Permanent LED Holiday & Christmas Lights: Never Hang Lights Again!

Permanent LED Holiday & Christmas Lights: Never Hang Lights Again!

Hi, my name is Tate Leavitt, I’m the creator and owner of Gemstone Lights. A few years ago I decided that I would try to put Christmas lights on this house for the very first time I knew I had to create the perfect solution to an outdoor lighting, which is gemstone lights The lights are already waterproof and with waterproof connectors and now they’re inside of an aluminum track that matches the house We have a controller that is both bluetooth and Wi-Fi inside your app you can set up a Halloween pattern You have Valentine’s patterns you have st. Patrick’s days patterns. It doesn’t matter what color you want You can create it with our controller right now Now we have a whole block with 13 homes that are filled with Gemstone Lights Sometimes they sync all of their lights together. So you go in that St. Patrick’s and every house is all green and they just love it My wife loves the lights because they’re easy to use she can turn them on and off any time in fact the kids love them because they too can just turn on the app and Play with them and get all kinds of different colors and different sorts of patterns and they’ll just love the functionality of it Having a permanent Professionally installed system is just better in the long run The idea of having permanent holiday lights, I think you can get creative with them and I like how easy it is use I like the fact that you can customize it and use it for different holidays or different activities that save me a lot of time Every year and you know, I think in the long run money These lights are the best lights on the market the most customizable app You can create your own patterns. You can set timers. You can create moods for your house for every season It is a perfect system for anybody that loves outdoor lighting There are so many things that this controller can do that these lights can do that it’s no longer just a Christmas light This is an all season smart LED

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  1. Oh no don’t see any installers near 60510 area code 😿. Any chance any one will be coming to my area? Very easy ranch house install.

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