Origami Rose Instructions

Origami Rose Instructions

Origami Paper Rose Instructions take a square of piece of paper I use red piece of paper with size : 21cm X 21cm or 8.267inches X 8.267inches if the video is too fast, you can reduce
the speed of the lower right corner Happy Folding:) fold to center fold and the top side unfold repeat the folds to both other sides Fold the top right corner of the small square please repeat it to the other three corners turn the paper on the other side fold to the center watch carefully this part if it is too fast just pause the video Beware this is one of the key points We need to make 4 additional folds Now begins the hard part of the Origami Rose make a small square turn over nearly done Good Job! If you like the video please rate and share it

99 thoughts on “Origami Rose Instructions

  1. It‘s so amazing!! I want to fold it 100s and likely to give it to my mom but it is so so so hard … you have great hands~!!!

  2. I found the type of music to be distracting, But otherwise, The video was great! The rose was definitely one of the better ones that I have found, and made:)

  3. I'm making a bouquet of these, painting them blue with water colors and giving them to my Poppop because he's in the hospital

  4. May I know how to make the stem for the rose? I want to make a few and combine together to make a bouquet but i don't know how to make the stem. Thanks.

  5. Wow! That was amazing. At first I thought, Oh, I can do that and then it got more and more complicated and by the end I was totally confused. What beautiful work of art. I'm not sure my clumsy fingers could do this amazing work of art. Thank you!

  6. из маленького остатка от листа делаешь такую же розу и вставляешь в эту, роза становиться вообще шикарной.

  7. @Origamite  In polish it should be : "róża origami", not "origami wzrosła"… The name "wzrosła " is for the 2nd form of rise (rise-rose-risen), not for the name of flower 🙂

  8. First of all this was very beautiful, all those lines and folding just was :). second I smoked like pack off cigarettes, when I suddenly realized that I'm folding everything in the wrong direction, and that was pick of my folding rose to surprise my wife in the morning. Thank you in advance for this project, which seams like hard try even on the 0.25 sec slow.. this is really to hard. But thanks anyway ;). 

  9. its good but too fucking long bumbooclaat man a wah the fuck u a do u make it look like a fuck u a fuck go souck ur mada who ever u are

  10. sorry to dissapoint you but the rose in Christianity isn't the symbol of the Virgin Mary. The white lily is 😐

  11. Hallo, so eine tolle Faltung habe ich selten gesehen. Danke dafür, schön ruhig und genau gefaltet. Es ist eine sehr schöne Rose geworden. Ich mag Rosen und mit Deiner Anleitung werde ich sicher die Origami Rose gefaltet bekommen.
    Danke Dir sehr darfür. Lieben Gruß

  12. It's realy amazing!!! You're amazing :3
    Thank you very much! I suffered on it for three hours and finally did it!
    How much do you training to do it in 14 minutes?

  13. I accomplished this on my third try…The first couple of attempts were admittedly pretty frustrating, but it was worth it to stick it out and keep going.  Thank you kindly for the instruction!  My girlfriend was quite impressed!

  14. The rose is great and the camera is clear, but I would appreciate it the folder would show more clearly and expressively what she's doing. She applies the folds so quickly that it's not clear how to copy it.

  15. It remarkable how you respond to the positive people but if someone isn't saying please or thank you you don't respond

  16. Can you kind of explain to me what you're doing at 7:06? The instructions are clear, I just can't get my paper to fold like that. >.<

  17. I have it at the slowest speed, but I can't get past 12 minutes; and there's no audible instructions, and that would help a lot. Other than my inability, it's a beautiful rose. I only wish i could complete it

  18. I rather liked this one. I am able to make roses in different ways, but I found this one to be marginally easier than the others I've done, and it looks rather good. Jo Nakashima has one that I like doing, but I find that it's best to use Tissue Foil on that than any other kind of paper because you get solid folds that, when you do the squeeze part to form the rose up it's easier than if you used any other kind of paper (I find using mineral paper also works, and I haven't found many other applications for mineral paper).

    Also, I have a little tip for those who want to use either regular copy paper or origami paper; wear cotton gloves. This will help you keep the oils from your skin saturating the paper, which can cause the paper to weaken and deform the more you touch it. Origami that require a lot of folds will be more difficult if you constantly touch it with bare skin, so I either use gloves when I'm working with that kind of paper or I take some time between folds in order to allow the oil and other moisture to dry off and wick away. You don't need gloves when working with card-stock (not a bad choice for the rose or other flowers), tissue-foil, or mineral paper, because those materials don't weaken much, if at all, from the minute traces of oil. You can also wash your hands prior to folding; that will work for some time, but we all have a tendency of putting our hands in other places, like scratching our heads or touching other things (food) while we're doing something like origami.

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