38 thoughts on “Penthouse Pāfekuto in Ghaziabad by Conarch Architects

  1. This work is enthralling & at par with some of the best interiors done in a penthouse globally
    From the choice of colours, the curtains, master suite and the way terrace has been done it’s absolutely amazing, luxurious and yet classy especially when people mostly here turn the house into Gaudy by trying to make it look luxurious.

  2. ek baat to clear hai, Ghaziabad walo ke paas paisa bahut hai. I think its in Raj nagar extension. mast tha bahi . 🙂

  3. The way you described the house took me back to the Apple keynotes.
    Great work on the house btw. It is beautiful.

  4. One of the special thing about this architect. Instead of the walls there is graphics on the floor and walls are totally plain. This gives a totally different ambience.

  5. Good spaces and good work but it is not showing the high taste anywhere in the upholstery which looks really mediocre

  6. I have seen a lot of architects on youtube but I can certainly say this is the best house in india till now i have seen. Hats off! I would surely like to give them chance in future to build my house when i have enough funds.

  7. Good Job !!!! @buildofy Team for researching and uploading such a beautiful Architectural Marvel's…. Thanks a Ton for Aspiring people like Me.

  8. Imagination poured down the creation line. It is beautifully, asthetically placed, designed and balanced on every corner of the space, to give ample space to breadth and feeling of belongingness with a royal touch of creativity.

  9. Ha aha .. the ladt phasd he mentioned .. about butterflies c9ming to these plants above huge15+floors ..
    I disnt even see a single bird …
    .. no butterlies flies in that height ..
    And i must say nature dont always flow as architects or people design ….
    Nature will florish and find itz own way .☺.
    But i like the home ….. nicely done .. architect tried too loot as may as he could by masking by his creativity ..
    Well money was not constraint for the owners ….☺👌..

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