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  2. To say ancient Egypt wasn't originally black is like saying African American youth didn't create breakin and hip hop because nowadays mostly non-blacks bboy and rapp…..and the fact that it's worldwide serves as proof

    Breakin and Poppin history

  3. I really love history. But, why does the people of Egypt look so differently than the paintings. I have classmates moved to Dallas from Egypt and they look white like us. I need more study🤔. Can anyone help me.

  4. BS, the Archaeologists cleaned out all the cool stuff in this room before they announced it to us, now all we can see are the painted walls.

  5. Absolute proof that Egyptian were a dark race of people sorry white supremacist, you need melon to live that close to the equator. 😂😂

  6. Racist whites complaining that these discoveries are fake maybe because they don't look white enough for them.

  7. I was just in Egypt 2 weeks ago. At the Egyptian Museum, There was an entire wall filled with ancient wigs, short, long, curly, straight and every kind of hair that you can imagine. The hair depicted in pictures is idealized based on fashion and wigs. Priests almost always were bald and wore wigs. Also, skin color was idealized for most things; women were shown as very light skinned, men with darker brown skin, some gods had black, green or blue skin. People from different countries and different races were also shown in particular style, such as Hyksos, Sea Peoples, Hittites, and Nubians. As far as I can tell, the only people depicted as ‘white’ were women, and this was a desirable color for them because it showed that they did not labor outside. No one has altered the tomb paintings or statues to show us something that is different, unless it is a poorly done restoration. It is up to scholars to determine what is going on. And a 4500 year old tomb can be said to be in excellent condition, even though it is flaked and faded and run down BECAUSE IT IS 4500 YEARS OLD!

  8. 😔Irrelevant BUT it worth reading!🙌
    🔐Against any sort of racism, in football or societies.
    Its prohibited. Its awful. Its painful. It's illegal🔐

    🔓Unfortunately its dangerously unfettered in Egypt🔓

    The regime of Egypt has woefully fueled discrimination, racism and hatred towards ancient Egypt ( pharaohs descent ,black Nubian) that predisposed to wide spread violence against this peaceful and genorous community, mainly racism compaign against them perpetrated in Arabic language so that its undetectable.
    However, the human rights organization along with some well-known global media closely monitor and documment the perpetual breach of law against other ethnic groups in this country.

    Please Google; racism against the indigenous of Egypt (Nubian.)

    I have devoted myself combating racism in Egypt. regrettably its promoted by some predominant figures within the regime.
    The motivation behind this merciless and inhuminate effort is that the regime has been working too strenuously to falsify the (Nubian belonged) history of Egypt which they firmly contradict as such . the majority in Egypt disapprove of such a behaviour, unlike those sadistics who support the violence.
    It's the successive governments brough in such a horror conflict into our society as a tool to underestimate the importance of the Nubian civilization.

    Please join us on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.
    This compaign is available in 17 worldwide languages.
    My humble message to the Nubian or Black ppl in general . Dont be let down whenever read/hear racist comments in Egypt and/or on social media.
    There're surely two specialized teams as follows;
    1- specialist team in ancient discoveries who hands over the newely found mummies to the forger.
    2- Specialist (in partnership with the local secret intelligence service) in how to spot anyone who is believed to be related to this history in order to racially attack them so that their attention is diverted away from the facts.

  9. The pictures used in this video are quite misleading. They clearly show art of different periods and monuments rather than a particular 'untouched' Old Kingdom tomb. No mention is made as to who has found it, who is excavating it, is it open to public, etc. I've been to the Djoser pyramid complex a couple of times and I don't see how you can possibly fit a previously unnoticed tomb into it. The high officials' tombs of the period were mastabas, i.e. structures very visible above the ground, unlike New Kingdom tombs that were cut into the rock and hidden. Besides, what exactly a tomb of an official of king Neferikare's (5th dynasty, Abusir necropolis) may be doing in king Djoser's mortuary complex (3rd dynasty, Saqqara necropolis)? Overall, this news item is either another Egyptian antiquities department air baloon (Zahi Hawass style), or just very poorly reported. Unfortunately the author of this channel did not make any attempt to clear up the mess.

  10. Native Egyptians were clearly black. They depicted themselves as such
    and made distinctions between themselves and other races. DNA evidence
    supports this :

    Egyptologist worth his salt even denies that at this point. Only racist
    whites and deluded Arabs whose ancestors never accomplished anything
    but kissing rocks before Muhammad brought them religion and the sword.

  11. Its amazing how the Arabs will cry about the "occupation" of Palestine when they also stole the land and entire country of Egypt from the black Africans

  12. I'll wait till I explore this myself, boots on the ground. Coz the whole "it's a tomb or temple" conclusion in lamestream media about anything older than yesterday is as trustworthy as a pathological liar and carbon dating put together.

  13. This was clearly touched up to bring in tourism. Something about it looks off and artificial. I've seen tons of Egyptian tombs and temples and this doesn't give off the same otherworldly vibe and energy.

  14. I see the black American low iq we wuz kangs retards flooding the comments section deluded fools they are smfh lol.

  15. Well all those discoveries are nice and all but how does that help. I'll tell you what. I can tell you what the Great Pyramid of Giza is for. It's almost what people think it is. [email protected]

  16. c. 3:25 in — "…to encourage tourism back to Egypt, which has declined considerably over the past 7 years." Very diplomatic of the narrator not to give the reason: the coup by the "Muslim Brotherhood", the Egyptian Chapter of the Yankee Billionaires' early 21st Century strategy to maintain their Rule via the Islamification of the world. I'm so glad I got to see Egypt back in early 2009, on an excellent 4 week tour concentrating on the tombs. Like all the places I've been (except my home country), the common people were lovely.

  17. Doncha just love those modern Egyptians posing in the tomb — those guys have nothing in common with the original Egyptians. Most (not all) modern Egyptians are still unquestioning automatons of the violent expansionist Religion of Islam which defaced and otherwise vandalised many of the ancient (real) Egyptian statues and carvings — Islamists who only conquered Egypt by gradually becoming a majority there, taking from the 10th to the 14th Centuries of the 'Common Era' ('after Jesus') to do so. It's a bit like modern Greeks have nothing in common with the original enlightened Greeks, who looked far more northern European, than the current Greeks who are the result of the Turkish invasion of Greece in 1453, and the subsequent widespread intermarriage (probably forced originally) and loss of the original ancient Greek phenotype.

  18. It's disturbing to hear, that the opening is controlled to lure tourism. I couldn't wait to see the rest of the chambers, but I also suspect that they have already seen them, unofficially.

  19. This is arguably no different than how Tutankhamun's tomb and many other sites have been manipulated to look classically Egyptian to fit a narrative….it's an edited version of a very real history that has been lost with time and distorted by modern day intentionally or otherwise through a game of "telephone" that has taken place over several thousand years.

  20. While your voice is better than that of a robot, you have the annoying habit of dropping your voice at the ends of all your sentences, making it sound very sing-song-y. You need to practice reading a script with appropriate expressiveness.

  21. Wow! I didn't realize what a vibrant dark red that the ancient Egyptians had. Beautiful! The First Pyramid builders were in fact black; The first kingdoms were up the river in modern-day Ethiopia. The ancients there built tombs at a smaller scale, and with a pyramid shape, just more of a incline. A few of them are still standing. It makes sense that the first Egyptians migrated over generations up the Nile river until they settled near the Mediterranean Sea. This certainly ties into the Out-of-Africa theory of civilization.

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