NV Design and Decor / Carpenters Music /  Sober Footprints as Seen on Nevada Business Chronicles

NV Design and Decor / Carpenters Music / Sober Footprints as Seen on Nevada Business Chronicles

[M usic] Announcer: You’re watching
Nevada Business Chronicles. Take a journey with us to see
the innovative businesses that put Nevada on the business
map. Connecting you with the
businesses, events, and organizations that bring
innovation and prosperity to the Nevada area. Please welcome your host,
Mitch Berney. I cannot be more excited than
to introduce our next guest. I’ve been waiting a long time
for this opportunity and with me today Mindi Hynek NV Design
and Decor. Thank you so much for joining
us. –Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here. –I said I’ve been waiting for
a while. –Yes. –You’ve been building your
business and doing some work and what we’re gonna talk
today about is design and decor. –Yes. –and you do it all. –I do it all. –Let’s start with a little
bit about your background and your education because you’re
very qualified for what you do. –I graduated in 2010 from UNR
with a Bachelor of Science Degree and Interior Design and
opened my business in 2015 to start a design and decor
business. –One of the things I think
makes you very unique in interior design is how
important lighting is to a space and you have a lot of
experience in that area. –I have 7 years lighting
experience and I think lighting is the most important
part of design but the often most forgotten. –Interior design is
multi-faceted and you do several different types of
interior design. You do other events as well. So, let’s start with interior
design, what types of interior spaces do you work with? — I work with residential and
commercial design specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, full
remodels from demo through construction to completion. –When it comes to commercial
design it’s really important. You’re also licensed as a
commercial interior designer. –You have to pass a national
interior design exam. It’s throughout the entire
country. It’s called the NCIDQ. And you have to know building
codes all the way up to public welfare and safety. –You’ve done a number of
commercial projects including one up at UNR recently. –I designed a sorority up at
UNR, Cal bet alpha feta and I designed the dining room, the
kitchen space, the basement and the entry way. –There are going to be a lot
of brides watching right now that are gonna be thrilled to
know that your degree in design and decor translates
into wedding decor. -Yes, it does. Nothing gives me more pleasure
than to help create a magical space for a bride and a groom
to celebrate their special day. –I said I’ve been waiting a
while to tell your story. And the reason why Mindi is
what an incredible human being you are and I hope I don’t get
a little too personal here but you’re a single mom, put
yourself through school, through university, working
full-time, opening your own business. That’s a lot to take on and
what an incredible human being you are and what quality work
you do on top of that. I hope people in our community
get behind and support you. The reason why we’re here
today is a very special day. We’re gonna reveal one of your
most recent projects which is a salon. And we’re here and the grand
opening. –We are. –We’ve kind of left it a
little bit in the background so people didn’t know where we
were yet. But let’s show what you
created in this space because even right behind you is
something you designed custom hand made. Didn’t order it out of a
magazine, created for this space. So, let’s take a look at salon
808. –Ok. What we were challenged with
in this room is to create a space that is welcoming and
inviting and functional with these 4 pedicure chairs which
I designed and we hand built them. –I think they’re great. They’re so functional. And I guess it’s shabby sheik
in a way. –It’s a vintage shabby sheik
look is what the client wanted. And I feel like we established
that with the raw wood just painted white and we rusted up
a little bit. And we have this accent pho
wall and a handmade clock. And we took vintage picture
frames and added some shelves for their polish. –And over here we have space
for dryers. –The hair dryers that come
out of the wall. Very nice. Different than the bulkier
hair dryer that your normal seeing at a salon. –And in a confined space
you’ve really created functional comfortable use. I love the fact that you’ve
carried this whole picture frame idea out into the nail
salon. –We have. –This is custom. This was not something ordered
online. Again, very unique, you
thought about this. –Yes. –And made each and every one
of these. –And made each and every one
of them for their polish racks. And this is the nail station. So, we have 4 nail stations
full equipped to handle gel or acrylic nails and they also do
pedicures. –And then again, the
lighting. I mean the, I’m noticing this
everywhere. –Yes. –The lighting adds an
ambiance that makes this very warm and comfortable. –Yes. I also created 5 hair stations
on the right. They are all filled up right
now and booking their appointments. And the lighting is just a
subtle pendant that adds some character to the space and I
think it makes it warm and inviting and comfortable. –I love even the floors and
the padding behind the chairs, everything has a sense of
style. Not just something to put
down. –Everything has a meaning. Everything was picked
specifically for this space to make it the most unique space
that it could be and the best salon out there. –And that carries into the
Esti room so let’s take a look at those. –Ok. I created 2 etesian rooms with
a handmade entry sign and a decorative accent wall with
function for the etesian to work with eye lash extensions
and facials. –I’ve been noticing a theme
of these in the entire establishment. Tell me about them. –I designed this clock and I
had someone custom make it. And I think it’s very unique
and different. I love how you have numbers,
roman numerals and the numbers spelled out. I think it just makes in
unique and shabby sheik. -Again, very consistent with
the fact that this isn’t just, I’m going to go out and buy
some things, put them in a space. –Right. –You’re custom designing and
even creating things that have never been done before. –Yes. –Very unique for this space
making it a one of a kind. –Absolutely. Absolutely one of a kind. –It’s fantastic. –Thank you thank you. –This is Tinia the Owner of
Serenity Salon 808 this terrific new space on your
grand opening. Big day. What do you feel about the
space that Mindi’s created here? –I am unbelievably blessed
and grateful for this space. It is truly everything I
imagined. And I’m so grateful that she
was able to completely take my vision and bring it to life. –What was your vision? What was it you said to start
with that this is the outcome? –The space was completely
bare. It had old paint. It had concrete floors and it
literally had 3 shampoo bowls and that was it. And I came to her and I was
like hey I want a rustic shabby sheik. These are the color pallets
that I want. I want greys and neutrals with
pops of teal and she literally hit it right on the money in
this place. –It’s a beautiful space
there’s no doubt about it. -Yes, it’s amazing. –It’s a very custom created
one of a kind feeling a vibe that’s very special here. -Yes, I wanted it open and
light and bright and inviting and welcoming. And it, it completely is that
and so much more. –That’s fantastic. Congratulations on your grand
opening. –Thanks so much. Thank you. –To a magnificent space a
great salon and to massive success. –Cheers who who. –Woo. –Not only did this space turn
out great but every project of yours that I have seen has
turned out just as fantastic. –Thank you. –So, I’m going to recommend
people go to your website NVDesignAndDecor.com. –Yes. –To take a look at other
design options, different things you do. We did forget one thing, home
staging. –I do. –People selling their house. –Yes. –You do both with their own
furniture or bring in outside furniture. –That’s correct. –So, another service that you
offer. –Yes. –People watching right now
that want to get a hold of you. How can they reach you? –You can just give me a call
at 775-771-8256 and schedule your appointment. –That’s Mindi Hynek NV Design
and Decor. Again, thank you. –Thank you. –So much. –Thank you so much for having
me. –For waiting forever and so
happy to have you on the show. –Thank you. Thank you for having me. Announcer: For more
information on this guest, or to see this show in its
entirety, visit nvbusinesschronicles.com. While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. Now, more from Nevada Business
Chronicles. Mitch and Tom here. –I’m Tom. –At the Tom and Mitch show. –It’s the Tom and Mitch show. –At Carpenters Music World. –Carpenters Music World. –We’re gonna get to talk
about Yamaha. –The Yamaha Clavinova Digital
piano. –Yamaha is a standard of the
industry for centuries now. –For centuries. And today we’re gonna look at
the Yamaha Clavinova which is a digital piano which is the
number one selling digital in our industry. And we will start at the entry
level and I’ll take you all the way up to the end. –Well we have a whole line of
them but let’s start with this one the entry level model. –This is the entry level the
P115. It is the least expensive. It is the most portable and it
all has, they have 88 keys weighted keys like an acoustic
piano. As we move up to the next one
this is a, first of all this shows you the weight of the
keys. So, when you are playing one
of these Clavinovas it’s like playing an acoustic piano
except you don’t have the strings. You don’t have to tune it. As we move up through these
different models as you can see they’re getting a little
larger and a little larger. Sound systems are getting
bigger. So sound systems are getting
bigger so people who want bigger sound louder sound
they’re gonna get that as they move up in model. –Richer fuller sound. –Richer fuller sound. –Now these are interesting
because I feel like I’m in the cockpit of an aircraft all of
a sudden. –These are the CVP models. This is a 701, 705, 709. When you get into these now
you’re getting into 800 sounds to 1200 sounds. –Wow. –16 track recording. It’s like a whole recording
studio and you can also record audio. So if you want to sing it
would do that. You can take your mp3 put them
in here they’ll play all that music. It’s incredible. As we move down on these again
you’re getting more sounds till you get to the flag ship. –Well let’s take a look at
this one. –This is the flag ship of the
Clavinova piano. This is a CVP709. This is the top of the line. It’s got 1270 voices. It’s got 16 track recording. You could hook it up to a tv
or giant monitor. You could sing through it. You have voice articulations
in it. So, let me just show you a
little bit. As soon as you turn this
instrument on it defaults to a grand piano. [Music] –Beautiful rich sound. –Now, say you wanted to play
a flamingo guitar. [Music] [Music] –It’s amazing. -So, with this instrument I
have 1200 sounds to actually play at my disposal. One of the biggest features of
this instrument is that you really don’t have to learn how
to play. It will teach you I’m going to
show you now Jurassic Park. When I push play [Animal
sounds] you’re gonna get Jurassic
Park. Now the little red dot is
travelling but it’s gonna come up here, when the little red
light is on. [scary music] follow the lights. [Music] [Music] –I’m sensing by watching you
play Jurassic Park that this is a really good piano to
learn how to play on. –This piano has 600 different
rhythm styles. So, if you know just a few
cords you can take this piano and say you wanted to play a
country shuffle blues all you have to do is hit the cord. [Music] And you can play it. [Music] [Music] It will play the
introduction. It will play the ending. It will play everything and
all you gotta do is play simple cords. Now if you really want to
impress your friends and you don’t even play you can go
over here, you can pick a rhythm which you have 1200 of
them. You could pick introduction
syncrostart and all you have to do is hit one note, play
with one finger. [Music] [Music] And you end it. Announcer: For more
information on this guest, or to see this show in its
entirety, visit nvbusinesschronicles.com. While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. Now, more from Nevada Business
Chronicles. We’re gonna take a look at a
new show that we’ve been developing for the last year
and a half called Sober Footprints. One of the biggest problems
that plagues our country, our society today is the alcohol
and drug addiction problem. People are dying unnecessarily
every day from these issues. As a community there is
something that we can do together. We can start to have the
conversations, bring the information, the knowledge
forward that will help people recover from these treatable
issues. How do we do that? That’s what the purpose of
this show is, is to bring those subjects to the
forefront and to stop treating them as if they’re just gonna
go away on their own. Information is knowledge. In this case knowledge is not
just power it can save somebody’s life. This is important and the work
that we’re about to embark on as a community, as a society
is probably the most important work we’ll ever begin to take
on. Let’s take a look at the
television show sober footprints. Sober speaks for itself. It’s the goal. It’s the coveted prize. It’s the thing we want people
to be able to achieve is sobriety. Footprints we’re referring to
the footprints of those that have traveled the road to
recovery, the footprints that they’ve left for others to
follow. So on this show we’re actually
gonna have a series of intermittent sober footprints
stories little tidbits of information from those that
have recovered to help those who are still in their
struggle. Let’s take a look at one of
those sober footprints by world famous World Series
champion, Darryl Strawberry. –People were always asking
me, well, how do we help people in addiction? You know what, how do you help
people? You love them right where
they’re at. Because that’s the most
important thing, don’t try to beat them over the head and
say, well, you need to do this, you need to do that,
because a lot of times, people did that to me and I refused
it, I rejected it, you know. And you gotta kind of love
people right where they’re at and find out what’s really
going on with them and walk with them. You know, don’t turn your
back. I had some good friends who
walked along the road with me. And never turned their back,
never questioned me, even when I was in the midst of my
addiction, they loved me right where I was at, and that’s
what’s really important. –The road to drug addiction
and alcoholism is a very long and very lonely road, which
you’ll see portrayed in the show opening of the new
television series, of an individual trekking to
seemingly nowhere, leaving black footprints on the
ground. This is the imagery to kind of
explain what it feels like to trudge the road of endless
despair and to scorch the earth with the darkness of
one’s life. The road to drug addiction and
alcoholism can seem to go nowhere forever, but then,
there is a time where somebody will stand at that one point
in their life where there’s hope, where there’s
opportunity to get well. So, in the show opener, you’ll
see some white footprints that are in front of the individual
that’s been trudging the road of alcoholism and drug
addiction for many years. They have to pause and notice
that there’s all of a sudden white footprints that are
there. They haven’t left those, they
were there before them. The person looks down, looks
forward, and has hope, because there’s others that have led a
path for them to follow. He takes off walking rapidly,
running, and then throws his hands up in the air in
victory, because that’s exactly what happens when
people get well. Their lives change, they have
newfound missions and purposes in the world. Now, there’s another part of
this television show, which is really important. There are many factors in drug
addiction and alcoholism. One of them is that there are
families involved. And so, on the television
show, we’re gonna take a look at some family stories. You know, what it looks like
to be a family member that has somebody that you love that’s
afflicted by alcoholism or drug addiction. The impact on the family, the
impact on the community around them, that they may not even
be aware. But then, we’re also gonna
look at those families that have had success in helping
reaching out and helping their loved one seek help and get
well. And there are gonna be stories
of inspiration and hope and an opportunity for you if you’re
a family member that is just completely lost, doesn’t know
what to do. To get some ideas of how you
may be able to help your own loved one. I’ve never met a person that
said, when they were just a little child that, when I grow
up, I wanna be a drug addict or an alcoholic. So, on this show, we’re gonna
take a look at some of those individuals that were stricken
by drug addiction or alcoholism that have found
their path out, and we’re gonna tell their stories,
share what it was like for them, and the world of hope
and inspiration and the quality of life that they now
enjoy. And they’re gonna give their
sober footprint so that others might have a chance of
recovering. –Nowadays, with the drugs
being so severe, I think you’re one step away from
anybody overdosing or dying. So, if you have a problem with
addiction, you should contact either your community or
somebody around your community, or somebody who’s
in addiction that you will try to get help, but I think it’s,
nowadays, you shouldn’t be shameful of addiction or what
you’re going through because there are a lot of people out
there going through the same problems you’re going through. –One of the stories and our
first story that we’re gonna cover on Sober Footprints is a
story of Collin Smith, an incredible member of our
community, who’s giving so much to be able and be willing
to share his story so that it may help others get well. Let’s take a look. –So, at a very young age, I
knew I wanted to be a chef. My granddad was a chef and I
knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Growing up in this industry, I
was always 15 feet from the bar. I had my first drink at work
at age 15. The alcohol, I really liked
it. It worked, it made me feel
bulletproof. [Music] Looking back now, I realize
that my grandfather was an alcoholic and a chef as well. So, I followed in his
footprints. [Music] So, at the beginning of every
shift, I’d start in the kitchen and at the end of
every shift, I’d be sitting right here at this bar or a
bar like it. I spent a lot of time at bars
like this over the years. I opened up my first
restaurant at 25 and I could sit at my bar any time I
wanted. I did that for the next 15
years, so I almost killed myself. Food has always been my
passion, but I almost lost all of it. I lost food, family, friends,
and I traded all of that for vodka. It almost killed me, but not
anymore. Today, I own not only a
restaurant, I own this restaurant and five other
related businesses. None of it would’ve been
possible if I hadn’t have kicked the vodka, I hadn’t
kicked the alcohol out of my life. The way I did that is I picked
up the phone and I asked for help. I got the strength to ask for
help from somebody who believed in me, somebody who
believed in me more than anything. My wife sat down on the bed
with me one day and said, I believe you and I love you and
I know you have what it takes to beat this. That’s what it took for me to
pick up the phone. That’s when I showed, that’s
when I was my strongest. The strongest I’ve ever been
in my life was when I reached down, I picked up the phone,
and I asked for help. That saved my life, it’s
brought more gifts, more joy, more love and satisfaction
than anything I’ve ever done. Because the alcohol’s not part
of my life, all my family is. My business is, my
relationships. Everything good has come when
I put down the drink. If you find yourself
struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, you feel
hopeless, lost, broken, your friends and family are leaving
you, pick up the phone and ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. It’s the one call that can
save your life. It can turn really bad grey
skies into beautiful blue skies. Pick up the phone, make the
call. There’s somebody to answer. –Whether you’re the family
member of somebody who’s struggling, or you are the
suffering, one thing that most people have in common is,
where do we start? Where do we go? Where is the access to
recovery? On this show, that may be one
of the most fundamentally core reasons for the need for a
show like this today. We’re gonna visit the
resources, we’re gonna take you to the places where
recovery exists. And not just take you there
and show you where they are, but we’re gonna have the very,
very important conversations that mystify a lot of people. One of those conversations, to
give you an idea, is the conversation of when people do
get into recovery, why do so many wind up drinking or using
again? Well, there’s studies that are
showing now an issue called co-occurring disorders, where
if you strip away the drugs and the alcohol and there’s an
underlying mental health, and this may not be mental health
in the way that most people consider mental health issues,
it could be as simple as depression or anxiety or
bipolar or PTSD or a host of other things that, if you take
away the drugs and the alcohol and the underlying condition
isn’t cured, you’re gonna go back to self-medicate again,
to escape the pain that you’re in. Well, we’re gonna take a look
at the facilities and the conversations like that,
there’s so many of them to really understand how to get
and stay well. On the first episode, we were
introduced to an organization that’s a model, a standard for
the rest of the country to look at, right here at home in
Nevada. It’s called Crossroads Reno,
and if you aren’t aware of it, it’s gonna blow your mind. Let’s take a look. –Well, it’s really important
that we hold court here, and leave the traditional
courtroom, where we’re up high with the robe, with armed
officers and we’re sitting in judgment of individuals. Here, we’re part of the team,
we’re part of a team that’s helping these individuals on
their path to recovery, and we’re here with the treatment
provider, we’re here with the social worker, and the
probation department, and it’s very important, as the judge,
I sit at the same level that they do, I don’t have a robe
on, and I’m here to impress upon them that we together are
here to help them as a community, in fact, it’s
called community court. These individuals were part of
the community before they got in trouble, they will be
afterwards. And so, it’s very important we
press upon them that we’re here to support them on their
road to success. And this program, it’s the
best part of my week because there’s nobody here that is
not doing well. It’s all different degrees of
success that they’re at, whether it’s two weeks or two
months that they’re here and to come here and bear witness
to the incredible successes that these people are making,
it’s amazing. I tell, when people brag about
running or walking a marathon, it’s nothing compared to what
these individuals do day in and day out to better
themselves and to be better parts of the community and to
see the way that they support each other in that process is
truly amazing. –The issues of drug and
alcohol addiction affect us on many levels as a community. It’s a financial burden. There’s crimes committed as a
result. There’s drunk driving. There’s fatalities. There’s deaths. There’s over doses. All of this disappears if we
help our community members return to community and have
productive lives. So, this is more important
than just helping somebody to get well. It helps us all to get well as
a community. It’s gonna take a community to
make this possible. Let’s band together and make a
difference. Thanks for watching. Announcer: For more
information on this guest or to see this show in its
entirety, visit nvbusinesschronicles.com. While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. For information on becoming a
guest on our show, contact us at
[email protected] We hope you enjoyed the show,
thanks for watching. Tune in next week at the same
time for more from Nevada Business Chronicles.

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