44 thoughts on “'Open Office': How to Design a Workspace that Sparks Extreme Creativity

  1. I quess what I really wanted to see was the desk set up in that huge space in the middle. Skipped right over that part. Instead I got to see and hear about a piece of wood that wraps around the office LOL

  2. I bet most employees hate working in this space. I am a retired architect. What a bunch of marketing BS.

  3. Why is the host of the video so depressing.
    Seems like she has no interest whatsoever in exploring and learning about the space. Rather have someone more passionate and interested. Find the right person for the right context. The lady on this video is extremely sad 😑, seems like she's there because she had to, not because she wanted to.

  4. Architect student comment: So much space for different cool rooms but no space for like more separated work desks to increase productivity and focus of the employees?

  5. Listen how loud their footsteps are. This is a stupid space. It's an impractical, distracting, and noisy office which starves people of any privacy to feel relaxed. Please do NOT copy this layout.

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  9. Hummm. Perhaps we need to cut the interviewer a little slack.

    It's quite possible that she was stepping outside of her comfort zone and working through her fears in the area of interviewing.

    It's real easy to cut someone down in our arrogance.

    I'm not trying to convey that there's anything wrong with "constructive criticism." On the other hand and for the most part the comments here seem to suggest more of a complaintive mindset than anything else.

    Everyone has to start somewhere and we only get better at a particular thing by doing it repetitively.

    As far as the office is concerned, that's subjective.

    Peace to all.

  10. If I was a client and met the owner of a studio that didn't even get out of his chair to greet me, I would turn around and walk out.

  11. huge space, but I think not so many people work their… may be they have more meeting rooms than employees

  12. This reminds me of the scene in silicon valley where they pick up a potential investor in the Uber and "subtly' drop all the features of their product in a perfect well timed scripted order

  13. creativity?… hopefully … experimental absolutely …might just a breeze of new gimmick. The camera man is too high, should took the video in the average eye level, at least these two people..

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  16. To slim in the beginning, have some damn respect get up off your ass and shake her hand when chunky introduces.

  17. Good design, was only wondering what would be their area vs no of people working, because it seems like most of the space is gone for meeting rooms, or walk way, or gaming station, and I see that the space for people to come and work is lesser than expected

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