Patterns and Coordinating Fabrics – Home Decorating Ideas – Lamps Plus

Patterns and Coordinating Fabrics – Home Decorating Ideas – Lamps Plus

Hi I’m Leslie from Lamps Plus. Today I’m
in our design studio and I’m going to answer one of the most asked questions I
get from clients and friends, “I have a great space, but where do I start?” Today,
I’m going to tell you what I tell them. Choose a favorite pattern that you love.
This can be anything from your favorite blouse, to a piece of artwork. In this
case, I’ve chosen this really great nautical inspired print. From here, you
can take the colors and pull together a palette. In this case, I pulled this great
white textured fabric which would make a beautiful bedspread. This houndstooth
fabric, which I think would be great on an accent chair. And the solid blue linen
which would look great as curtains. Don’t worry about matching colors perfectly,
because if you don’t get it exactly right it just looks like you tried and
failed. Keep colors in the same family, like these shades of blue. So there you
have it, some simple designer ways to transform your house into a home. For
more design ideas and inspiration, visit our blog at, or check us
out on one of our social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Patterns and Coordinating Fabrics – Home Decorating Ideas – Lamps Plus

  1. those ideas are excellantic, i am in the rustic" mason collec. i am interested in 3 choice on the rack, yes. row two l>R 2 and 3 and and third row down one. to replace the circle item. one long aprox, a bench lenth on a porch swing. two accents, as shown to host, right. more information link, : . )

  2. For more videos on styles and trends, check out this playlist!

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