Optical Business In Malaysia as an OPTOMETRIST

Optical Business In Malaysia as an OPTOMETRIST

So this is a video for myself so that one day I could remember What actually happened for the past one year why is today Important for me and what is this video all about. It’s basically a reminder for myself what and how have TOPONE Optical been through this year I still remember that one year before our shop begins with renovation Quite a big touch-up for the shop – and here for about 20 years that never been and never done any renovation before me and my father decided to begin with renovation implement few things and enhancing the business by doing few changes So today I’m going to list down all the changes Basically there are five changes that’s remarkable and significant. Number one is the interior design and the external design So we want to make the design interior and Externally more modern and when customer walk into our practice they will feel really comfortable and they feel leisure Is that copying with the library concept coffee shop concept We put some music and some very relaxing music so people when they’re Thinking or they are doing purchasing then you have a more comfortable environment for them to make purchasing decisions Which you end up with a good one usually So this is to be ensured that customer has the kind of Buying experience “Wow experience” when they walk into our practice It’s not a lot of optical shop that’s doing this but we think that is important because buying something or Purchasing something most of the time is an emotional is the emotional behaviors It can be varies when customer go to different shops although they’re buying a similar product For example to go to Starbuck they want to buy coffee Usually they are willing to pay for 10, 12 ringgit for a cup of coffee but when you can go to a coffee shop They will just pay for 1 or 2 ringgit for one coffee Same products, but people are willing to pay differently depending on environment, depending on the services so, no two is the enhancement of services Basically we make sure that people walk into our practice would have the kind of WoW experience by enhancing the Services, we approach all customers More friendly and more professionally We do not take sales as the first target or the aim or the objective of how we approach the customers because What customer wants is a solution? to their visions It’s not about pricing, it’s not about products mostly importantly is a solution to the lifestyle problems They might have problems with blur vision, they might have problem of Glaring, or they might have reading difficulties So all they want is a solution Mostly importantly. So we even though our customer walked with the intention to buy something we don’t approach them based on product based on the price most of the time we have them? How’s your old vision doing? How’s your old glasses. Do you feel good with the old glasses? From there we check your eyes every provide a solution. This is a improvement in services Number three is the innovations Service It anywhere in Malaysia that Optical Shop has been so many Lot of time many of the optical shot is not competitive at all and they might have in the boarder of Closing the shops. So what is happening Basically is because the competition is too high, so Innovations means that we have to create some things to the making the competitive irrelevance What does it mean by competitive irrelevance? We provide services that other doesn’t provide. For example we provide comprehensive I check for the elderly We provide niche marketing services is like a Blue Ocean Strategy They we provide eye examination comprehensive eye examination they go to Hospital they found that the queue for whole day just to see doctor just to take the medication So here’s a one-stop Center for their eyes. It’s a one-stop. eye center for everyone all our customers who walked in to make glasses or they want to walk in to do the eye examination with very affordable prices and with a very comprehensive eye examination number four is stock and pricing We improve our stock quantities we improve the varieties of our products and at the mean time We also make the pricing not so expensive at this stage of the business Because it is very dependent on which area you are working with what kind of customers they are targeting with and Who are people do they have a high brand awareness? In my area not really because most of the time those people are not very rich a lot of mixed races of customers Malay Indian and Chinese So all these are usually elderly So they don’t have a lot of brand awareness and they don’t talk about brand at all and just talk about the quality of products So we actually enhance the products so that it’s more quality instead of just branding So, yeah, we actually focus on the mid range of our products It’s also a very important strategy for business last but not least. We also do some marketing event err have interaction with customers Facebook marketing they also doing some CSR Projects going up to interact expo our business for the outsiders for the children also attraction with doctors as well they put our business Outside instead of just waiting inside So we all just expect that we put together The five expects that I just talked about I believe that it has been proven as well that the growth of the financial of the company Pretty tremendous as well and it’s very happy to see the results and Think we i’m kind of encouraged And also is the motivation for me when I look at the result or what is more important is can this motivation sustain? can this motivations continue and we can achieve for higher and higher Eventually having all the branches to achieve the similar result. So that one day we will stand quite firm competitive advantage in Such a competitive market that we are living in Malaysia So to conclude I think that It’s not important. It’s not easy for an optometrist to survive financially in Malaysia is because of our position in the market is quite awkward Most of the Time selling glasses people sell more branded people at a better location then you a breakthrough in optical industry Future we might progress Into a healthcare clinic because you have to stand right now has to sustain your business So for all optometrist in Malaysia is not easy that we run a business in Malaysia, all right We all know that either you are working as employee or you are doing your business Either way is not that easy because the working hours too long because of the rebates too less salary is so fixed that you don’t have alot of breakthrough If you want to start a Business is not easy in such cooperative market. So we have to really think of something else to do to breakthrough one day eventually 10 years later when look back to this video I might have thanks to mine and to a lot of people in my life who helped me before so yeah Okay, this is the reminder for myself Hope that one day I look back to this video I will impressed and the result has shown that it works

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  1. Hey thanks for this video! I am currently a student studying my pre university foundation course and im interested in pursuing optometry degree. do you have any advice for a student on what to expect both in school and for my work life?

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