Payless Vs. Designer Shoes (GAME)

Payless Vs. Designer Shoes (GAME)

– Can we tell which
shoes people Payless for? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning. – It’s YouTube’s giving
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you to be your Mythical best and click the blue donate
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blue button on your screen and wanna donate, just
go to – But as for today’s episode,
there’s an old saying, you may have heard it, that
before you judge someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Well, I love to judge and
I hate to walk by foot, so today, we’re gonna
prove that idiom wrong by trying to guess if
people’s shoes are cheap. – Yeah and while Payless
may be a magical place for 50% BOGO sales that are ending soon, never actually end, they
have a reputation for being not so trendy, but have we misjudged? Today we find out when
we put them head to head with designer shoes. It’s time for Will We Agree or
Disagree on the Shoes We See? Who Cares! Just Watch Out For Cardi B! – Here’s how it works: each
round, a Mythical team member will enter the shoe case
showdown wearing a pair of shoes, and we’re gonna be using
these paddles to guess whether they Payless
or pay more, of course, pay more means designer shoes. – And whoever loses has to do
a six inch high heel challenge on Instagram. Let’s play. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – Okay let’s see the first shoe. (both scream) – Look at the size of that shoe! – [Link] Actually that’s just Ellie’s shoe on a miniature set which looks amazing! – Hello.
– Thanks for orienting me to that, okay, there you go. – Fee fi fo. – [Stevie] You ready to
hear about this shoe? – Tell us all about it, Stevie. – [Stevie] Ay caramba, these
red boots match perfectly with the dancing girl emoji. Are they $498 from Stuart Weitzman, or $49.99 from Payless? – Good gosh, how on
earth can we get ahold of a $500 pair of shoes anyway? Is that even feasible? – We’re gonna take it
back, know what I’m saying. – Okay, Ellie, how does it feel? – Really good, my favorite
part of these shoes is that they hide my gnarled witch’s toes. – Mm-kay, that doesn’t tell
us anything about the price. Tells us a lot about you. – You’re welcome.
– You’re just a slight, as if you were dancing, just
a little bit of a foot move as if you were dancing. Just wanna see how it’s
structurally happening there. – Now, it looks like a shoe at the bottom, but then at the top it looks like a sock. Is it a sock over a shoe? – I can say it’s very in.
– Is it one piece? Or did you drape that sock over it? – It is one piece.
– That’s amazing. Basketball shoes look like that now. – It’s not that amazing.
– I think it’s amazing. – I’m just gonna say–
– I love it, and I have my answer. – It’s very breathable. I picked out some
information on the seamage, on the craftsmanship and
that’s giving me my answer. – [Stevie] All right, three, two, one. – Payless.
– This is a $500 shoe if I’ve ever seen one. – It’s a $50 shoe. – It is Payless.
– Woo hoo hoo! – $50.
– Yes. – Is it comfortable? – No, my knees are about to buckle. (Rhett chuckles) – [Rhett and Link] Round two. – Okay bring in the next shoe. – [Link] Drop it like it’s giant. There it is. Hello Teresa.
– Hi. – [Link] Okay this is a glittery shoe. What do we have here, Stevie? – [Stevie] These sparkly
black ballet flats are perfect for the angstiest 12 year old ballerina. Are they $850 from Miu Miu, or $29.99 from Payless Shoe Source? – Shoe sores, hey, come on,
don’t rub it in. (chuckles) You do get shoe sores from ballet though, I see where you’re going with that. – Hm.
– First of all– – $850.
– Let me just say that there are ballet shoes that are $850. That’s just confusing me
just as a general principle. – Would you consider
yourself an angsty ballerina? – Always, I do. Honestly I wanna quit wearing these shoes just like I quit ballet. – Okay maybe that’s a hint. – Could you take a toe,
what do you call it when you get on your tip-toes? – A point? These are not very flexible,
I don’t wanna ruin them, but, you could do a little tendu there. – [Link] She doesn’t wanna ruin them, but she’s also complaining
a lot about them. – No no, they’re very light,
they’re like two pounds, which is in ballerina
weight too heavy, so. – Okay, got it, got it. – You obviously had a
bad ballerina experience, and you’re taking that out on the shoes. – I’ve got all the clues I need. – Miu Miu. – [Stevie] All right, three, two, one. – Miu Miu! – I didn’t think you were gonna guess that and I was going out on a limb. – No I think you’re not on a
limb, you’re on a solid branch. – $850?
– Solid branch. – Are we right? – You are correct, these are pay more, these are from Miu Miu. – What! – Yeah $850. More money than I spent on ballet. Also a waste of money. (Rhett laughs) – That is crazy.
– This is from the person who wants to look like a
ballerina without doing ballet. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – Shoe us. – [Stevie] These abstract
sneakers look like they might belong to a guy who both owns a Tesla and lives with his mom, by choice. Are they $34.99 from
Payless, or $480 Marcellas? – Chase?
– Yeah? – Do you like these shoes? – Um. Not for me.
– Not for you? – Okay, could I see the front? – Just like that.
– Yep. Can I see the other side? – [Chase] Like that spin. – [Rhett] Oh, oh, oh, you
see what you get there? – A shadow? Oh no, that’s not a shadow,
that’s a design on the sole. – [Rhett] Now is that white
part tape that you added because you had an accident? – No, the white strip is for you to write your Soundcloud username on. – Ho! – Ha! All right, there’s shiny
parts, there’s taupe part, no taupe is a color, I meant matte. – Okay I got my guess.
– Three, two, one. – They’re some expensive–
– Yeah, yeah. – Ugly shoes, y’all.
– I think it’s, they’re desperately expensive. – No these are very
uncomfortable Payless shoes. – No really? Payless is trying so hard! – I think these are
actually women’s shoes too. – [Link] That’s fine. – They’re very narrow, my toes hurt a lot. – Okay.
– Wow, now that was a big curve ball there, Payless. Touche. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – All right, next shoe. – [Stevie] An actual gold
digger would probably think these shoes are a little too on the nose. Are they $34.99 from Payless Shoe Source, which is the full name of the store, or $735 pumps by Rupert Sanderson? – I wouldn’t think anybody
with a name like Rupert could get away with
selling something for $735. – Emily, you don’t look comfortable. – No, I’m not.
(Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] You look like at any moment– – I’m just concentrating a lot. – A slight breeze could blow you over. – Yeah yeah, but if you
click your heels three times, you immediately become a real
estate agent in New Jersey. (Rhett laughs) – Are you nervous because
you’re about to fall over or because you’re wearing $735 shoes? – It’s mostly the health concerns. – Okay Emily, can you give
us just like a little hop, just to see what kinda durability we got. – [Link] You can say no! Oh too late, oh that
scared me for a second. – I don’t believe it
actually left the ground. – It did, I saw it, it
zoop, just for a second? – [Emily] Do we get an instant replay? – We can replay it. All right I’m ready to vote. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Rupert.
– This is the real deal. – Rupert brought it.
– I think so. – Gold plated, Sanderson special. – Shoot, can’t pull ahead. – Pay more, yeah. – Yes.
– This is a, man, get out of those $735
shoes as quickly as possible without damaging them or you. (Rhett chuckles) – Gonna go sideways.
– Wow be careful. – I mean how, are we returning these? I’m very concerned. – [Rhett and Link] Round five. – All right, step in. – [Stevie] These shoes are the
equivalent of a pencil dive because they will not make a splash. Are they $23.99 from
Payless, or $435 Lanvins? – Okay well, first of all,
regardless of how much they cost, they look like $24 shoes. I mean, that’s what I’ll say. – But there are two of them, because Jordan stepped all the way in. You’re not watching the
other models, are you? – I’m not paying attention. Just doing stuff my own way. – We get double the information. – You know how when you’re
like too young to go to a concert by yourself
and your dad comes with you and just kind of hangs out in the back? These are the shoes
that your dad is wearing when he does that. – Exactly. – Hey, these Panics at the
Discos are pretty good. – (chuckles) Yeah, Dad trying to be cool. – There’s a lot of expensive shoes that float around looking like this. I’m constantly perplexed by that. – Right, look what’s
happening there on the sole, how it’s not just an
even sole but it’s got a little slanted line. That feels expensive. – Oh a little diagonal stitching
in the back there, okay. – Got a little extra
protection in case you get too drunk at an Applebees
and take a tumble on the way to your Uber. – And the way that your
pants leg kisses the top of the shoe is, it’s very tasteful. Okay, hm. – Huh, did they throw us a curve ball ’cause we knew that we would
think these looked cheap, or are they actually cheap? – [Stevie] That’s the question. – That’s the game we’re playing, Rhett. – [Stevie] In three, two, one. – Curve ball, you threw us a curve ball. You little jokers. – Ah, sh! Okay so we’re both more again. – Guys, you hit that curve
ball out of the park. These are pay mores. – Woo!
– Yes! – [Jordan] Weirdly expensive. – [Rhett and Link] Round six. – Still any man’s game, this final round is worth two points. – Okay. Drop it. – [Stevie] If you’ve
always had the desire to be half-human, half-Furby,
these are the shoes for you. Are they $34.99 from Payless, or $1,198 from Giuseppe Zanotti? – Now Christine, when you
first dropped the shoe, you had this really confident look. – Oh yeah.
– And then you lost it for a second.
– Mm-hm. – [Link] You have it or not? – I have it when you forget about the pain that you are in ’cause of the shoes. You’re like buh-bam, but then it hurts. – Okay, okay.
– Right. – Thanks for taking one for the team. I’ve been in heels, I
hope not to be in them on Instagram later. – Now, is that fur from a pink bunny or is it synthetic? – I imagine that they are
real flamingo feathers is what I think.
– Oh yeah, feathers. – [Christine] I’m not sure. – Okay. Got it. – The toe nails match.
– Yes. – [Link] Okay. – I don’t know. Getting a close look at that buckle. – Yeah, I–
– That buckle. – I’m looking at the heel.
– Oh oh yeah. Oh yeah, I see some–
– There it goes. All right, basically, I’m just yammering so that you have to stand
in heels for even longer. – Okay, all right. – She’s got a little motion going. – Motion, yeah, you can get a dippy squat. – Demonstrating these
shoes are for any occasion. – Yes.
– Yeah. – I’ve got my answer.
– Are you ready? Three, two, one. – Look cheap to me.
– Payless. – All right fine, they
look expensive to me. I’m going for the gusto. You sure you don’t wanna change? – That buckle’s crooked. It looks like it’s
falling apart in the back. I can almost see into that scene. – Well they’re a little big for her foot. – It looks like foam holding
the whole back heel up. That’s Payless.
– Well I agree, but I wanna try to win, so. – Hey maybe you did. – You’re right, they’re Payless! Come on. – (laughs) Yeah. – They feel like they should
come with a feather boa, you know what I mean? – You know what, you look great in ’em. – Thank you.
– That’s what I’ll say. You make ’em look more expensive than they actually are, Christine. But Link, you know what
you’re gonna be doing, you’re gonna be looking
very cheap on our Instagram in a six inch heel punishment. – I’m up for it. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi this is Dustin from San Antonio. This is my dead bird. I’m wearing fish shoes
and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Got it made, man. – He fits right in around here. Click the top link to watch
us try Amazon’s favorite foot massagers in Good Mythical More. – And to see where the Wheel
of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Sick stickers, brah. Where’d you get ’em?
–, brah. – [Rhett] So sick, brah. – [Link] Totally brah,
I just put ’em all over my board, brah. – [Rhett] So sick, brah. – [Link] Yeah.

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