Phillips Hue Smart Lights Review – 6 Months Later

Phillips Hue Smart Lights Review – 6 Months Later

Lighting plays such a significant factor
in all of our lives that it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the first smart
home appliance sections was lighting. Now the company that has been behind the
most popular brand of smart lights has been Philips, with their Philips Hue
smart lights. Now I originally got my Philips Hue lights because I wanted to
solve the problem of crawling into bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and then
realizing oh crap, I left the light bulb on I have to get
out of bed go turn that off and then get back in bed. Now well this isn’t like a
giant problem to solve, it is still very annoying when you are curled up in bed
ready to go to sleep and then you realize oh I have to get up again
because I forgot to do something. And the Philips Hue bulbs solve that for
me being able to control that from my smart phone I could just turn them off
while I’m in bed and boom! I can go right to sleep it was just a really great
experience as soon as I set them up and yeah, I’m never going back. Now another
reason I decided to go with the Philips Hue lights was i really liked the idea
of being able to wake up to the colors of a sunrise, and go to bed to the colors
of a sunset and with the multicolored bulbs that came in my starter pack with
the Philips Hue bridge as well these, bulbs allowed me to do that. And it turns
out that yes it is much more natural waking up to the colors of a sunrise
over a 45 minute fade, just like our ancestors did for millennia, then waking
up to an annoying sound of an alarm clock that you just absolutely hate and
want to destroy. The colors of the sunset are typically more red and orange and it
really offsets the backlight color of my phone which you know typically is blue
for most people’s smartphones. Now a lot of phones have features just like Apple’s
a night shift that came out in iOS 9.3 that helps to but just having your
surrounding environment with all those reds and those orange colors, really helps
kind of settle you in and just get ready for bed. Also, I love having my lights on
a timer at night, they go out at the same time every single night so it helps me
make sure that I get to bed at a reasonable hour.
So I’ve been using the Philips Hue app now for quite a while and you know it’s
fine, its not the greatest app in the world, the
original app Philips Hue had was great then they came out with this new version
of the app that wasn’t as good it was missing some features from the old app
and over time and has finally come up to parity with the old app. And it does have
some nice features in there like the feature I use the most are the scenes
feature where you can set different scenes with different lights at
different brightness levels or colors you can even use these lights to be
romantic and mix things up a little. They’re really great for that as well
and it’s great to surprise the loved one going into a bedroom that is hot pink.
Now the app also has a feature that uses geofencing, so it knows as you come
closer to your residence it will go ahead and turn your lights off for you.
However, I found this feature to be a huge drain on my iPhone’s battery, so I
just decided to disable it. Now out of all of the nifty features that the
Philips Hue lighting system has my favorite, and absolute most useful
feature of all, has been the support for smart assistants. It just takes the
convenience of using these lights to a whole nother level and just makes Philips
you lights in general a absolute joy to use. Philips Hue lights work with all of
the major players as far as smart assistant platforms are concerned and if
you have an iPhone currently, you can use Siri to control your lights and
determine if Siri is adequate enough for your situation or if it’s going to
become necessary for you to get a smart speaker device like a Google Home or
Amazon Alexa device. It is so much more convenient and so much more natural to
use your voice to control your lights then have to dig into your pocket and flip
out your phone go through a couple menus and then turn on or turn off your lights.
As far as reliability is concerned with the Philips Hue lights i’ve only ever
had one defective bulb that just didn’t work but i shipped it back to the
company and they gave me a new one it was still under warranty that was fine.
The only other issue I’ve had with my Phillips Hue lights is one of my colored
bulbs no longer shows a dark blue color, it just shows a purple color when trying
to turn it to dark blue. I would say that the reliability of the earlier Philips
Hue colored bulbs which are all the ones I have I don’t have the later
generation ones, the reliability on those can be just kinda shoddy, but from what
I’ve heard of the later generations of bulbs if you buy those, you’re gonna be
fine. So if you thought about getting in on
the whole smart home thing, but are really unsure about where do I start…
getting in on the Philips Hue smart lighting system would be a really great
first buy for anyone’s smart home. Now if you looked up Philips’ website and are
unsure about which bulb to get or where the heck to even start with Philips Hue,
what I’d recommend doing is getting one of the starter packs that Philips sells.
They’re just a really great way to get started in the Philips Hue ecosystem,
especially if you don’t really know what you want. If you want bulbs that change
different colors they have a starter kit for that, or if you just want plain white
bulbs that you just want to control with your voice or with your smart phone, they
have a starter kit for that as well. Now another Philips product I would also
recommend getting with your purchase of your Philips Hue lights would be a
switch called the hue tap. Now what the hue tap is, is it’s a switch that works
with your philips hue light bulbs, it has four buttons on it that you can assign
to turn on or turn off different lights, and the best part is it uses no
batteries. It actually uses kinetic energy when you press a button on the
switch that sends a signal to your Philips Hue bridge to turn off or turn
on your lights. Overall I’ve been very happy with my
Philips Hue smart lights. They make turning off all my lights and
turning them on again just way more easy and I love being able to control them
with my voice. I also really can’t imagine not waking up to the colors of a
sunrise every morning because I’ve been doing it for so long now and I love the
fact that I can crawl into bed and turn off a light without having to check my
phone and just use my voice. It’s just been a really great experience. I think
if you decide to go for the Phillips Hue smart lighting system you won’t be
disappointed. You’ll probably, genuinely fall in love
with these lights, I know that’s certainly been the case
for me. For 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder

20 thoughts on “Phillips Hue Smart Lights Review – 6 Months Later

  1. I didn't know there was a slow fade wake up option! Gonna have to see if I can find a good deal on a 4 pack! Thanks for the video! 😄

  2. I've had a lot of problems with Philips Hue, they can actually be very frustrating. The support for the more complex issues isn't fantastic.

    That said though, I'm really glad to have Hue bulbs, only got a few because they are incredibly expensive, but they let me automate my house and it's amazing how good lighting can influence the mood you are in, whether that be bright whites to wake up, dim ambience for the evening, or some bright colours just because you can.

    The colour bulbs are definitely worth getting with the start kit, but after that I wouldn't bother with many more and just get the Ambience ones. The only time you're likely to use a green/blue/red/etc is just for the novelty factor

  3. I have added Philips Hue white lights to my four main rooms of my apartment, and I really enjoy using them. I have also just added 3 Philips Hue motion sensors, and it is both fun and convenient to have the lights turn on when you enter a room and turn off after a set time. In the future, I plan to have the colored lights installed in my living room. Can't wait.

  4. Pfft these lights are a rip off. I bought some multicolored led Bluetooth bulbs for $10. and they're just as good. Lol jk the $10. Bulbs I bought are trash compared to hue. Lol. Don't really need hue though. 😁

  5. Yay now I don’t have to run from my wallswitch to my bed from the monster. Phew that was a close one

  6. Love the lights>>>   bought the starter kit well worth the investment. My kids love how we can change the lights to any color.

  7. The widgets also work great. You can control the lights from your phone from the lock screen, which makes it really fast to changed screens without unlocking your phone or even finding the app!

  8. I have a question about the Philips Hue Bulb. I am changing the location of the bulb from one room to the other because I bought more bulbs. Alexa echo show says it finds no new devices. How do I make the bulbs recognizable in a new light socket when it has previously been in another?

  9. I like that I can turn on my lights when I’m away from home via the app or Alexa app. All lights or individual ones. Looks like someone is home.

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