Open Campus | Design Thinking Fundamentals

Open Campus | Design Thinking Fundamentals

[MUSIC PLAYING] When somebody normally
says the word design, we usually think about the
artifacts or the products of design, right. So Parsons is
well-known for fashion, and we understand when we
see a well-designed dress or a well-designed chair
or table or furniture. But there’s also all of these
experiences in our lives that are designed, whether it’s
the way that we get to work or the way we get
to school, the way we wake up in the morning,
our morning routines, right. And thinking about, especially
as our economy transitions from this industrial one
where we’re just making things to services, we have to think
about all of these services are designed by someone or
a group of someone’s, right. Design thinking lowers the bar
to entry for regular people to think about the way that
their services and products are designed, and it allows
them to ideate around that. So design thinking is a way
of bringing a lot of voices to the table,
starting with empathy and understanding what
the real human needs are, then generating a lot of
ideas, narrowing things down to prototypes, learning
from those prototypes so we can, kind of,
repeat the cycle. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I look forward to sharing more about Design Thinking with the online Open Campus community. Also, feel free to ask me anything here.

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