*Paper Swirls Room Decoration DIY*

*Paper Swirls Room Decoration DIY*

hi everyone I'm here with the new papercraft a creation idea how beautiful is this it's so simple to make even though it looks really complicated I think that this paper decoration is perfect for embellishing the walls in your bedroom for a more interesting design or you could use it as the background for your YouTube videos or even more exciting this decoration is great for parties and baby showers so if you are as excited as me keep watching for the complete tutorial the materials you will need are paper you can use construction paper or you can recycle old papers and recycling my old school papers and tests also you'll need a stapler scissors ruler pencil and a paper clip the first thing you have to do is cut the papers into one and a half inch strips then make a loop and use a paper clip to hold it in place as you make more loops of different sizes and colors after that remove the paperclip and staple the loops to the spine of the Declaration and the spine is just a single paper strips and continue making loops and stapling them onto the spine to make the decoration longer just attach another paper strip to the previous one and continue with your design you you when you're finished you can attach string to the ends and hang the decorations vertically or horizontally how easy was that I just can't believe how pretty this decoration is and the best thing is that it's super inexpensive to make and you're recycling old paper into something so beautiful and useful I hope you like this project and let me know what you think in the comments below and please subscribe share thumbs up this video and thank you so much for watching see you next time you

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  1. Absolutely love this!! Couldn't wait to try it and have made some lovely wall art using plain white paper on a black background. Looks fantastic, thank you!!

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