Philips Hue Lighting Kit – How to Connect

Philips Hue Lighting Kit – How to Connect

Hi, this is Rob with VentanaMedia. I惴 going
to connect the Philips Hue Home Lighting System. What is Philips Hue. It is a lighting system
that you can control with a smartphone or tablet. Philips calls it a Personal Wireless
Lighting. The only thing wireless is the way you control each individual Philips Hue bulb
in your house using your smart device and the Philips Hue App. You can control up to
50 different light bulbs and choose up to 16 million colors. You can control the tone,
contrast and color to create any lighting mood you want. The bulbs are LED bulbs with
600 lumen each, about 50 watts equivalent. The bulbs use 80 percent less power than a
traditional bulb and last up to 15 years or 15,000 burning hours. You can choose a photo from your library and
use the color picker to match the Philip Hue lights to the colors in the photo. You can turn the lights on or off remotely
when you are away on vacation. Or have the lights turn on automatically just before you
come home from work. The Philips Hue is sold exclusively at the
Apple Store. The cost of the kit is $199 or 199 Euros in Europe. To buy individual bulbs
will cost you $59 dollars each or 59 euros in Europe. The kit comes with 3 bulbs and a Hue Bridge
to connect to your home WiFi Router. To see an my unboxing of the kit, click the
video here or in the description below. Lets connect the Philips Hue System. You are going to need, one: a Philips Hue
Kit, two: standard lamps: three: a home WiFi router and four: The Philips Hue App on your
smart device. The app is available for both iOS devices and Android. See the links below
for the Philips Hue App. OK, lets connect it all together. Step one: Screw in the bulb or bulbs that
you want to use into any standard lamp. Step two: Turn on the switch to the lambs
so that the bulbs light up. Step three: Connect the Philips Hue Bridge
that came with the kit to your WiFi Router. I already plugged in the power cord and ethernet
cable into the Philips Hue Bridge. Now connect the ethernet cable into the back of your WiFi
Router. The Bridge will start to connect with the
bulbs. When the three lights on the bridge turn on, that means that the bridge has found
the bulbs and is communicating with the bulbs. Now download the free app and open it up.
It will begin to search for the Bridge. After it finds the Bridge it will tell you to press
the link button which is in the center of the Bridge. Then you will get this window on the app.
That愀 it. Your setup and connected. My next video will be how to use the Philips Hue App
to control your lighting. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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24 thoughts on “Philips Hue Lighting Kit – How to Connect

  1. lamps not bulbs…Bulbs grow in the ground

    Its not Wifi its Zigbee. The only wiFi connection is between the iPad and the bridge. So the bridge communicates with the closest lamp and then that lamp acts as a repeater to re-transmit the signal. In theory you should be able to have lamps all over your home .

  2. Is it possible to connect it (by wire) to an Airport Express, for example? My router at home is a mobile router (4G) without Ethernet ports.

  3. HAHAHA! Sorry, I can't help it. LAMP is a furniture with light bulbs used to illuminate. BULB is also a short term for Light Bulb.

  4. I used these lights once since i got them. And now i am unable to connect to the bridge. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas? I have made contact with HUE but they informed me that the internet / wireless has a firewall which may be blocking it. Any suggestions on how to fix this would greatly be appreciated. 

  5. Question: if the bridge communicates with the light bulbs, is a wireless router NEEDED?  Or can a wired hub work?  I have a wireless router in one room, and the room I want to use the bulbs in is far away – BAD wifi signal between the 2 rooms.  BUT: I have a wired hub in the room I want to use the bulbs in (and the hub is connected via ethernet cable back to my wired/wireless router – the hub is used for my TV/HTPC/Playstation).  Can the bridge connect to any internet connection such as a wired hub or does it REQUIRE being plugged directly into a router with wireless?


  7. Anyone been able to connect their bridge to their wireless router using WPA2 (I.E. password protected)? If so, how?

    So far I've only been able to connect the bridge to an unsecured 'Guest' network. It works great but I don't like the idea of neighbors using my internet. Thanks.

  8. I loved it when he struggled to connect the wire to the modem…these are the kind of videos you watch at 1:16 AM.

  9. Do you need the bridge in order to make the bulbs work if you are only going to install one bulb? or can you connect your phone directly to the bulb if you don't have a bridge?

  10. I love these bulbs.>>>   I hooked them up to my computer with the Hue Sync and now they change light according to the music I play, or the video game I'm playing, on top of just being great bulbs. They're so bright and vivid when colored. I get tons of use out of these in tandem with my Echo as well, but do use them from my phone at times. Anyone looking to get smart bulbs should snag these, despite being a slightly high price point, they do an amazing job!

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