that characterizes one is going tell all his mercedes in the spirit
mercedes class a and ben honestly it’s a great success on this new
mercedes class b to note friends the sports side a
becker species in relief that gives still more than one side more picked up at
the back that gives this side Well here is sports with his two outputs
exhaust we like or we do not like but in any case it’s still a minivan
who has class and calender holds back and please, that’s fine with him
here we have an arsenal of radars from sensors embedded in the logo with a
a trompe l’oeil effect on the logo mercedes it’s not 3d 1 that’s all
full but it’s very well done very damn well
but the advantage of having digitized knows we can do everything
is almost anything mercedes we still propose a beautiful
graphical interface and then you can select multiple display modes
sleek normal sportsman there we are a little in the hard was if you want and I
take advantage to make a small point consumption we turn around the 6
liters to 100 for this diesel engine 190 euros I remind you with a
total autonomy that can reach easily the 700 or 800 km is
really very good results ok so you have two big screen
this one is not digital gentlemen if it is and it must be said that the class
b and points rather well look at the turning radius it really turns
it’s pretty bluffing as much to tell you as for for the
maneuvers in town I think it’s okay being easy enough to park in addition to
the reversing camera and park assist which says luxury car or premium 10
heated seats and yes even as that passenger I do not have to also shocking
that’s really what I had not seen friends one at the head-up display
here so I do not know if you see him in any case it’s the hand if you want
one at the head-up display present on that aspect that it has a
advantage is that there is no lot small pieces of plexiglass it is
squarely built into the windshield we made a small stop to take
our friends the donkeys in photo I think that they are subjugated by this line of this
minivan with a look of supercars no I’m kidding I think they’re more
stunned by the diesel noise that is for a tenth of a hundred and twenty that
remains discreet compared to the old 220d what we have known
honestly he they did well they have worked well the soundproofing of
his belongings outside only inside so we have a turning radius that is
really interesting that braille rather well and we have a camera hd really
more beautiful effect frankly mercedes a put the package on this ranking look
really has the sharpness of the camera when even that’s it’s impressive
chest 450 bows naked loading here we have a small handle
which allows to enlarge even more beautiful volumes including 4 155 liters in total and
700 liters if you push them benches you the benches are
sliding you want to push and you to tilt them one arrives at a volume of
record load for category 2 700 liters of cargo volume
so of course you have several catalog colors here on white
we have wifi we have red and the version it’s true amg line with this finish
red or gray to gray will delight him frankly this config was going when
not bad and a nice reflection she ad gentes that I also love the rims that
are very well worked type amg so you have them either in gray or in
black you will also notice the disks perforated this side a little more sporty
so what’s interesting here is the see on the gps and you have the camera
when there is need to turn right or left and you have a kind of
virtual reality of the indications that the caac she clearly stated on the
camera so what allows you point the needles and help you
to navigate even more simply thanks to this new technology small
light signature here we go
I’m embarking on a new version on little mercedes logo that welcomes me
backlit it’s gone the mercedes but still the bar very very high
with this new opus of class b we approach one of a class s have
does better than a class a and so to tell you that it’s small effect
we’re going to start the machine drop the sound then you’re a little
we may not have seen on the screen you go see it we will do it again but you
have a small cinematic a small skate when the car on one of
lights nothing the packs no easter it’s stylish I like a lot
here we have a home screen so I do not call me guillaume good either in me
say goodnight in a mercedes what attention there is in that it’s
alright I drop the volume here ok so you can set everything here you have to
put the brightness to the bottom for you see a little bit what gives
inside there is a little multicolored but by adjusting a little
we must be able to choose our own colors and to women and from
multicolored and we will choose colors so you see it’s pretty
amazing it’s a class b yes it’s a class b and you can
choose a little bit all the colors you want some blue
you want some pink there is a whole palette of colors and
we can even ask for a mercedes without nothing to touch
yes was waiting without touching anything change the color and mercedes change the
color in blue to be able to look at me that’s just
amazing you’re well aboard the new mercedes class b
atmosphere disco night it’s gone and mercedes lowers the temperature to 19
degrees ok I rule the temperature is nice and mercedes increases the
temperature at 21 degrees the two nozzles aeration have turned red
if you want to have fun you have several different colors
it’s nice too you have the buzzards aeration in red and even the buttons
seat adjusters are backlit to tell you a little bit the detail
even look at the mercedes logo lights up mercedes they did very very hard
with this new class b 1 which gives still a little more fun and
customization on board you also have the screen by hamded table has fully
digitized you can do everything with you can customize it then there is
a lot of buttons its buttons here are illuminated it allows a better
visibility you even have the pedalboard who is enlightened you can put it
in any color what we are in full full blow their volcano color
if you want and we will get in mode in hand mode blue mode
nightclub and there you even have the pedal well
enlightened it’s just amazing aboard this class b so we’ll see a little bit
the different displays possible you have the fullscreen display there which
lets see a little gps map in addition to this screen here you have what
else you have there are a lot of things you can
even put it in 3d mode you can even get it almost
complex it really takes time for really customize the meter then
there here I can handle the right part I can manage the part of the center in
putting only the gps here on the left I can change by putting the radio I
can put the route I can I can have a huge amount
information right to left there is everywhere
so it’s true that it takes a little adaptation time but from there
you can do everything and that’s what becomes pretty fun in this mercedes
class b you can customize everything
you can customize the temperature interior mood you can
customize the counters you can even talk to your mercedes and mercedes
to the mail month in paris the route to the destination for
nine there was nothing left to do this car does it all
automatically she’s just amazing and the mercedes
but the very very high level by compared to competitors the slightest
detail even the gates brightened even the doors the door bins
enlightened everything is lit up even the pedals are lit up everything while
absolutely everything is illuminated even the glove box is lit up everything is
illuminated even the buses are collapsed but I hope this little demonstration
on this class merc mercedes you to satisfied
a demonstration that really is admirable I hope this video is
please do not hesitate to subscribe a master a little like not know if you
see you push a little thumb up for our videos for this beautiful video and the
continuation of the test on class b continue in an upcoming video so
stay connected stay activated subscribers the little bell I tell you later
for many videos ciao


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