Official Room Tour 4 Megan Deangelis by her Interior Designer

Official Room Tour 4 Megan Deangelis by her Interior Designer

whoa welcome to your room that is so exciting it really turned out so much like the drawings I'm so proud of you Luna see you there mirror here chandelier dance look at that look at your near that fabulous oh my god I'm so proud of you oh god that was seven great no it's awesome oh those are fabulous how did your new copier look like on your bed Forex pairs lined up underneath it which is the one that I want there's the main you got me spreaders are endless so girls so have any friends over to see you're like my princess in my mouth so while just looking at you right here you look adorable it is burns done and I'm going to show it to you so here is my room I'll just give you a click over here hi I'm Rebecca Robson from ropes of design studio aka maybe me tumblers designer that's right I'm the person who designed her room for her I own an interior design firm and we use this program this 3d modeling program for all of our projects so for me to do something here in San Diego and to send it off to Germany and to see how she was able to take those pictures and make it a reality for herself was really just very exciting for me and it shows me that it can be done her room was finished at Christmastime and as a gift and as a thank-you I gave her her bedding for Christmas present I'm going to link down below where you can find that bedding so I have an idea of what I want to do for you guys that's gonna help you with your own rooms alrighty ready in a few weeks I'm gonna upload a video and I'm gonna call it makeover Mondays and every Monday I want you to log on to see if maybe you were selected this video shows you my own daughter's dorm room design where we went in and made over her dorm room in a day and on that I show you my thought process behind the scenes trade secrets kind of things I show you how I think how I draw it out on paper or actually on a photograph and I come up with my ideas that's what I'm going to do for makeover Monday's so essentially there's gonna be a lot of you who are going to get an opportunity because every single Monday I will be uploading a video that shows a new bedroom design or space design whatever room you submit I'm gonna make a completely separate video from this one where I'm gonna explain to you how all of this works so yeah I'm not going to tell you here where you email me your photos or submit your name I'll do that in the next video so keep your eyes open for that that should be up in the next couple of weeks all right so I'm very excited about makeover Mondays and I hope I can help a lot of you achieve your dreams just like I did with Meghan maybaby tumblr okay so here is another thing that's so exciting we show you I am taking Shara to Italy for 10 days we just decided yesterday I bought the tickets last night so I'm gonna be uploading a bunch of videos from Italy showing you Shara and myself my 20 year old daughter and me going through Italy and having a blast we're gonna shop we're gonna do spas we're staying in a villa oh my gosh I can't hardly wait I am a workaholic I never take vacations and I've just decided this opportunity came up and I couldn't pass it by and Sharon had a spring break so we're gonna do it we can't even believe it we're so excited I hope you join us for all these upcoming and very exciting things thanks for watching today and go back to may baby tumblers channel let her know you saw her video and how much you loved it or well just let her know how much you love it cuz I'm sure you did alright thanks so much please leave us the comment don't forget to give us a thumbs up and add us to your favourite if I go actually one last thing I got to show you this is so cute I came across this when I was getting ready to do the video taping look at this this was sure it's very first bathing suit that I I bought the black suit but I added all of the lace on it and the roses and I don't know if you can see the sparkles on it and on the back is that cute and look at this her first little gold shoes I think she had them in every size for the first couple of years because I was well it was the 80s and no it was the 90 wasn't the eighties it was the nineties and Gollum 8 was really big I wore golden me shoes and so did Sharon doesn't cutest thing she didn't wear these together however I think so cute I mean the girl so cute all right that's it I just wanted to share that I thought that was really fun okay bye guys

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  1. Hi could you plz suggest me some design ideas for a small space walk-in closet and that too L-shaped.the problem is am facing is regarding the type of door for the wardrobes so that it may appear to be a walk in closet.plz help me

  2. Simply fabulous Rebecca Robeson πŸ‘!!! I simply ❀️love this beautiful, talented, smart, witty and amazing lady! Her personality and sense of humour make her even more desirable as an interior designer!

  3. Love the room but doesn't meg live in Los Angeles now, so wasn't it kind of a waste the redo the room

  4. Hi I love your videos I am just about to get a new room and I need some Ideas I am 9 years old and I have had my room since I was born so it still has a lot of stuff from when I was

  5. The start of make over Mondays yeah this is wear it all began πŸ™‚ that swimming costume and those shoes are soooo cute <3:D awe xx awww xx

  6. Rebecca! You've touched me with this comment. I am your biggest fan in the Philippines. Too sad you can't reach us… :((

  7. You are awesome you design such cool rooms. By the way how do you design the rooms on your computer/laptop? I don't know how you do all these rooms also could you post a video on your room? Any ways you are a great designer

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