Oriental house temple Chinese Japanese Minecraft Tutorial Video

Oriental house temple Chinese Japanese Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello friends. The name is Jay and this time we are going for something different An oriental styled house with lots and lots of detail Here is a list of the materials you’ll need for this oriental build I am using red and white concrete for this tutorial, but pick any colors you like Just try to make the 2 colors match together Now let’s get into building The first thing you want is a piece of land with the size you see on the screen Then you want to place spruce logs with 3 block gaps in between them And make sure the corner logs are 2 blocks away from all the edges of the plot Now we can extend all the logs with one more spruce log And then we’ll place one dark oak plank block on each of the logs To give the house a special outline we’ll begin with placing a row of dark oak slabs a half slab away from the ground Above that row we’ll place upside-down dark oak stairs against each block And fill the gaps in between them with slabs at the top of the stairs Now we can fill up the entire square with dark oak slabs, and then I’ll switch to first-person view to build the house Let’s begin by placing 1 spruce log on each of the spots marked on screen And then you can extend all these logs to 3 blocks high pillars We are then going to build 2 dark oak stairs on each of the pillars with 1 upside down stair against them at the top In the back we are going to repeat the same thing, but pointing in the opposite direction We’ll continue this on the sides, but do make sure to place an upside down stair on the corner pillars as I forgot those here But then we will place 1 more stair in between the 1 block gaps and stack 4 pieces of carpet on top And we’ll do this on each of the 4 corners We’ll build a doorway in the middle gap in the front of the build using red concrete blocks With our red concrete blocks in hand, we can build a pillar in the corners making it 1 block higher than all the rest So 6 blocks high Switch to white concrete and build a door gap in the center in the back of the build as I do here In all the remaining 3 block gaps we are going to build a 3 block high window and add an extra row on top So it’s the same height as the red corner pillars And then you can extend the red door to the same height as well On the inside of the house we are going to place spruce log pillars in the corners and in between the windows And bring them to the same height as the concrete And then we are going to fill all the window gaps using dark oak fences Switch to torches and place a few of them against the pillars to light up the inside of the build Starting on the corner of the house we’ll place a spruce log and bring it all the way across And you can extend the corner block by 1 more log We’ll do this around the entire house and extend each corner by 1 log On the long sides of the house we’ll add 4 more logs like this And the back side is the same thing On the short sides of the house, we’ll have the 1 block gap on the left and right side And then we’ll add 1 more row of red concrete behind the spruce logs Switch to spruce wood fence and we want to add fences against the red concrete and above the windows At the door we also want to add 3 fences at the top and 2 more on both sides of the door gap Then continue this pattern around the build At the back door we want to place 2 dark oak stairs with some carpet on top Place 1 more dark oak slab and 2 spruce fences here as well Now we’ll go around the build and add 2 dark oak slabs at each window But leave the red door in the front as it is We can then surround the entire dark oak platform with spruce fences But we want to leave a 3 block gap at the door in the front of the house Against each of the spruce logs in the top row that has a pillar underneath it We’ll place another upside down dark oak stair and a dark oak wood fence on top Do make sure you only do this on the ones with a pillar underneath Or it will look weird when we’ll build the roof later on Then we’ll go around the house once again. But this time we’ll place a row of dark oak slabs against the bottom of the spruce log crossbeams Now place 1 more row of spruce wood planks on top of the row with the fences and then fill up the entire rectangle between the red outline with spruce planks With our main floor built we can now start adding the detail to make it look oriental And we want to start by placing a corner in spruce slabs and another corner below that against the top of the fences This is where it becomes tricky You want to place a full block with a slab against it and replace the full block with a slab Then do this here too Now you want to place 2 slabs in these 2 gaps and break the bottom ones And then a full block with a slab against it Break the block and bring the slab in And finally you want to place a dark oak slab on top and 4 spruce fences on these 4 spots We now have to repeat this on the remaining 3 corners, and I’ll show you 1 more time here But if you are in doubt somewhere then just pause the video and have a good look It’s really not that difficult. But I can imagine it can get confusing with all those slabs I just wanted to give you a really detailed oriental build do you can convert it to either a house or a temple And when we’ll add the roof in a moment you’ll see that it’s really worth the trouble playing with these labs now for the outside lighting I’ll show you something special as well You want to place a slab in the corner and a red concrete block at the top Then place a jack o’lantern In between them and surround it with trapdoors build one of these on each of the corners to decorate the windows we’ll simply place to spruce fences on the sides, a grass block in between with a trapdoor against it and a flower of your choice on top. And then repeat this on all the windows Now we can start with the roof and we’ll begin by extending both sides to 3 slabs We then want to go up a half slab each time by placing 2 slabs on top of each other until they meet up in the middle Now we want to replace the full blocks with slabs and break the slabs underneath the ones made from 2 slabs So you have a v-shape consisting of slabs only We’ll make this come out by starting on the third slab from the right with 1 slab then 2 slabs and next to it 3 slabs. And we’ll do the same on the left side In the middle we’ll place 5 slabs Now we can close up the roof by following the pattern of the corner shapes and center v-shape Extend these 2 rows up to the spruce planks and then break these 5 spruce planks and these 3 blocks in the red line And then continue closing the roof Place a spruce log in the 2 corners and 9 white concrete blocks in that 3 block gap You then want to place spruce fences on the edge of the roof on every block where it allows you to do And on that white concrete, we’ll add a few more fences with a dark oak slab in the middle For the side of the build, we’ll go up a half slab 3 times on both sides Then go down 2 times and connect both sides with a slab We again want to replace the full blocks with slabs and remove the bottom slabs to make the shape consist of slabs only Now make both of them come out like this And then we want to fill up the side of the roof in the same way as we did the front I’ll do this in a slow pace so you can follow as this is quite a complex roof But once this side is finished you want to copy it to the right side of the build And then you also want to copy the front side of the roof to the back side of the build So in the end that you end up with this result To finish the edge of the roof, we’ll place 2 more spruce slabs here and here. And 2 dark oak slabs on the fences On the sides of the build we want to place 2 more slabs against these Then we’ll go to the top, and we’ll cover the entire red line with a row of spruce planks And a row of spruce slabs on top We’ll place a spruce wood stair against the white concrete to hide the sides of those And then 3 spruce wood slabs on top of them Now we’ll go up a half slab 3 times and extend them 1 slab inwards And then again we want to make those first ones into slabs Place 1 more row of spruce wood planks against the edge, and then fill up the gap with red concrete blocks Fill these up with some more spruce wood slabs as well Let’s add a few more fences and a dark oak slab against that red concrete here And now we’ll go up using 2 spruce stairs with an upside down spruce stair in between On top of those we’ll place 2 more stairs with 2 slabs on top And then we want to copy this to the other side Now connect both sides with spruce wood logs and place 5 spruce slabs on top on both sides Place a spruce log in that center gap And then we’ll build a little oriental shape using a dark oak block, stairs and slabs It’s really easy to do and it looks amazing on oriental builds like this one Now we can fill up the roof using spruce stairs, blocks and slabs. Just follow the outline we built earlier And place 5 more slabs here for the finishing touch Copy this to the other side and I left a small gap open as I haven’t made an interior on this build as I am still building the city so there’s no staircase yet But in the attic, we want to fill those 2 side gaps with spruce wood planks And then we’ll build 2 rows of stairs against those top rows Let’s add a few torches to light up this attic But then we still have some light coming through the roof as we have a row of slabs here And you can fix this in one of two ways You can choose to place a row of stairs underneath the slabs Or you can choose to build another wall against the side And then we can close off that 1 little gap we left open to get in To finish the front door, we’ll add 2 spruce stairs, 3 slabs on top and a dark oak slab in between And then we’ll build a stair pattern using spruce logs Place some fences on top and follow what I do here with dark oak slabs Add an extra log on top of these with a jack o’lantern on top Then break these 2 and place fences below and above the lamps Extend the top fences 1 fence outwards And then we’ll place 3 spruce slabs in between and build a curved shape with those slabs Now place 3 more fences on top and a slab in the middle and surround the jack o”lanterns with wooden trapdoors Finally place 2 dark oak doors in the door gaps to finish this oriental house or temple Depending on what you’ll do with the interior I haven’t done the interior myself yet as I am still building the oriental city But if you guys want to see more oriental builds let me know in the comments below Give the video a like and share it with your friends so they can enjoy it to Have a look at these tutorials as you might find more things you want to use on your maps Or perhaps these to see tutorials requested by minecrafters just like you Subscribe, Join the team and click that bell to be notified when we post something new This was Jay. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Oriental house temple Chinese Japanese Minecraft Tutorial Video

  1. Just a wonderful build, Jay – loved it so much.  I really a lot of the small interior touches already like the inside corner pillars and alternating color choices with the concrete.  The roof is insane, man – just a great job!

  2. I cannot say this is "realistic" or historically true (the features are correct actually, just not at the right place) but who cares, this looks great! Also I love how you use those fences – very inspiring!

  3. yeh,the real Chinese building is difficult. It is really complex. Roof is also stress. So…i think you is good.

  4. Yo Cubi ken je me nog?
    Heb je discord? Ik ben die ene ander Nederlander ik stuur je een discord link

  5. I like this build quite a bit, but when you got to the slab roof and you were saying make it only consist of slabs you gave some of the worst directions I've ever heard.I wanted to build this but I was halted by terrible instructions.

  6. Did you ever make an interior for this build? My friend built it in our server and I'm not sure how to make the inside functional. Thanks!

  7. really nice but it would be nice if you can make a list of the items needed to build that house at the beginning of the video

  8. Wow… This is the best tutorial I've ever seen. Your voice is so slow and clear. You walk us through step by step and it's very simple! Great job dude! You've just earned another subscriber!

  9. Jay, I know you've probably been tied up with real life, or maybe other games, even. I want you to know though, you make the BEST oriental theme buildings on Youtube by a large margin imo. They are beautifully constructed, well thought out, and utterly convincing in style and design. Your medieval builds are great, like Jeracrafts or Dukonred's, but no one can touch your oriental house/ pagoda/ castle trifecta.

  10. The visual was really hard to follow (at least for me) when I tried to build it

    But I still think it looks awesome!

    I spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out so my dad had to come over and help me XD

  11. So… everything was going fine right up until my roof somehow ended up sideways (I realized just as I reached the part where you have to start building the roof up at around 8:30). Any tips on that? I have no idea where I went wrong unfortunately.

  12. Beautiful build!! Would love to see more from you, my poor village only has this one kind of house. You are so very talented and so very easy to follow. Keep up all the good work. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into these

  13. Listen I’ve spent 3 whole days on this and I don’t take one bit of my day and say this wasn’t worth it I just wanted to thank you for showing me how to make this and I will of course take advice on other builds I do. Thank you!

  14. great build! I did find myself frustrated at the amount of re-doing or changing things that I thought were done, thanks for the tutorial!

  15. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate how comprehensive and easy to follow this build is despite its complexity. I suck at building things on my own and I find this build so much easier to follow along with than others. Great teaching and instruction

  16. You messed up the dimensions for the outline, the outline is 23 by 27 and the inside is 21 by 25. This really fucked me up when i was going through the tutorial

  17. This was really hard to do in just survival mode
    The amount of times I fell man :((
    End product was so worth it though

  18. For those in survival, you can use terracotta blocks in place of concrete blocks which are unobtainable without creative mode.

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