Octatrack Pro Tip #1 – LFO Designer

Octatrack Pro Tip #1 – LFO Designer

ノコギリ波のサンプルに影響するフィルタをコントロールするために、Octatrack の LFO Designer(LFO デザイナー)を使用します。さまざまなパートとパート・リロード機能を使用すると、バラエティ豊かなベース・ラインのグルーブが簡単に得られます。ビートはMachinedrumを使用して作成されます。

15 thoughts on “Octatrack Pro Tip #1 – LFO Designer

  1. YES LFO is strong point. Video is for adepts. To fast hand/finger manupulations in video, with no accompaniment voice. Last part (changing the 4 parts) is confusing.
    Must read manual again…..

  2. I agree with the need for some explanations. I think text bubbles would be more than enough though. For example when the first high-pass is applied with the fader and the sequence of the LFO designer changes, was that a very quick randomize command? I didn't quite catch it.

  3. Hey hoc can I record drums in grid mode without quantizing..i want that certain swing like elaquent 2am reflectionist …can someone help me? ! πŸ™‚

  4. It says the beats are from the machinedrum ?

    How is this possible, there is nothing plugged into the back of the machine other than the power supply and the output leads ???

  5. missing piece of info in this video how to assign your designed waveform. once you've designed a lfo go back into LFO 1,2 or 3 and choose the new waveform with B knob its at the end of the other waveforms.

    also [Function] and clear to clear it πŸ™‚

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