Our Motorhome: 1999 Tiffin Allegro RV Interior Tour

Our Motorhome: 1999 Tiffin Allegro RV Interior Tour

Hi Ben and Rebecca here with His and
Hers Alaska and today we’re gonna give you a tour of our Motorhome!…. You may have
seen the RV in a tour that Kristen G travels did for his last fall! But we
thought…. A lot of things have changed since then. After living in it for the
whole winter and we thought we’d share it with you! So we have a 1999 Tiffin
Allegro, with one pop out and we’re 32 feet long? 32!…. Then we tow a trailer
behind us with our toys, the ATV, the kayaks and the bikes..And it’s 14 feet!
This motorhome is built on the ford f53 chassis and has the 6.8 litre v10… Pretty
standard for the class A Motorhomes! So let’s get started with the tour… Well,
obviously we’ll start at the front of the RV with the cockpit… Here it is! We do
store our chairs here, when we are sleeping or in one place for a while!
Because when we’re driving, they’re stored back in our bedroom, next to the
bed!… Up top, you can see we’ve got storage above the drivers and passenger seat. As
well as over the windshield! You will notice that we do have new curtains for
the front windshield and sides…Ben and I made those last summer before we left on
our big road trip! And if you’d like to… You can check out the video where we
made them!.. We used to have a TV the old boob tube type TV…Here… But what we did,
was to replace it with our Yeti! And a little storage basket which you can see
is kinda messy! We could have done a better job of like customizing some
little thing in there but hey! The basket and the Yeti fit perfectly in there! Thank
you!…What we replace that television with are two 12 volts…. One here and one in the
bedroom… We’ll show you later! One of the most important parts of the RV is… Where
do the dogs sit? While we’re in it and when we’re driving! So you can see right
here, we have this cute little window which technically is meant to be able to
see the road! But Shelby and Remmy both love it and so they have a little bed
here! And really they share it! Shelby’s mostly up here but Remington
will sneak up here when he gets the chance!…It’s my
turn to share a little bit about our living room! This is one of the things we
don’t really like in our Motorhome… Because we don’t have a place for both
of us to be 100% comfortable! And I mean 8:30 at night on a rainy day, watching a
movie in the living room type of comfortable! We have a scissor couch or a
jackknife couch. I’ve heard them called both things! Nice couch,
adequate! But ideally for us we would like to have two recliners where we
could both totally just chill out and watch a movie at the end of the day! …We
do have a storage compartment under here… Which actually fits a very small or not
too tall of a printer so…. When we’re on our extended road trips. we can print
documents as needed!…. Up here, we got a couple of pantry compartments! We’re great!
We have a pretty good storage in this Tiffin Allegro. I’m happy with that!…. I
might also throw in that this is Remy’s favorite spot to nap while we’re driving!
He’ll just take this a whole couch up… Lay his head on the pillows right here or
right here… And by the way these are dog pillows. These are not human pillows! We
also do a good job of hiding some stuff back here! Shelby needs a hard sided
crate but Remmy has a collapsible soft sided one back here and… We also store a
couple TV trays! Over here is a pretty standard RV dinette… Converts into a
little bed for a short person! We’ve only done that once! And I generally
would prefer not to have to convert this to a bed at night! But storage is very
important in an RV! So Beck found these two baskets on Amazon and they’re just
catch-all baskets! You know, it’s a great place to put stuff! And
since it’s just the two of us cruising in here, we don’t need the whole bench
seat!…. We utilize the space underneath this kitchen table for storage.
Shelby’s crepe goes underneath here or hard sided one. And even behind there we
have one of those radiator style electric furnaces for when we are on
utilities that heats the place up better than our propane fired furnace! So… We’ll
also shove our drinking water bottles under there
because….In reality, Beck and I sit here and here and we really only need this
much space for above and for below! We don’t have too many complaints about our
kitchen… What we like about it is we have some pretty good counter space… And we
have a propane oven. Up here in Alaska we love boondocking and almost all the new
RVs don’t have a propane fire oven! So that is something we really do love! So
on the counters here, we stow our little iPod playing boombox… We had a little
surge protector to give us a little more juice there’s outlets under here there’s
another outlet under there with one of those GFI things so if you ever pop
something there is one hidden right back here! And there’s a story behind that. But
I’ll get into that another day! We have a microwave and convection combo yeah we
use it but generally speaking we try to avoid using the microwave and the
convection requires electricity .So when we’re out camping and not RV parking it…
We try to do everything off of 12 volt or off of the propane… Cabinets are
pretty good-size! We got a spice cabinet… Plates and bowls… Got our leftover
containers or coffee cups there..Nice little compartment back here, a two-sided
sink…. And we found that this space back here!
Never really got utilized so it’s a matching basket to the ones over there
on the dinette but… We’re able to now put our fruit and produce in this basket! And
then we have a mat right here which is one of those type that you can dry your
dishes! On so the dishes go to drive right there! And…. Got to have your tea kettle so
we can make hot water on the propane stove without electricity! I have a
love-hate relationship with the sink! I love it because we don’t have those
marble or granite pieces that fit into here. That they make you think you have
more space… It works well!… And under here we got our trash can. But there’s a void
back here that goes all the way back there. And we use this to store our
cleaning supplies in one of those rubber made style totes! So the space gets utilized well… And on the opposing side of the
kitchen, is our RV refrigerator. We’ve actually been able to fit a lot of our
meat into this freezer so it works out really well for us! And a fairly good
sized fridge. If you’re in a humid climate, you do have to defrost these
little fins in the back. Because they turn into a glacier… In terms of closet
space in the RV for clothes, we’re pretty lucky! We have two tall closets here
in the hallway! And you’re gonna get to see real life today but… We’ve tried to
utilize the space on the bottom by having baskets.. Keeping true to the name,
we do have a his-and-hers side in the closet… We also have…. His drawers and hers
drawers… It’s always been a debate for us whether or not we like the layout of the
bathroom or not…. And when we see other layouts, we kind of think maybe
this is okay! But this is a choke point in the RV for us because we have the
hallway and the vanity for our bathroom! We do have double sided medicine
cabinets in here and we try to make the most of the space by using some of these
little clear baskets…. As for counter space, not so much! We do have a place
where we store our toothbrushes right there… And you will notice this is where
I burnt the sink with the curling iron at some point… But I fixed it! We do have
a lot of bells and whistles here in the bathroom..We have water heater that we can turn on…Either electric or propane. And then our water
pump is also here. We do have two plugins here in the bathroom but we have plugged
in a power strip to extend our options a little bit!…. This is where we plug in our
radiator style space heater and it will sit just behind me here next to the
kitchen!….Welcome to our bathroom! One thing I really do love about the
bathroom is that the space where the shower is has a door. It’s not out in the
hallway! I really don’t like those ones where it’s glass and closed. And you’re
out in the hallway taking a shower! I know it has doors on the sides but I
really like this style bathroom better! You’ll notice that we’ve upgraded the
shower rod… The shower head and if you hadn’t figured it out already… We have a
hook fetish which extends to the bathroom!…. And here’s the throne! Very
standard RV style throne! Wrapping things up! We have made it all the way to the
back the RV where our bed is! We have a standard queen-size RV bed. And you’ll
notice again that we have really nice storage with his-and-hers closets on
each side and storage above the bed. We also replaced the TV in this room as
well! For a 12-volt flat screen!…. That pretty much wraps up our RV tour!… By the
way her name is Nelly! …..Named after Nelly Rowing from here in Seward Moose Pass area….
Back in the early days of our channel…She is a famous pioneering person and
Explorer and kind of a bad ass! Totally a bad ass woman for that time period in
particular so we would show you around! The outside but it’s windy here today
and we’re just not going to go there. But if you want to see more about the inside
of our motorhome and the outside of our motorhome, watch our series of videos
preparing for the North American road trip!…. Which was a seven-month 17,000 mile
road trip that we did in this beast all the way around the lower 48 and into
Mexico through Canada. It was epic but made a series of videos preparing for it!
So you’ll get to see a lot more of the inside of our coach! And then if you want
see the outside of our Motorhome, check out our North American Road Trip videos!
Because you’ll see plenty of it in that video series…. Thanks for joining us, be
sure to give us a thumbs up, SUBSCRIBE to follow our adventures, share with your
friends and most importantly… Enjoy the ride!

25 thoughts on “Our Motorhome: 1999 Tiffin Allegro RV Interior Tour

  1. Interesting to see the inside of your MH. We have a Tiffin Allegro 34TGA. It has 3 slides, we just purchased it this summer so haven't had a lot of time to use it. Thanks for the video's.

  2. Nice video of your home on wheels. I live in Anchorage and plan to hit the road out of Alaska in my RV next winter. I've really enjoyed watching your videos of your adventures on the road.

  3. Hi Guy's Followed the whole tour you guy's did this past winter, loved it. I know you folk's love your home on wheel's but you must go thru a fair amount of gasoline. I'm sure you have considered purchasing a diesel powered coach that would some-what elevate fuel cost, especially while towing the trailer full of toy's. If you haven't driven a diesel powered coach I would recommend trying one, the amazing amount of low-end grunt would pull your coach up any incline effortlessly not to mention using the engine brake while descending and saving your brakes. Good luck !!

  4. Your class A looks really nice. Most i've seen built in the 90's have pretty cheesy and cheap looking interiors, but yours looks much nicer.

  5. Love your vlogs, all the tips and travel are helping us get our list together for places to see and experience when we begin our #rvfulltimelifestyle. We have three years until that happens, prepping the home for selling, getting rid of things and remodeling our RV to be better for full time living. On that note, Catnapper makes a wall hugger loveseat recliner that we put in place of our jackknife couch. It is 60 inches in length and would give you room to put a end table/shoe storage/printer cabinet on the end by the door. Hope this helps and look forward enjoying the ride!!

  6. Nice.
    When are you going to run thru the trailer set up and toys for "the dudes"?
    I think that a lot of us dream about Alaska and would enjoy knowing how you outfit your outdoor toys & machines for deeper exploring. Also your thoughts on what is important and what is not. How to get to those fishes and get safely back home!

  7. Thanks for sharing….. it looks like it suites the two of you and your furbabies perfectly. We've had both a Class C & now a Class A. I have to say, one of the most important reasons for picking the motorhomes we did, was the bathroom. Very important to be able to take care of business in comfort! I agree with you about two recliners being a much nicer choice than having a couch.  Our Class A is a party model, so it doesn't have a diner, it's got a couch and across from that two club chairs and a pull out table. I do like that setup, however I think if I were going to make changes, I would have recliners replace the couch. We only need sleeping for two and the dogs anyway. I agree with you need for hooks….every bit of space counts. Again, thanks for sharing, Stay safe & Happy Travels.

  8. I have a 2000 allegro Bay, Tiffany and live in Alaska, who do call for flat tires while you are up here? And what is the Cost usually?

  9. Really great video! Wow!!!!I looked at the subscribers and it said 49,999 and I am officially your 50,000 new subscriber. I was so excited to see it hit 50,000. Anyway I am looking forward to watching your videos. 🎉

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