Patiala Babes – Ep 331 – Full Episode – 3rd March, 2020

Patiala Babes – Ep 331 – Full Episode – 3rd March, 2020

I am so happy that
the grudges of the student and the teacher
have been resolved. Now, the most important thing! Keval should definitely
get punished, right? So, Mini, tell us.
How can we help? Ma’am, what I was thinking
is if we gather all the parents and share this incident
with them, I am sure when we unitedly
raise our voice together the trustees would yield to us.
– It’s a good idea, Mini. But it’s not possible
until Neha’s parents complain about it. People don’t fight
others’ battles. I think she’s right, Mini. What they would say is when
Neha’s parents aren’t interested why they should suffer
for someone else’s problems. Listen, dear. I won’t be around
to fold your dresses at the boarding school. Only two days are left. Learn to fold your dresses
properly. All right? Look, fold them like this. And yes! Don’t be scared. I and your dad will come
and meet you regularly. Ms. Vinita, you are just not
listening to me. You’re not understanding.. – No,
Mini, you try to understand. You think all this is a joke? That single-handedly
I’ll fight against my husband? Against my in-laws? And that they will agree
to everything that I say? At least, you can try to make
them understand, right? Let it be, Mini. What do you
know about marital life? You’ve no idea how Neha’s dad
put the entire blame on me! That I am not a good mother. That I couldn’t give a good
upbringing to my daughter. Just a second. What is more important for you?
The tag of a ‘good mother’ or becoming one? Enough is enough, Mini!
Please leave. For God’s sake, let us live! You want to protest, go ahead. You want to prove yourself
as brave, go ahead. But please let us live. I made a big mistake
by getting influenced by you. but not anymore.
– Listen.. Neha. Please go out for a while.
– Not she, you go out, please! Please spare her. She’s going to a new place.
She’s trying to lead a new life. Mini, for God’s sake, please
don’t add to our problems! Neha, please go out, dear! Are you talking about
her new life, Ms. Vinita? How do you know that Neha is
going to be safe at the boarding she’s being sent to? Are you sure that she won’t face
anything like that over there? And what if she does? Will you get her out of that
school and have her admitted at another school? How long will the poor girl
keep running? And why should she? Please understand this,
Ms. Vinita. No place in this world is safe
and even you know that well. Obviously, you’re Neha’s mother. No one knows Neha
better than you do. What will you get
by listening to your husband if he can’t see
his daughter’s pain! What will you get by being
your in-laws’ favourite if you are hurting
your dearest thing! Ms. Vinita if you ask any mother,
she would say that she’s living for the sake
for her children. Then how does the same mother
end up making such a big mistake in such matters? Think about it, Ms. Vinita. Think from the perspective
of a mother. Don’t succumb to pressures! Stand up for your child! Speak up for your Neha! She desperately needs you. We are going to start
a major campaign against Keval. If you file a complaint then you’ll be joining us
in this battle. Otherwise, we’ll continue
to fight with or without you. You know? A girl’s first line
of defence is her mother. Whom she trusts the most. But the same mothers often are unable to do
anything in such situations. They get scared,
they maintain silence. And what remains is..
You know? A suffocating silence. The silence of fear of society! The silence of shame! The silence
of people’s reaction! T-The silence
of saving their fake honour! This silence encourages
the predators to commit more crimes because we are silent. But you know what? We need to break this silence. There’s a lot
we can do for that. I’ve planned it.
You know? Let’s.. Let’s conduct
an awareness campaign. You know? We can distribute
pamphlets and posters. We can make phone calls. And then you’ve chat rooms..
The digital media! The social media! Let’s not leave out
even a single platform. Not even one! And we’ll
elevate our voice even more. We’ll show people that
we are still alive. Neither we are dead nor is our conscience. Because now is the time
to speak up. Mini! Listen, we’ve started this
campaign in full swing. And received people’s support
but our problems are increasing. Why? What happened?
Why are you saying that? From the appeal we’d made
for the crowdfunding we’ve received donations,
but they are not sufficient. This is not a good news. I mean, we are creating
the public platform. But we’ll need money
for the domain, right? Then even the influencers will
have some expectations. We need to invest
on pamphlets, printing poster designing. This way,
things are going to get stuck. Come on!
It’s not right. You know? What I don’t
understand is until people’s own kids
face the problem or people don’t barge
into their houses and kill them they won’t realise.
– Exactly, pal! We are not doing all this
only for ourselves. Mini.. I know, Mini. You’ll naturally get angry. But people who take initiatives
will have to put everything at stake. You can put in everything that
you have and make it a success or just forget it. Bobby, just do me a favour.
Just check how much money is left in my account. There’s no use, Mini. I’d checked it just an hour ago. Only Rs. 370 were left.
– What! We took donations
from all the people we knew. But they have been so stingy
that I better not talk about it. Let it be, Brother.
Whatever amount they donated they did it willingly. Anyway, we can’t force them. But don’t get dejected, Mini.
Don’t give up. Sometimes, we don’t get anything
from the people we expect. And from the people
we don’t expect.. Look what it is reflecting! Somebody has transferred 20,000
rest. in our bank account. 20,000? Who is it?
– Here. Ms. Kammo.
– Yes? I have received
a strange message. Rs. 20,000 has been transferred
from the credit card. What are you talking about? This is your card, isn’t it? 523? What is this, Mr. Khatri? You get the details of my card
on your number? Don’t you trust me? Don’t take me wrong but the thing is love and money
are two different matters. Now, tell me quickly where did you spend the money? Who has tricked you? Dear Kammo, now tell me. Don’t test my patience. Tell me where did you spend
the money? If you have spent it on online
shopping then cancel it. The money will be returned. We are not
millionaires, we can’t spend so much money on shopping. I am asking you
to tell me quickly. Hey!
– Where did my money go? Mr. Khatri,
why are you screaming like that? Yes, I spent the money. It’s my hard earned money. Your money? Are you going to divide
things between us now? For so many years, I fed you
for free. You forgot all that? Your money? Who are you after all?
What’s your status? Mr. Khatri, don’t talk to me
like that. I have spent money on myself
for the first time in life. I have the rights to do that
at least. You’re showing attitude. You’re talking back
to your husband. Dear Kammo, what did you do? You made a sweet person like me
so angry. I am a devotee of Goddess. I respect women. But you should waste money
like that. You see, money doesn’t grow
on trees. It’s hard earned money. You don’t talk about money. For how long are you going to
have fun on your wife’s salary? Have some shame. I have been trying
to explain you.. But you won’t pay heed
to me like this.. Don’t even dare to make
such a mistake. You don’t know me well yet. I know you very well. There were lot of rumours
about you before our marriage which even you are not aware of. But still I was the one
who pitied you and married you. But dear Kammo don’t take me wrong. You have shown
your true colours. I don’t know which lovers
debt you must have paid. Yes, Mr. Khatri I have been paying the debts. The debt of my destiny. The debt of a girl’s birth. The debt of my parents
being embarrassed. Kammo, don’t you feel
ashamed? No, I don’t. Don’t you feel ashamed? Why did you marry me even
after knowing everything? Because my parents gave you
a lot of dowry. Did you forget that? Ms. Kammo! Ms. Kammo. What is this? Did you transfer money? Yes, Mini, I..
– Why? Tell me, Ms. Kammo, why? Who told you that we would
accept your money? And what did you want to prove
by transferring money? That you’re our well-wisher? Are you trying to help us? No, Mini, I..
– Ms. Kammo, sorry but please. I can’t accept this. I am returning your money. Mini, you can take
all your anger out on me. You can be angry with me. But right now you need money. You can take money from
everybody but not from me?
– No, I can’t. I can take money from everybody
but not from you. Because I can never forget
how much your husband and you harassed my mom and me. You insulted us so much. You both spoke dirty things
about mom and Mr. Hanuman. Please Mini. Can’t you let it go?
– No. I can’t let it go. Because you brain washed
my mother. And she got so scared that she broke her own family. By herself. And even if I let it go
for a moment but I can never forget that your husband Mr Khatri touched my mother
inappropriately. My mother. I can never forget that. And I can never forgive him
for that. I don’t know why my mom
didn’t have the courage to send him to prison. I still regret that. Mini, this is my hard
earned money. It’s mine. It’s not Mr. Khatri’s.
– It doesn’t matter. Be it yours or Khatri’s it’s the same thing. One person molested and the other labelled the
molested lady as characterless. You remember that, don’t you? Or did you forget? So please Ms. Kammo stop this drama of kindness
and being humble. And please neither do we need your donation nor do we need your sympathy. We can do very well
without it. We can survive. Mini..
– I am transferring the money. Ms. Shami.
– Yes. Add a little more oil in this. There is Masala on my hands. Which oil, Ms. Naeem? Mustard oil, right?
Where is it? Look it’s right there. It must in that white box.
– Okay, I’ll get it. How long are you taking? Are you going to spill
the whole bottle? How are you, Ms. Naeem? What would happen tyo me? I can still work. I am all right. But you tell me
how are you doing? And how did you come
to my house? I came here to request you
about something. Such polite manners
don’t suit you. Come on, give me the towel. What happened, Kammo? What happened? Hey, why are you crying now? Will you say something? What happened to you? I met Mini today. The money I transferred
in Mini’s account she returned it. You all don’t take me wrong. I want to support Mini
with her struggle

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  1. Wonderful drama but I’m big fan of Hammad khatri. He’s first Indian Hearing Impaired Youtuber. He’s need your support watch his video and his channel name Hammad khatri πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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