Paul Bracq, a BMW designer of the 70s. #BMWstories

Paul Bracq, a BMW designer of the 70s. #BMWstories

Car bodies are my passion. It’s the passion for designing cars. I have new ideas every day.
I enjoy painting, creating something. Creativity is a must for me. And why should I stop at 80? The 1970s at BMW mean a lot to me. From 1970 to 1974,
I had the opportunity to design the new BMW series. I created many designs
as visions of the future for BMW. I started
the first design for the 5-Series in the early 1970s. The idea for the 1500
was a leap into the future. It had a slightly elongated line
that wasn’t aggressive and offered a clear view. And, of course, the kidney grille
and the two twin headlamps. It has to remain a BMW.
A car must have a signature. My signature is this guard strip. It stretches the form of the car body. I had this idea 20 years ago, and I was able to implement it for BMW. A car is a moving sculpture. And I continually tried
to make a modern 327 Roadster. Seeing the BMW Turbo again
is a huge pleasure for me. I designed this car
from bumper to bumper. I even designed the wheels. To commemorate the 327,
I created the rear wheel fairing. The timeframe was very short.
Six months for a drivable car. And it worked out. This was the first concept car
in BMW’s history. And time has remained kind to me,
as the form has remained modern. My whole life, I spent more time in the car workshop
than in the design office. For the 1:1 model
is the most important model. I often collaborated with
the model-makers and was happy to do so. This was the famous 1600 TI. Naturally, the idea behind it
was to create a new series, together with the 3-Series. Then we made this car. Slightly larger, with a lot of power. But with a soft line and classically formed all-around. My wife is always involved in my work.
She also criticises it. She has always accompanied me,
and she also loves cars. Have a look. This elongated line
was already visible in the 520. This line
was already a feature of the 520. It’s a very beautiful feeling. From the first 5-Series car until now,
I’ve been involved for 40 years. But our job is still quite difficult. You’re forced to fight against time,
as time is your enemy. But the form has to last forever.
That’s what I always tried to do. As long as
I’m still in control of my head and my hands, I will work. My name is Paul Bracq. I worked at BMW from ’71 to ’74
as head designer.

22 thoughts on “Paul Bracq, a BMW designer of the 70s. #BMWstories

  1. love these Videos BMW! now can you please make one from 1995 to 2003 i just love E39,E38,E46 and that shouting brake Z3!

  2. Paul Braq worked also in Peugeot and Mersedes. ) And my favourite feature is style of his works) Try to find in "google". Looks really amazing)

  3. the guy himself carries bmw design cues as well, the teeth are seperate (dual-kidney grill) and 4 lenses with his glasses (the quad-headlights)

  4. Geil! Da ich den Traum habe, auch eines Tages Autodesigner zu werden, war diese Story für mich sehr interessant und hoch aktuell!!

  5. One thing I liked about the older models was the understated controls.  BMW would hide sophisticated electronics behind the simplest knobs.  That was cool stuff. 

  6. I am a car designer it isnt my job but I would it to be so.My friend asked me to design 3 bmw cars so he can send them to the bmw company and damn…you cant make a new design of bmw,if you change something a little bit more,it isnt bmw any more,so you have to be creative but without changing the shape of almoust any component.Going to school so I dont have much time to design and in the past 1 year I've designed only 2 cars of bmw :D.But damn I love the challenge to design bmw cars and the tradition of this company

  7. His designs were very very cool. The E21 is amazing, I don't know if E24 was his initial design, but I believe too. The E23 is also very cool, especially with E24 front end with equal diameter headlights. And Frua-BMW at the time were bad ass. These are true cvlt shark-design BMW cars, which made the agressive image of BMW. These cars are masterpieces, but I can't praise the rear of E12, sorry.

  8. as a BMW fan
    if i want SUV coupe ———> I will choose a bmw X6
    if i want a coupe ————–> I will choose a bmw 4 series
    if i want medium sedan —-> I will choose a bmw 5 series
    if i want small sedan ——–> I will choose a mercedes c400
    if i want large sedan ———> I will choose a mercedes s class
    if i want a compact SUV > I will choose a porsche macan or audi Q5

    so please BMW make some changes to 3&7 series, X3/X4

  9. I am an 18 years old guy who wants to become an automotive designer and this year I am going to start Industrial design and product development degree. My question is if I will be able to work as car designer for brands such as BMW in thw future. In addition I am totally obsseded with cars and my hobbies are building scale cars and sketching cars. Can anyone please tell me how can I become a car designer?

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