Paul Pogba’s Improvement | By The Numbers

Paul Pogba’s Improvement | By The Numbers

Paul Pogba has appeared in 21 games for Manchester
United this season, starting every one; only David de Gea has made more starts for
United this season (22) and only Zlatan Ibramhimovic has also started 21 games. While Pogba played in the draw against Liverpool
and the loss to Chelsea in an advanced role in the attacking midfield trident, he has
otherwise played in a two-man midfield axis alongside Fellaini or Herrera, or on the left
of a midfield three. Pogba is becoming increasingly important to
Manchester United, as would be expected of a
player of his calibre, as Mourinho finds style of play that suits the dynamic, creative
midfielder. In his first ten games, Pogba scored twice,
against Leicester City and Swansea. In his
subsequent eleven, he has again scored twice, against Palace, and Middlesbrough, but also
registering three assists, against West Ham, Sunderland, and Palace (the same game he
scored in). He thus had a hand in 0.2 goals per game in
his first 10 matches, up to 0.45 goals per game in his next 11. In games where Pogba has scored or assisted,
United are with five wins and one draw. The turning point, though, appears to have
been the loss to Chelsea, the final time Mourinho deployed Pogba in an advanced role,
and the last time United were beaten in the league (match day nine). Prior to that, Pogba had yet to settle in
the side and was being used in two different roles, as
Mourinho sought to find his best position and fit the right players around him. Up to and
including the Chelsea match, United were W3 D2 L3. Pogba was averaging 1.5 chances per
game, 0.6 shots on target, and 2.1 shots off target per game, and had an average passing
accuracy of 82.5%. He was making an average of 56 successful
passes, and taking an average of 89 touches, 3 of which were in the opposition
box. Since the Chelsea loss, United are W7 D6 L0,
including the Burnley game in which Tom Heaton single-handedly denied United three
points. Pogba’s personal contribution has gone up
significantly. He is now averaging 2.2 chances per
game, 1.2 shots on target and 1.7 shots off target, and his passing accuracy has increased
to 84.2%. Crucially, he has increased his chance output
significantly and doubled his shots on target per game, while reducing his shots
off target. His successful pass tally is now up to an
average of 65 per game, and he is now taking 101 touches per game, 5 of which are in the
opposition box. Despite playing in a more withdrawn role,
Pogba is a greater attacking threat and getting forwards more, and his increased
number of touches shows that he is exerting a
greater influence. Pogba still needs to work on his ‘big game’
showings, though. He has played a ‘big six’ team
six times: Liverpool twice, and Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City once each;
three of these were after the Chelsea game. His chances created drops to 0.7 per game,
versus 2.5 per game against other sides, and his shots on target drops to 0.3 per game
versus 1.3 per game against non-top-six sides. Pogba also asserts less of an influence against
the top six, with an average 71 touches per game, as opposed to 107 per game against other
teams, and 40 successful passes per game as opposed to 70 successful passes per game
against other teams. Pogba has struggled most
against Liverpool, Spurs, and Manchester City, all teams that seek to press hard and exert
pressure on the opposition when they are in possession, recording his lowest number of
touches and worst passing performances against those three sides. In conclusion, then, Paul Pogba’s performances
and those of United have improved markedly since the Chelsea defeat. While the team around him is playing better,
notably with Ander ​ Herrera also coming to prominence, Pogba’s
own influence has grown markedly. He has
completed the second most successful passes of any Premier League player, 1290, behind
Jordan Henderson’s 1583, and had the second most touches, 2025, again behind
Henderson’s 2143. His 41 chances created are the joint 12 th
most in the league, and his shots on target total of 21 is the 13 th best in
the league, and 5 th best if you only count midfielders. Pogba needs to improve against the top sides,
but as he finds his feet, he is certainly on the
way to showing that he can be one of the most important players in the Premier League.

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  1. Can you do a series on squads used by team from a decade ago to today's present time for example 06-07 Barcelonas squad consisted of eto Ronaldinho Messi xavi iniesta and deco and leading that 11-12 season they had Pedro villa and so on and today's present time we have the msn please do something like this it would be entertaining. Also add managers at the time and transfers like Larsson leaving that summer, Thanks

  2. he is a midfielder. how can you just take stats like passes, shots and chance created but not other stats like dribbling, losing the ball, losing the air duels and tackles?

  3. I would love to see a video about kagawa. hes my absolute favourite player but he just doesnt get to play at dortmund in this season although he is arguebly on of the best at his position.

  4. I still think he should have more goals. What happened to his long shot? He can score amazing goals. None this season so far.

  5. Do One about Santi Cazorla! Underrated player and is IMO Arsenals MVP! Just look how Arsenal crumbled and bottled it last year when he got injuried! Same thing happend this season! Top of the League before xmas, he gets injured and we fucked it up! Every single season, deja vu!

  6. MUFC is deep in individual talent and is improving in time. Pogba will get better as all the talent melds together. The limiting factor: José Mourhino

  7. Love the vids can u please make one on explaining the possibility of having more teams in the champions league per league for example in the premier you have the possibility of 4 teams qualifying Let's say leceister win the champions but they don't finish in the top 4 how can the top 4 and leceister be assured champions league the following season?

  8. great job
    I would like to see an analysis of Jose's Man utd vs Fergie's man utd, as Jose has been dubbed as the best successor to fergie

  9. Problem with Pogba is that he might have the talent, but expectations will cripple him somewhat. See Kante as a guy who came to prominence with much less expectation and is just quietly dominating

  10. Who were all these bellends/pundits who pretended to know anything about Pogba without even having watched him play for Juve who suggested he was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the #10 role and that the fact he wasn't playing there regularly was the reason United were struggling? He's a box-to-box midfielder who charges from a deep-lying position and played for the entirety of his Juve/France NT days as a half-back in the midfield 3. What was all the commotion about an athletic player like that being forced into a constrained role that is the #10? He simply needed time to adapt to the fast pace of the PL, not completely re-invent his position.

  11. Is this video serious? "Tom single handedly denied United 3 points". Wut? How does that fit a stats video? No matter how you put it Pogba has not been eprforming anywhere near what's expected of a player of his calibre.

    Awful video.

  12. Can tell this was made by someone different to who usually makes these videos… No insight to the tactical shift that has reinvigorated pogba, just look at the frank lampard video

  13. Just to specify Pogba isnt shit, because Pogba lovers are really concerned about his image and are desperate to prove hes not shit.

  14. Please do a video on Atletico Madrid. Their rise from 6th-7th place to challenging and winning the La Liga title and even making two Champions League finals under Simeone.

  15. Anybody would improve when the club is so indulgent with them. If he played the same but didn't cost 3 billion he would be benched most of the time.

  16. pogba perfoms at his higher standards when he plays as a playmaker behind two strikers

    just look his numbers when he played a 10 role during his juve's spell

  17. People say Ozil goes missing in big games? Pogba is made look like a fool in big games 😂 Fantastic video as always btw

  18. Eden Hazard Please. He has improved significantly from previous season. And what Conte provides him. We can finally see what he is capable of.

  19. In the games against the top 6 ,Mourinho sets up very defensively meaning United have less possession than against the small teams

  20. I'd love you to explore the Carrick 6 role, how it differs from other prem 6s, and your opinion on how replacing him with either a N'Golo Kante type 6 or like for like 6 like Weigl might affect the way United play.

  21. obviously made by a united fan. Kevin de Bruyne a much better player with much better stats for half the price. never gets praise sung about him like pogba. goes to show, footballs more about marketing now than actual talent

  22. Now this season is approaching its climax. At this stage everyone is still calling him a flop, overrated and obsessed with emojis but I feel he doesn't deserve the heavy criticism and there are clear reasons why.
    The reason why fans and pundits are digging into him so much is the 89 mill price tag. Everyone expects that a player who has just completed a world record transfer will hit the ground running and immediately live up to the hype. I don't blame anyone for thinking that, but I have a problem with people not seeing the reality of things.

    First of all, Pogba has never had a solid experience of playing in the Premier League before. Don't think for a second that his first spell at United would have gained him anything close to that because 7 substitute appearances was all he got before he moved to Juventus and spent four years there. Now people automatically think that a player of his age will immediately adapt to the Premier League in his first five or six matches and set the world alight like he did at Juventus. We've seen this situation happen before-the Premier League is not like other leagues and it takes time for foreign players to adapt and settle into the competition. Just look at Didier Drogba and Jaap Stam. Neither did well in their first season at chelsea-infact the club replaced them over the summer. Then there are players like Cuadrado who just aren't cut out for the Premier League. Pogba needs time to adapt to the game in england and there is no avoiding that.

    Secondly, he is only 23 for goodness sake. Very few 23 year old players have done what we expect him to do in their first season at a big club, with little to no experience. Where were the likes of Modric and Zidane at 23? The meaning of the 89 mill price tag is that Pogba is more of an investment. His talent and potential is staggering, both in attack and defence, but it needs to be groomed and time is crucial if that is to happen. People have written him off as a flop and a mere brand but the truth is, they don't have patience. The reality is: no matter how much we want him to be banging in goals every game, his development can't be rushed or else it really will be a waste of 89 million.

  23. please feature Ander Herrera.. I think he's underrated and his skills and stats are being over shadowed by big name stars. he's United's best player all season

  24. Can't blame Pogba, Utd were too defensive this season.

    Do a video on LFC on why they suck against bottom teams.

  25. Arsenal! I support this club because of the style of football they play. They play a beautiful position driven, possession oriented passing game similar to that of Guardiola's teams and Barcelona with their own twist on it. They are able to interchange positions, play on the counter, and still be fluid and entertaining. This is what is right about the game. When eleven men are able to work cooperatively to win a football match as opposed to relying on the talent of their star players (although recently, it's at least been made out to be, that without Ozil and Sanchez, we wouldn't be where we are at; I refuse to believe that). The Invincibles capture my heart and I've stood by the Gunners through thick and thin. I'm a supporter for life. #umaxitgiveaway3

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