Hi guys, it’s Kelsey in Candra and today we are finally doing a house tour for you guys We’re not gonna do too much of a long intro because we know you guys have been waiting on this video We moved into this house about a year and a half a year and a half ago Yes and It took a lot longer than we expect it because this is our first house so we didn’t really realize how long it took to decorate a house and We realized that it Takes time to find unique pieces and things that you actually like and not buy things just to be buying them Yeah Just to fill up the space to fill up the space Because we did that in the beginning and we’ve already ended up replacing things that we like much better Yeah, so, you know, I also realize that we’re never gonna be done decorating this house because we love decorating Yeah, we change our mind a lot Yeah, so yeah I can’t wanna thank you guys so much for your patience and your continued love and support We just love you guys so much and we’re so blessed to be homeowners. Yeah before 30. That’s like a big deal So we’re very blessed. So let’s just hop right into the house tour Okay So we’re gonna start here in our entryway and we want to keep this area really simple very clean and mellow So we wanted to find a really nice statement piece that go on the wall and it took us quite a while because something says That we found that we like relate from small and then other piece of daily found Were trying too big and way too expensive and this one was the perfect one We wanted something light and airy this course his name success Chelsea my name temp collectively and we just thought it was really clean and peaceful like it’s nothing There’s a room about the picture and when I tell ya it was a journey trying to get this on the wall It was a hot mess. So this is Plexiglas a very thin plexi glass so we got it from the Z gallery and they told us to be very Careful with hanging it with us if y’all don’t know Plexiglas is very thin and it can break easily so it took all three of us to hang this on the wall properly and I still be when I walk back sometimes so it’s perfect and we wanted to make sure respect of the law and we also Wanted to wipe to compliment this brass console table. It’s a really nice thin Console we don’t want anything too bulky Because when you walk in we don’t want anybody to feel like they were running into the table, you know So we just you know got some cute little knickknacks on the table. We didn’t want to do anything too extra Like I said, so I wanted to keep it really clean that a nice candle Diffusers that those are called diffuser. Yeah and two little lanterns face it from West Elm So we just want to keep it really simple the top of this is actually mirrored. So I thought that was really cool We love brass. You guys are gonna see a lot of grants throughout our column because we like incorporating that into into our house So love the entryway very clean example, okay So the first actual room is the office Chelsea And I wanted to have a formal office because you guys know in our last apartment that we had We had like an office combined with our filming room because that’s the only space that we had We wanted to kind of left an official office and we both want decided on black and white I love like the vibe in here. It’s very clean crisp white and I love the wainscoting that we have in here Also, we did not hire a decorator to decorate this house It’s all of me guilty. We really want to do a nice black and white gallery wall the four pictures on the outside We actually print them out on Pinterest so we found all four of those on campus and then one in the middle there G machine picture this from home goods So it went perfectly with the thing that we were going for We wanted something very like fashion chic, but still clean and simple So you might notice that theme throughout our home. We left some vintage qualities and we like clean and modern So also cozy too. You’ve got to keep it. So these bookshelves are from Crate and Barrel Like I said, we love grass because it just adds some dimension to the space I’m not really the still more person when it comes to Furniture like trims and like bookshelves and stuffs on our desk is from Joss and main I love this dish It’s very simple I like these because we don’t want to do like II think bulky let’s go slitting like Off his desk would let the drawers and stuff I know they’re more functional and you put stuff on them But I don’t like how it looks like that aesthetic if you don’t work for us So this one was perfect a nice glass desk and just share So comfortable. I know comfortable chairs. Usually don’t look that Appealing but this one I love because it has some gold hardware on it It’s a nice chair. So it was perfect for space and this one gets from overstock I think this chair of the style you can find on multiple different store though. I so love this chair And yeah, this is like a perfect editing space because you have the window here and then let some sunlight in here I don’t always open all the blinds I’m gonna be honest Chelsea like to open all the blinds But I’m kind of a vampire sometimes that I just like to talk with. Oh, that’s just good opening So this table was what we decided on for storage because when you think about an office you have to store You know your things somewhere So we wanted it to be pleasing to look at but also functional this is home be gathering But the only annoying thing about this, but there is called a buffet. It’s like a short Buffy It was supposed to be what in person it looks white on line, but it looks a great person so when it came in we just didn’t even want to bother to return it and justifiable It’s still really nice. Very pretty hats like a wood finish and it has some gold trimming their love their little clear candles so those are really understated glam flaps aren’t from Horchow they were kind of pricey but I love less of gold we finish on the handles and I love the nice wet sheet This mirror was actually in my old bedroom In our previous place is the nice around Antique kind of style brass mirror love that it would curtain between the two laps So we wanted to keep this area also really simple disgusting like Elle magazine’s on top and a candle If you don’t know what to put on your stuff and you want to get a nice finish Magazines or a coffee table book on counter you good. So these chairs are also from Z Gallerie They are the roberto chair. I think they’re called and we wanted to do the nice black suede finish or velvet I think this is wait, but these are super super comfortable Black telling y’all it takes so long for together to deliver. Sometimes it gives kind of annoying But when it comes to still work because you’re like it looks like it does online So they have really nice furniture pieces. Although some of their pieces look kind of cheap So it’s kind of a hit or miss with the gallery to me in my opinion but these are really pretty lovely black and they went perfectly in this room because we wanted to kind of break up the black and White also, the chandelier. I love the chandelier that we got in here install is from Pottery Barn I think a lot of our lighting fixtures if not all of them in our home are from Pottery Barn they just have like really really nice pieces that are extremely expensive during that the cheapest so they’re not like Restoration Hardware prices, so I love love that one. It took a minute to kind of get us there because the little Crystals, you have to can’t cook them which was kind of annoying but it turned out really gorgeous though So before I show you that’s the powder room. I wanted to show you guys our little entry sitting area We have a bench here. This is from Ashley armature if I leave shop at its the furniture I just typed in minimal neutral bench and I ended up liking this one. This one is very comfortable people Don’t sit on it for long We wanted to put it here to encourage people to take their shoes off when they come in because even though we have all hardwood floors, I Still don’t know where your shoes being. So this is the perfect spot to take them off. So moving on to the powder room Chelsea wanted to do this world charcoal grey It was the gravest in our main living area which is a light powdery gray. Look Elsie Wanted to do this much charcoal. It looks gorgeous though. That’s a lot of you finished it well in the pain of finished it I was like Yeah that this works because she want to do something a little bit darker richer like more cozy in here just because I feel I got all The bathrooms in your house like your powder room or your half bath it’s the place where you can do something a little bit different something not as obvious, and I thought the charcoal is Perfect. And this color is actually the color of it within our last apartment on that really big wall and these photos these little Cute fashion photos are from the gallery Chelsea found these they have a really nice clean. Look Even though I said, I love grass. I do think that these silver frames on these go really well with the charcoal in here So we want to keep this really nice simple but still kind of like Norman cozy and inviting just because this is the background a hour gives you so Love it in this mirror is actually my old mirror. This used to be in the entryway my bedroom these you can find it probably every HomeGoods I see these all the time and These flowers are from my old bathroom So we did keep some stuff on our last place, but we the give you rid of a lot of stuff but if you can keep stuff from your previous places that work with your new house that you purchase keep it so you don’t have to Spend unnecessary money Okay So we’re going to move on to our main living area and we’re going to start with the kitchen When I tell y’all Chelsea and I really wanted a white kitchen. I was like not budging I like the dark kitchen a more traditional color kitchen I prefer a white kitchen since they make the space look more open and clean and airy but we did want to do a darker base for our island just because we thought it And if some dimension and it wasn’t as obvious and I actually like the dark base. This is actually bronze. It’s not black So it’s like a nice bronze would shade. That’s what they call it when they were building the house I love our nice clean countertops. We really wanted to do like a softer veiny Marble cuz I’ve seen some marble that looks a little too vain and too dark too much going on We want something more understated clean simple these flowers if you guys if I’m learning all the flowers in our house are fake because I don’t do real flowers and I hate the smell of them so Yes, this is from home goods. No t.j.maxx. A lot of Hurst knickknacks and stuff are from home goods or t.j.maxx Please watch something really clean and and I love the great base because the goals come with the color of our law So if you guys didn’t know this is like a very pill grade in this main living area It almost looks like but it’s not I mean you can actually see compared to the crown molding like if the top compared to that why you can tell that it? Doesn’t like like great color If you guys are wondering the name, I think it’s called tassa by Shirley Williams That’s the man with the gray color mostly and I don’t really use our kitchen quite a lot because we actually cook So we wanted it to feel open and airy and that lets go combined. I love the backsplash They’re the chosen all so this is a really pretty subway tile in this in a herringbone pattern I think this hat was called But we wanted it to go like perfectly with the white countertops We have been giving at our house last year and it still feel open and airy here He had like maybe 15 16 people over from a little bit more and it still felt open It’s here. You can feel tight and feel cramped I love how big this island is just like the main things that I was looking forward to moving Jack This house is having an island because I always wanted one You can lay food out here. It’s just like a perfect place to entertain So I love a nice open kitchen with an island. And you also have those great barstools. They are from world market They’re loving my suede gray. They’re very comfy with this kitchen table the extra already before we move in This is her Restoration Hardware Table and chairs. I love this tank all but somebody told me that would it’s very high maintenance like a kitchen table So, please don’t get it with youth cultures Placemat, if you like those we don’t want elect a little placemat I just like including millimole table with just a centerpiece in the middle This centerpiece is from West now the right flowers and B base I love like the kind of rustic vibe that it gives to the kitchen But I love the color of this because it kind of goes with pretty much anything It’s very neutral how much Toby color table and the wood is a tad bit. Why don’t we don’t want to match exactly So love this table love to share. These are really comfortable They’re like a nice and linen kind of fabric and when our family comes over we eat at the table a lot When it’s just Chelsea and IV Simply in the living room on the couch, which is probably most good things but I Mean most people don’t use our kitchen table. One thing like I mentioned earlier all of our light fixtures are from Pottery Barn So this one and that one are I think the same collection? I forgot the name load with a different Pottery Barn Super-creepy. I love do look up actually at night when you turn this chandelier on it reflects like it bounces off the Wall, and hence lever really like pattering looks really cool and nice. So I like how it was at night, too And I also have to show you guys our wine rack that we have We actually got this from The Container Store We buck to and just kind of push them together one is the red and one is for white But I love this line write it as a nice black to the kitchen. We also started this little Cork hurricane, and it was just sitting around and we weren’t using the USA This is the perfect place to clip corks After we’re done drinking our wine because I always wanted to start one of those and fill it up Because it’s kind of fun and also when guests come over and they want to bring a bottle of wine They came only open and we can just put the cork in there So I thought that was like a good idea and I think it looks really cute So this is our line station and we thought this was the perfect space for our wine Stations because we have our glasses in this cabinet. So it looked perfectly our wine glasses are all it’s talking in the middle So this is like the perfect spot for all of our life to be stored. Okay, so moving on to the living room This is probably one of my favorite rooms in the house besides my room in the kitchen because we spend a lot of time in Here and it’s finally like the living room that I picture in my hand when we move in his house Love love the living room. We want to go for a black and white theme Like I said company and I have spelled it series vintage modern bland and cozy so it’s kind of eclectic. It’s not just once But the salsa makes the living room and it hurts I want to do sofa just the one to use a sofa and I’m glad you did because this challenge is so Comfortable. It’s like the perfect cover which means between two problems, but still let plush and soft. It’s not too too soft It’s like firming actual air like you don’t need evac problem because our last option is getting a little too soft. It wasn’t permanent Okay, this couch. It’s from Basset furniture and it’s called the Becca So comfortable wants to do a lighter color couch because we thought it made the space with more open and airy And I know what you guys are thinking How do you keep any lighter colored couch clean like this like you keep any other couch clean you vacuum it We disinfect it you keep staying remover on your house. You don’t like any other furniture piece So we wanted to do a nice blend fabric. I love a linen fabric just because it’s really clean It doesn’t get dirty this quickly and I just like the feel of it It feels a very rustic but the look of it is very modern It just tells me I’m not quite a while to figure out What couch we wanted to give because it was something that was Kobe, but did it look too traditional? So it has really nice clean lines and plain edges, but it also feels very plush and comfortable well It was a nice light khaki medium because some cows are looking a little bit too dated to old school and in the modern Couches, we’re looking really nice to look at but when you sit on it, it just can’t feel comfortable so these throw pillows the smaller ones came with the couch and you can actually see the different kinds of fabrics that go with your cynic from message not sponsored I just like to say half the element because you can make it your own But these are black ones who love they did count another print but you don’t want to use your cousin Don’t let friends our buyer. So the black ones work. Also these big Gilbert ones are from Amazon So Amazon to find some really good stuff the rug complements it perfectly I wanted to get a new rug Chelsea did not so that’s what we kind of made in the middle Just line up in the couch. I want it in the room and they both complement each other perfectly This rug is from Rome’s USA You can actually find this black Brook from multiple sites when I was looking for a black roof And I really wanted one that had great tones in it to bring out the color on the walls just to tie everything in And the coffee table is from Pottery Barn. I wanted a round coffee table even though this is a straight line like straight edge special I just want a like square coffee table or like a rectangle one thought that stopped the round one still compliment it This style of the sofa. So that is from Pottery Barn love the Understand aggressive not only a shiny brand and it’s a really pretty marriage detail at the bottom Then the tops I like that as well Esper fireplace. This is probably like the best part about the living room I always say when I get a house I really want a fireplace and I love using it in the colder months And it went well with these lanterns that we decided to put here with these flameless candles These are also from Pottery Barn if you’re not into burning candles I highly recommend them Because you can put a timer on though they come on the same time of the day and they add like a nice cozy vibe to your space so love that and This fireplace it probably took the most time. I’m sure Because of the amount of stone that’s back here but a colossus is like the statement piece of the fireplace So he’s like the focal point and it goes all the way up because the ceilings are pretty high and you living room area So I love it. Also the beams are really nice accent as well. Justin really want to go along with the ceiling fan I felt some fan match perfectly with the beams. That film fan is intense It will look cool in here really fast, especially when there’s a lot of people in here. So these bookshelves are firm Restoration Hardware I also thought it made sense Wilson convinced me to get a new couch that these will complement a lot of capture better to cut the dark charcoal tobe couch We had before do not go over these But these are really pretty I love like you traditional by the vidiians, but they’re not too too traditional I think the black still at your modern touch. So I love compliment the fireplace. I love contrast I don’t really like anything that blends too much. So I like everything to kind of complement each other So I love these all the knickknacks three months inside. These are from home visits Love home this you got a fourth access here containing books Below, I love a good blow. So you have a couple of those in our house and I love horses and elephants Those are our animals our choice to desperately Love that and we make collecting votes for quite a few years now. Every time I see like a really pretty one I like to add it somewhere in the house So Celtic on these book ends from home boots and you just the fact to put a couple up here So I thought they went perfectly on this bookshelf. So loves it And I also want to show you guys this coffee table book that we keep at the bottom This is Rihanna is the boat covers what I think this is so dope I got And I’m a huge fan of coffee table books I feel like they add so much to the table and it’s easy to decorate with so I love because That’s a pop of color because if you guys didn’t notice tells me that I don’t really like color So her red hair is a nice pop Okay, so this month egg is from our last place this was actually our TV stand Our TV used to be sitting on this though who are finally able to put actual decor on top of another Luke in this house So these lamps are from home goods. They’re not super bright with it. Just enough light at night And we also turn these lights that are on the stairs on at night. So that works out well Also, I feel like everybody who loves decor has his time Court coffee table book in their house I feel like it’s just so chic and mellow and like clean and I’m a huge fan of black and white – well third thing that we have going on and deliver also love that these candles are from Bath & Body Works We change these out often whatever burns now We just switch it with something new but these do go perfectly With our color theme there that’s going on with the black gold white and I just love this Amira stuff They just do some together if you guys didn’t know already. I love your answer cuz it always does the space takes a bigger calcium action for candles and here in this middle part I thought this is the perfect space to store your candles If you have a lot of camels like Chelsea and I felt I know it looks excessive but I’m a candle girl We love candles. I just like how they make me feel they make me happy and they’re really therapeutic So self-care eggs fight so these little I think they’re bases. There are oversized bases These are from Amazon and it took us so long to find the perfect ones because some of the gold Then we kept finding was like really cheeping looking it was too shiny It didn’t have enough texture in these up close for like a nice Bamboo kind of blue and they have a nice Sheen like metallic gold That’s not too shiny and this pampas grass for compass flower. It’s from Amazon as well These are baby pampas flower That’s what they call them because I’ve seen a lot larger compass flower, but we wanted to get like a small Understated way and I thought that this beige color Complemented the gold really well because they do have these in light but I didn’t think you look great with debates So I wanted to add these on the ends instead of the other ones that we have because this base was getting a little too Great for me. I wanted to warm it up a little bit. So I thought this went really well with the book thing So I don’t like to blame too much Okay, so moving on to my room, which is another favorite room in the house of mine I want to do white just because I’ve always wanted a white bedroom I love how clean and airy feels I’m using those adjectives alive because I just like something there’s not too much to put it Too much of anything and I also love gold So I’m a huge fan of go living white. I want to do let the nice Glam cozy Parisian apartment vibes. I feel like that’s my bedroom So it’s very warm tone in here the way I wanted it I have a lot of brass going on and then just a little bit of black with those pictures on the wall, Chelsea Detangles for me. She’s too desert danger person in his house, and I’m just an assistant So I make sure that is straight. So this console table is from west analyst thick it’s called the terrace I love this gold shade again I’m picky when it comes to my grass and she’ll say and I actually put this together I was kind of disappointed when it did not come put to the other when I saw like the boxing me putting the pieces together I love reading if you guys don’t know I’m a huge fan of reading. It’s like one of the ways I lined down So I have quite a lot of books. I mostly read self-help in novels So this mirror is from home goods Kelsey actually found this for me and it’s so unique so different this mirror I feel like you can’t find anywhere. It gives me beauty in the visa vibe slow Extremely vintage looking I love like the shapes and it fit perfectly in this little mosaic I think that’s what you call this little thing in my entry I don’t know but some people put pictures in this kind of area I really wanted to do a mirror because it makes sense when you’re leaving You can look at yourself have my little elephant there if you guys can notice we love elephants I think that you’ve seen an elephant and pretty much every room so far moving on to the main bedroom area I wanted a Reading area. So I wanted a nice loveseat you go around my bed because this room is really really big So before I even got this piece of furniture in front of my bed, it was a lot of space in the front So I feel like it was missing something and I don’t always like to sit on my bed like during the day Where my dismay it unlike people to sit on it So if people come over and they throw my big shelf, you know, like you might want to get it Can’t they’re gonna be mad So I like this because it’s a nice sitting area So you don’t have to sit on the bed when you come in and like I say I read here and I also been to Watch here. Like I’m glued to this open on the weekends if it’s not the living room, so I love this space I have like this really cute side table and it’s from Pottery Barn. Sorry I keep forgetting to mention where things are from trying to remember the big pieces. This is from Pottery Barn I forgot the name of a lot of really Cozy furniture so smaller furniture. There’s not too bulky it’s like the perfect size and if you got thin tail, I’m super into creams and Rolls, just like the only color that I wanted to implement into my room because I don’t really like too many crazy colors going on Because it’s too much of a commitment and neutral just looks better to me and all my throw pillows are from Homeless except birthing lard or two in the bag. These are thrown with down Love throw pillows and all these probably like a lot in this because they are my leftover pillows So love being extra with the pillows. So my dad is from Restoration Hardware. I like a nice tough to admit I don’t want to do anything. Like I don’t want too many curves and I like nice clean line So on this color, I’m not gonna lie baby nervous when the first came in because it looked lighter in Restoration Hardware You can customize the color and the fabric for your your bed frame So it looked really light in person because the fabric looked at a bit darker But I tend to go with it when it came in But I love how it looks with, you know my theme so it blends and it goes really well My nightstand and my dresser are from sea gallery I love their furniture once again, and I thought complement it the white in here as well I don’t want to do white nightstands and a dresser and a white bitch So I like the mirrored look with the bed I think the mirror looks looks really pretty against brass and the white walls So again, I love these flameless candles from Pottery Barn. I love how the way they look at night This one here is from Restoration Hardware. I love a good falling mirror Okay. So this is my bathroom this oven got mine in Chelsea’s house We were building if we both wanted a master suite or at least they let the master suite that Bedroom is a little bit smaller in Chelsea’s order a lot. But I love it is the perfect size for me I have an adult and these things here, even though I only use one and I love having a tub Let me tell y’all this is a lifesaver for we can and still care nights I’m obsessed with my took a look at my friend with shower Really clean simple in these stools Kelsey and I won’t add one – of course cream and she has a bright one You’ll see later, but these are from Holmes’s and I put this in front of my vanity where there’s narratives And I do much in character So it’s the perfect spot to do much in here what I don’t want to stand so this door behind me is my closet But I’m not going to show you a selfie not going to be John, California closet So it’s not done in Kind of nut it organized what I would like it to be so that’s going to be a separate video So you guys keep a look out the back. This is the water closet that I like to call It is basically the room with the toilet and itself. That’s what’s in here if you guys would like to see what’s in there Okay, so we’re going to get upstairs and I’m going to do the rest of the house Okay, so we don’t really have any wall decor in this hallway just because it takes too much time and this is a very long hallway, so we just want to do something big and Educational so we just have to go with a map. So this is a world map This picture is from Z Gallerie. And we knew we wanted to do a map book they’re the kind of goes with the like Globe theme that we also have in like the office and we also have a bulb in the living room They came to show you so we just wanted to meet this really nice black in a gold one because we thought was really pretty But also educational okay. So this is our hallway sitting area. This is like basically a reading nook I like to call it even though when I read I usually read in my room But it gets one or e right here or like dude, like I’m not work for something they can sit here and do it We’ve got this chair from Wayfarer I think and it’s actually really comfortable So I don’t sleep on Wayfarer when it comes to furniture because this chair it makes it very comfortable and we just put a Brooklyn Tea right here. I like to call him Jacob because he looks like Jake to the prompt highlight and this full-length mirror is from Restoration Hardware So all our cool engineers that you see in the house are from our H and we just like how this one looks kind of Modern and then this going left behind the chair is almost my age the shape is the wrong size, but Whatever. I mean we can’t be perfect in every way when it comes to decorate them So that eventually we’re going to get one that fits because the one that we got that’s better than this is huge Me and it can fit inside of it. Like that’s how big it was. So this would looked a little bit better Okay, so this is the guest bedroom When it gets teh, obviously, so we really don’t come in this room Don’t tell me come in this room is when our kids leave and we have to like clean up and change the sheets and stuff So this is the guest room. We just want to go something. That was very like modern and sleek So we decide to do like plain black Because we have a white comforter and here and every time people will come over then with place feel like they’re going to get it Dirty, so I’m like don’t you have white when you go to the hotel, so that’s that I’m a bad one one point We were like what does new black some people, you know, thought they’re going to be too dirty so we just decided to do black and These are my old throw pillows. I can’t remember where from I think the provider alarm I could be wrong and then the matching throw and this is Kendra’s old bedroom six from our apartment So we just thought it will be a listen man to repurchase a new bedroom sale with this one was perfectly fine. So It looks really cute in here. And these lamps are old lamps from our living room and our old apartment So we just decide to put them in here. They look really pretty on the side tables in here I’m going to look like a nice mirror glass. So we just want to keep it really stumble in here. Nothing too crazy Just because people don’t rotate it you took the core when they stand I want the house usually I do but most people don’t so I was like I’m not even always my vanilla too much in this room. And then this is just the guest bathroom This is like the vanity area in here And then when you come in here, this is just the actual tub area I smell so good in here cuz I just click the bathroom. But yeah, they just have their toilet in here shower tub That’s combined. So we just wanted to keep it nice and simple in here and just put this really pretty picture regulars like a black and white and my mom back for us in our old place you might remember it was over our Kitchen table and we just decided to put it in here. So this is a jack-and-jill bathroom So the guest batmunk connects to the viewer room bathroom and then the buter own bathroom is where we usually like wash makeup brushes Kimber likes to do her hair in there sometime. So this is the pewter site. So it’s very clean right now So there’s usually a mess over here I’m not going like I usually have some my makeups lunches up here to remind you to watch them So it’s very clean for y’all. So this is the beauty room But this is what we spend the second most amount of time in the house other than our own rooms and our living room We film videos in here and we do our mix up in here hits the ban of the areas so we want to keep this room very Like old-school Hollywood glam with a hint of modern first things first This road is like so so freakin pretty I love this rugs We decided to change the room because at first we had like a small rug in here and you look crazy Someone’s moved into the sitting area and then she’s got just saw so the revenue that saw in the sitting area used to be in Here and it looked the scope raised the advice fill out the space So we found this rug on ways where I think I think is where I found it. I’m right there So I just thought it went perfectly in the room and a compliment our Beauty room shares perfectly which are from Wayfarer as well I think weight fair and just in Maine you usually have a lot of the same pieces So use almost websites, you’ll notice that they have some same thesis. The pricing is just a little awesome time So wherever you can get it cheaper just back from that site and then these go shares over here cuter decided to add these They’re really cute. I really like a conversational area with the couch over there We’ve recently hung these curtains these rolls tone curtains. They match the Chairs, I think I got them from a website called drapes like this Tommy Drake sure smells like I’ll have to whoop that look down below But they want cheap look up ahead to get the custom because I wanted longer curtains So we just decided to give you the color. I think you’ve brought the room together So beautifully I think is so pretty in here. Like I say it like Oh Hollywood glam So this is another big gallery piece. This is the Roberto couch So this is like the same thing as the chairs in the office But this is like a cream color couch a version of those chairs And we used to have ones big Pink’s Hills on this count about like this pink do not go in this room So we just decided to add some champagne metallic pillows to the pillows that came with the couch So these big ones came with the couch, but we added these just to kind of break it up Just a tad but not too much. So we recently hung these pictures above the couch We used to have the product picture that you got on the guest room and here was great But since we painted the room white, we just decided that we wanted to do like a different kind of gallery wall So we did something very simple and memo So we want to do a pop of color in the middle with the black on my pictures on the ants and the picture in The middle is actually hand painted and I found the artist on Etsy This painting is from Spain Madrid and I thought it was so pretty This is a painting of the model Halima Aydin or odd and I think that’s how you say her name. She’s so gorgeous So when I saw this picture, I was just like I love this picture It gives me such cheap vibes, but also like an elegance that I really like so decide to put it in the middle and then over here is probably the space that you guys see the most this is like the Background for our videos. So this is a Horchow table. I think this work is from it’s very heavy It’s a lot heavier than it looks but it’s so pretty and sleek We love like the glass like see-through legs, and we just decided to do well Camera lens right here the filming room, too But we just decided to do these like pretty hurricanes on the ends with these like really nice crystal counter colder inside from home good And we always like to have candles of course another elephant And we just have this Chanel coffee table look right here because the compliments of pretty Chanel picture that is on the wall That is so gorgeous. But you can’t see the details until you get like really close to it. This picture is from the gallery So yeah, so this is the beauty run closet. It’s kind of a mess in here We have like a fan our camera a light that needs actual bulbs So we actually decided to make the beauty room this room was because of this closet because we needed space for hair products You guys know what product junkies but especially when it comes to hair products so we just put them on this IKEA shelf and we just have Straight hair products curly hair products all kind of stuff and you look like a store So if any of our friends need hair products, we got them Okay Show them how much of my room the other queen room to the Oh My room you’re going to notice has a more cool toned than Kimberly. Like I want to do cool tones in these rooms So a lot of white a lot of Gray’s y’all. I love great So if I did this like a really nice charcoal gray is it that thing did the camera has is from RH? I just love how it looks in this room. I think your complement the light gray walls really nicely These chairs are also from Restoration Hardware So I like to sit here and read sometimes with nice little table in the middle this table in the middle is from home booths Kendra’s counter for me because I love looking for a table for so long to put in between these chairs and I think this fits Perfect so because the first I know about like to do two chairs here or like a couch like hundred in but I looks like a Cow, I’m feeling the chairs by a little bit more because I want to do something a little bit more modern in here So I’m just acting over two chairs and I get a lot of questions about my nightstand slash dressers these take clear and I like stands their dressers because I needed more storage for like sweatshirts and pajamas and stuff and I ended up getting these from Pottery Barn and I didn’t know if I want to get these or The other ones the other ones that they have have two drawers in 33, and those were a little too small for me um So they’re kind of big but I just decided to go with these Over the actual nightstands because I needed the space. I was like that’s gonna be nice dance for me So yeah, they double as nightstands and dressers the mirrors that are over my dressers are from home goods as well as my lamps that are on my Dressers the picture that’s over my bed camera actually found this for me We found each other’s items in my room is kind of weird Because like you always find things at home because when you’re not looking for them So the picture over there is also from home you complement this more perfectly right when Kendra found it for me I had just incorporated bring into my room. So it was the perfect time So this dresser is not from pirate bar like the dressers next to my bed. This is from Z Gallerie I can’t remember the name of this one place from Z Gallerie. So this is my main dresser where I keep like more clothes panties and bras that kind of stuff I get a lot of questions about these because they might type when I’m like Insta story like if I insert or something that I’m watching on TV You guys ask me where I get these from these are from Pottery Barn They have them in different sizes But I want to get some really big ones because I want to do three clicks are lights in them They’re actually about to put on in like an hour I think so. You can put these on a timer as well because Kendra is like the same ones in her room So it just mixed in vibe more cozy and plus and you don’t like to light candles I can’t say these are perfect or if you’re very forgetful. You forget to blow out your candles. These are perfect I might just have a couple candles up here because the more candles the better for the cosy lives. So this is my bathroom It’s pretty much a runway in here. It’s a very larger bathroom for little old me But I mean, I’m the king and the Queen and them right now. So I use every square inch of this bathroom I’m usually the face along this side. I like it home facials and like I mostly use this tank over here This is just a nice serene aroma to keep a nice history. I usually change these candles out. They don’t always stay the same Because I usually don’t put counselor on my hook for show. I like picks on based on that relaxing sense So yeah, this is my turn. I just decide to put a little plant in the corner over there So that’s like I need a summary in my bathroom again this little stool that you mentioned Like I said, I found both of us these little stools at home good and this one just happened to be great I’m telling you I worked out perfect when we saw those we were like those men are bathrooms. So here’s my shower Again, we love these nice friendly showers They were kind of pricey when we’re deciding what kind of showers to get but I thought they just look way more sleep oh that bulky or anything it just Creates a nice flow in the bathroom and I decided to go with charcoal grey floors you all know. I love great so these Floors like really stood out to me when I was picking The tile for the bathroom floors and then last but not least This is just my water closet and then right here at the camp my landing sockets with all the towels in it That I used an ink is used and then these two double doors behind me is my closet It looks a hot mess in there right now so we’re not going to do our pocket torch in here like Hendrix and we’re going to do is a wholly separate video on our closets because we’re doing california closets and Okay guys, so that wraps up our official house tour We hope you enjoyed it and anything that you remember where we got it from we will link it in the description box below And if we don’t put it down below them is probably from home goods. It was a lot of stuff to remember though Yeah probably don’t remember some stuff but most of our big items a little link down below because it’s so those are the main things that We do remember and yeah, we hope this was enjoyable to watch later on throughout the tour You got a little bit darker in the lighting became a little inconsistent because we went from afternoon to evening Yeah, and we’re standing in front of you know Sun State right now So was changing up some but we hope y’all still loved it So yeah, we hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see y’all next time

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