Olafur Eliasson - Architecture - Glass facade on Harpa

Olafur Eliasson – Architecture – Glass facade on Harpa

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9 thoughts on “Olafur Eliasson – Architecture – Glass facade on Harpa

  1. so ugly building! so cheap and dark. front of the house is only asphalt and dirty water.chewing gums all over…
    Inside so cheap done, only concrete walls and coloured steps….the Windows are so ugly and damaged, leaking throught them and getting rusty.
    This house has no face, the windowsare like being done in China, so badly painted.

    After few years the result will be that this house will be just scrap and rusty.

    Dark inside, no real art inside. Only black walls….

    I just do not like the way of many buildings in RVK, so cheap made…but always very well introduced as it is ICELAND…they always think all icelandic is the best in the world

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