One Light Portrait Lighting for AWESOME Portraits & Headshots

One Light Portrait Lighting for AWESOME Portraits & Headshots

great lighting is not the result of owning lots of lights great light comes from learning to see light so in this episode I want to show you how you create some awesome light for portraits and headshots using just one flash stay tuned hey gang every day I received messages asking about lighting so this is the first episode in a series of videos that I’ll do over the next few months to break down some simple lighting arrangements and hopefully teach you what you really need to pay attention to when you’re setting up lighting for a portrait or a headshot so we’ll begin with one light and some simple modifiers I’m going to use a studio mono light for this demonstration and to prove my point the light is a $99 Adorama flashpoint strobe you don’t have to use the most expensive equipment available and of course you could also use a speed light just as effectively if you are a speed light shooter be patient I have some cool stuff planned for speed light tutorials in the next few weeks from my first set up I have my subjects seated on a short posing stool just two feet from a white seamless background and my strobe is about eight feet from the background pointed straight up at a seven and a half foot high white ceiling now with this strobe set at half power I’m shooting F 6.3 with an ISO of 200 now if I tilt the strobe forward just a little bit I can shoot at f/8 and you’ll notice that I get even more fill under the jaw because the light is able to bounce off the card on a black background I get this with a light tilted forward still shooting at f/8 remember that light travels in a straight line so how you aim your strobes is very important tilting the lights slightly forward will allow the light to travel further with great intensity but be careful if you tilt it too far forward you’ll actually be throwing direct flash at your subject because you’re exposing the flash tube or showing too much of the silver reflector like you see here now if we take this set up and move the subject so that she’s 5 feet from the background and the light is 11 feet from the background with a light aim straight up I get this result and with it tilted forward we get this on white and here it is on black now before some of you start commenting that there should be more separation of the hair from the background I don’t disagree but let’s remember that this video is about setting up lighting with a one light setup not everybody has the money to buy a ton of lighting here so stay tuned and I’m going to show you a cool trick to get more light on the hair while still just using one light now let’s go ahead and add one modifier to the mix the one you see here is a photoflex 24 inch by 32 inch light dome you can get similar results from a cheaper softbox or even a shoot through umbrella like this one the key is the size you want a broad light source I’ve posted links to all of this gear in the comment section below now if we start out with a white background and place the subject just 2 feet off the background with a softbox on camera right we get this dramatic look if we add the Walmart reflector on camera left we get this now pay close attention to the height of the softbox in this shot the softbox is high and if we bring it down so there’s a little more light coming from below my subjects face we get more fill light under the chin we can also create a clamshell lighting arrangement using our one light and a reflector below the subject for the other half of the clamshell here you see it on white with a subject two feet from the background here it is on black you can see that the black backdrop turns to a dark shade of grey now if we move the subject forward to seven feet from the backdrop the same setup will look like this okay I told you that I would show you a way to get separation of the dark hair and the dark background with just one light here it is I simply added two more reflectors slightly behind my subject and angle them towards the side of her head if you want even more separation you could use silver reflectors or even just cover the Walmart reflectors with aluminum foil and if we switch from a softbox to a beauty dish on our speed light or mono light add in a really good makeup artist you could do a beauty shot like this or create something like this or this now I mentioned earlier in the video that light travels in a straight line I want to show you a quick example so that you understand how really important that statement is you can see here that the softbox is aimed a little high on the model and the white reflector is angled towards her face watch closely under her chin is eye angle the softbox down towards the reflector and then level the reflector so that the light can travel in a straight line to bounce off the reflector and hit the subjects neck and face when everything is lined up properly you get a much nicer and even light on your subject so the moral is practice and then practice some more experiment build your visual database and remember that your best shot is your next shot so keep learning keep thinking and keep shooting adios thanks for watching if you find these videos helpful please give them a thumbs up and subscribe so that you don’t miss a single episode and if you’ve got a question that you’d like answered post it in the comments section below your question could be my next video

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  9. A question about using the lower reflector — I've tried this before and had a problem with people wearing glasses. Sometimes the reflector would be visible as a reflection in their lenses. I know I can take two shots with and without glasses and edit out the lenses in PS, but I'm wondering if you have any tips for avoiding this problem. I suspect I just didn't have things angled properly. Thanks!

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    Thanks Dominic

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  28. With one light, separation can still be applied with only one light on a black background with a piece of aluminum foil. Just make sure it doesn't come back into your lens.

  29. Just found your channel, your amazing Joe… Definitely subscribed, I follow alot of teachers/content creators here, it's really hard to find someone with a level of explanation and an oratory so good as yours, you make things so easy to learn, congratulations! I am a videographer getting into photography right now… I'm in a very tight budget, want to setup an ONE light studio with some reflectors and I'm in doubt in getting a spot led light with a beam angle of 55ยบ, diffuse with a modifier like an umbrella (cheaper) or get an already soft led light with a beam angle of 110ยบ. What would you recommend? Thanks!

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