Outdoor Kitchen Building Essentials & Designs to Consider | BBQGuys.com

Outdoor Kitchen Building Essentials & Designs to Consider | BBQGuys.com

Hi, I’m Randy with BBQGuys.com! Thinking about building your own outdoor kitchen? We always have customers ask us what products
we recommend they choose for their outdoor kitchen. Today we’re going to discuss the basic items
that are very popular in outdoor kitchens as well as introduce you to other items you
might not have thought about, but can definitely add to your enjoyment & entertainment. We’ve made this video to help provide this
guidance. Let’s get started with the basics! Almost every outdoor kitchen will start with
a gas grill. The gas grill is typically the focal point
and an ideal place to start with the decision making. Next should be some stainless steel access
doors for reaching your plumbing for the gas grill. This can also be used for storage of tools,
cleaning supplies, ect. Even the most basic of outdoor kitchens can
include the functionality of your indoor kitchen. And to keep yourself from running inside too
much, side burners are a great addition for heating sauces and sides. Really just about anything you can cook on
your indoor cooktop. A sink for rinsing items and washing hands
is quite common as well. Lots of people use single access doors underneath
sinks and side burners for easy access to your gas & water plumbing. Another popular component would be a trash
bin conveniently placed near by to dispose of garbage and any food waste. Finally, you can’t forget an outdoor refrigerator
to keep your beverages cold for your family and friends when entertaining. Along with a built in gas grill, many opt
to purchase additional cooking appliances for their outdoor kitchen. Don’t limit yourself with just a gas grill. If you love fresh baked pizza as much as I
do, installing a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen is a great way to make pizza night
an instant family tradition. In addition to a standard side burner, many
people enjoy the additional heat output of a power burner. These are great for making stocks, boiling
a large batch of seafood, or keeping messy things like frying outdoors. For even more cooking versatility, a flat
top griddle is another excellent addition for cooking things like crispy bacon breakfast
or hibachi style meals in your backyard. Steaks also come out delicious on the griddle
with a beautiful all over sear. If you love having that classic smokey flavor
on your food, you may want to consider installing a charcoal grill or kamado for that old school
flavor. We have found our customers love pairing Kamados
with their gas grill, because of the versatility they bring. Their insulated, oven like design makes them
not only work well as a charcoal grill, but they also make incredible smokers for low
and slow cooking. Most would be surprised to know you can even
bake cookies in a kamado. If you want an easy way to smoke food without
having to load a grill with charcoal, electric smokers can also be a great cooker to consider
building into your island. When it comes to outdoor refrigeration within
your outdoor kitchen, there are several options to consider in addition to your standard built-in
refrigerator. For those that enjoy entertaining, kegerators
& wine coolers are very popular. Your guests will love having fresh beer on
tap.. and keep in mind, some kegerators can double as a refrigerator and keg holder when
using smaller kegs. If wine is more your taste, a dedicated wine
cooler is perfect to keep your collection of red and white wines at the perfect temperature. Bar centers can also be a convenient way to
add the functionality & storage you need to keep all of the essentials to a great cocktail
in one place. If space is limited, Ice bins are a popular
option for keeping ice close at hand without taking up as much room as a beverage center. A dedicated ice maker is another great addition
to any outdoor kitchen, it’s always nice to not have to run and pick up extra bagged
ice for large parties. To make the most of your outdoor kitchen,
maximize your valuable counter space with built-in storage units to keep everything
you need organized and stored away. A lot of our customers add a door/drawer combo
under their grill so that they have concealed storage as well as access to the gas line
of their grill. An additional set of storage drawers is always
a good bet, I find most people underestimate how much storage they will need in their outdoor
kitchen. Enclosed cabinets or pantries are great additions
to keep pesky critters from getting to the stuff you’re storing inside them. Lots of enclosed cabinets include pull out
drawers and shelving for easy accessibility. It’s nice to be able to keep everything
you need for grilling conveniently stored in your outdoor kitchen, so it’s ready for
the next time you cook. Remember, if you plan on adding a sink or
sideburner, you’ll want to add a separate access door under those items to provide access
to the plumbing. Safety is a very important part of the outdoor
kitchen building process. You need to make sure you have plenty of ventilation
and protection for your outdoor kitchen. Ventilation can come in a couple of forms. Island vent panels are an often overlooked
necessity. These serve as a way for trapped gas to escape,
in the case that you have a leak in the plumbing. You would be surprised how many outdoor kitchens
get built without vent panels, so be sure to confirm your contractor plans on installing
vents to your island. For outdoor kitchens fueled by propane, vented
tank drawers are a good, safe way to house your propane fuel near your appliance. If your outdoor kitchen is built under a covered
patio with limited airflow, you will want to plan on installing a vent hood above your
grill. This will do wonders for clearing out the
oftentimes thick smoke that grilling can produce, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience
for your guests. Lastly, for those who are possibly constructing
their island out of wood, or any other combustible material, an insulated grill jacket should
be purchased. This creates an insulated barrier between
your scorching hot appliance, and the structure itself. Keeping these things in mind when in the planning
stage should provide peace of mind and years of safe enjoyment. Thanks for watching today guys! If you need any help putting your outdoor
kitchen together, give our experts a call or visit us online, and remember.. at BBQGuys.com,
we smoke.. the competition!

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  2. hi. have you seen an outdoor built-in grill that is a charcoal AND an electric pellet smoker combo? by electric pellet smoker, im talking about self-regulating on temp and self-feeding on pellets.

  3. would this kind of set up do well during rough canadian winters? not for use of course.. but would the snow possibly ruin the appliances?

  4. Would you recommend installing the grill to back into the lanai opening or inside wall with a hood. I’m concerned about the smoke collecting in the lanai or with the hood the back wall getting all greasy and dirty from the grill exhaust. An advice is appreciated.

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