Phoenix Lights – Q+A

Phoenix Lights – Q+A

– Hello and welcome to another edition of BuzzFeed Unsolved Postmortem, a show where we answer your
most pressing questions about the most recent
episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved which was the Phoenix Lights. All the questions we’re answering today came from you guys via our
Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page, and our Buzzfeed Unsolved Instagram page. – What a fun episode,
though, talking about aliens with our new pal. – Giorgio, Girogio. Phoenix lights, actually this
episode was pretty sweet. One of my favorite cases when
it comes to extraterrestrials. – Kurt Russel saw it. – He did see it, apparently. – If anyone’s got Kurt on the line, (stammers) send him the
link to the episode. – I’m sure he’d love it. – Kurt! – Kurt looks like a guy
who really is into YouTube. Facebook, here we go. (clears throat) This comes from Danielle Devoti: “I’m with Shane and calling
it military activity. “We are simply too far away
from other inhabitable planets. “But let’s say it was aliens. “They make the trip,
however long it would take, “and they stay for three hours? “I won’t even drive to
Florida from Tennessee “without planning to stay
at least four nights, “but aliens that travel
from millions of miles away “are good with putting
on a brief light show “before continuing their travels? “Also as far as the lights
looking like one massive ship? “Light pollution blocking out stars, and the human brain
trying to make a picture that makes sense by
connecting the dots, lights. Had there been a mile long aircraft, there would have been mass hysteria and national news coverage that night, not a newspaper article
three months after the fact. “Hastag Shaniac.” – That hashtag Shaniac is
like a fucking mic drop at the end of that one. – Yeah, is it? – I mean, here’s the thing,
I do believe in aliens. There’s a lot about this that
is a little strange to me. – The light pollution thing? Maybe. – Seems like a little bit of a stretch. – You mentioned the light pollution thing! – I mean, I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say. I, you know, wasn’t there. I’d like to have been there. Gotta see it with my own eyes, really. I’m at that point. – Looks like that “hashtag Shaniac” doesn’t really mean much anymore. (mumbling sarcastically) You gotta say something. You gotta say something when
you doing like like this. You can’t just make noises. – I think I can. Also, I am similarly confused by their methods or their techniques. I don’t– – I just–
– This is just in general. – You know, if it is aliens, it’s a different culture. They have different norms, maybe they have different travel plans. Maybe their road-tripping is a little bit different than ours. It does seem strange, though, to fly over Phoenix for
two hours, and then leave. The universe is very large,
we could just be a, you know, a Denny’s on the grand scheme of things – Okay, let’s not belittle Denny’s. – Oh, I’m not belittling Denny’s! – It sounded like you were.
– I love Denny’s. – I love Denny’s, too. – I’ve given more to
Denny’s, out of my pocket, than any other charitable foundation. (laughs) Let’s take it over to ‘gram town. Here’s from Mikayla Paige: “Are you guys aware of your
matching pants in this scene?” Referring to the interview with Giorgio. Um, we were aware on the day of that we had worn very similar pants. – We didn’t call each other
up, though, the night before, and say, “You wearing the red pants?” – Ryan, you can be honest with them. Ryan called me the night before, and said, “I think tomorrow’s
gonna be a red pants day.” – Even if that were true, that would mean you had agreed to that. – You bet I did.
– You were complicit in it. – I said, “Hell yeah,
it’s a red pants day!” – That’s on odd choice.
– Sign me up! – You know what, you know why it’s clear that it wasn’t coordinated? It’s because they weren’t
the same shade of red. – We tried our best. – Nope, no, we didn’t try our best. I’ll tell you one thing. I’ll prove it to you. Next week, we’ll come into the post, and we’ll wear the exact same thing. – Oh, should we?
– And we’ll fucking nail it. – Oh yeah. – Facebook, Ryan Vandeput. This seems to be directed at Georgio. “Don’t expect to be taken
seriously on ancient aliens “when you turn up for
an on-camera interview “looking like Beetlejuice.” And with (chuckles) an alien emoji. Not nice Ryan, Georgio is–
– You watch yourself. – He’s a nice man. – When he first walked into the room, yes, his hair was overwhelming. I saw it, and I was like, wow. – But he makes it work. – Two minutes into it, I truly believed he was the
coolest man in the room. – Exactly. And you don’t have to believe
that, because it was true. – It was true.
– It was obviously true. – Then again, not a lot of
competition to be offered. Not very stiff of a competition. – Just the red pant– – It’s just the red pant boys that aren’t quite the same red. – RPBs, baby. RPBs for life. (hip hop record scratch)
– [Ryan] And our crew. – Here’s from 911meme. “Could this have been a
case of mass hysteria? “Seems plausible. Love the show!” I don’t think it is. – Yeah, I don’t think it is either. – Alright, next question. – I mean, obviously
it’s not because we saw news footage of the lights in the sky. Mass hysteria’s usually
connected to something that isn’t even happening. – Right, I can maybe people’s
opinions being swayed if 100 people are like,
“I think it’s an alien!” Maybe there’s an extra subset of people who barely saw anything and were like, “Yeah!” (mumbles) – Yeah, they weren’t
saying people were witches. – No. – They were like, “Holy shit, “look at those fucking big
ass lights in the sky.” – Or dancing themselves to death. – Or dancing themselves to
death as they do in France. Or that laughing epidemic in Japan. – Very good!
– Also very good. – People died in that, too. – Yeah!
– They died of laughter! – What a good way to go. – Mm, I guess you die doing
what you love, I suppose. – Can you just imagine laughing until the light goes out of your eyes? – (chuckles) Until you cease to breathe. – [Shane] Yeah. (forced laughter) (laughing) – There’s probably one last horrifying cackle at the very end. – Ha! (forced laughter) – And you’re frozen like that.
– And you poop your pants. – Zoe (stammers) Lindgren. “I still think it’s Area 51. “Top security aircrafts
wouldn’t have been explained “to civilian or low level military people. “They do shady shit at Area 51, “and I think it’s actually
in their best interests “to keep the public thinking
that the lights were alien “so that our enemies don’t
know what we’re doing. “Hashtag Boogara with ghosts
but Shaniac with aliens, “hashtag so sue me,
hashtag I love you both.” – I mean this sort of
illustrates my biggest stance. This is what I’m going
with for the most part. I think the government cannot be trusted. I think– oh, no, you should trust
the government to a– I don’t want to push any, uh– – Hey, don’t come in here to push your political agenda, pal. We’re talkin’ about
ghosts and aliens here. (chuckles) – I’m not trying to encourage you to be a seditionist or anything, but, um– – You should all register to vote, though. – Please register to vote.
– Please register to vote. – If you get anything from
this episode, register to vote. – And not just, not just in
your big presidential elections, there’s a lot of small local elections that probably effects you even more. Now, you can’t trust the government. (laughing) – Welcome to spin zone, baby! (laughing) – I don’t know, you know, if they’re– I know you had a lot of, um, you took issue with the fact that they didn’t tell the governor. – I took issue with a couple
things in communication when it came to internal affairs here. They didn’t tell the
governor, which, sure, okay– – That makes sense to me. I feel like you wouldn’t tell him. – But you should probably tell– – No one.
– The local military bases. – It’s above their pay grade, man. – So you would rather
have our own military fire off missiles at
something that’s our own ship because you didn’t tell ’em about it? – I’m sure there’s like a protocol for these kind of things. – There isn’t, ’cause
they sent off two F– – I think it’s fine, I think– – They sent off two fighter jets to go pursue something that
was our own vehicle then. – Did they fire? – No, because they were scared. – ‘Cause they were scared. I don’t think it’s only
because they were scared. – That’s what it seems like. – I’m sure their boss wasn’t like, “Well, why didn’t you shoot ’em “even though I didn’t give the order?” “No, my knees were shakin’!” – “While my fingers were gettin’ sweaty.” – “Never seen anything like that!” – “My knuckles were sweating!” (chuckles) – Megsfowler. “I know this has nothing
to do with this episode, “but can ghosts see each other?” Ryan? – (chuckles) What the fuck?
– Can they? (chuckles)
– That’s a fair question. – I guess it is fair. Yeah, I guess. I mean, yeah, I would say so. – A good answer. – I mean, like I said, every time it comes to
these ghost logic questions, I’m gonna sound silly
no matter what when I– – No! Why would you sound sound silly? – ‘Cause there’s no way for me to conclusively say any of that shit. I’m still trying to prove ghosts are real let alone, “Hey, do they see each other? “Do they like non-fiction or fiction?” I don’t know. – I guess it would makes sense that they would see each other, because if we can allegedly see ghosts– – Yeah, if you’re gonna
logically look at it, yeah, you would assume– – And ghosts can see us if they interact with us– unless there’s like a step of removal, like, uh, ghosts can only– hold on, I don’t know. – I’m gonna say yes. – You’re gonna say yes. – I think they can see each other. I only say that because
there has been EVPs caught of two ghosts talking to each other. – Oh, what about the Sixth Sense? – That’s a movie. Let’s go to Kadee Elaine. (clears throat) “I still think the
first may have been UFOs “but the second could have been flares. “The military may have used the flares “to try and distract
us from the first event “and to make us think
they were all flares. “I just find it sketchy how
often these stories change “regarding extraterrestrial life.” – Uh, it’s an interesting theory. Right? Pretty good. – I think it’s good, yeah. She’s talking about the
first and the second event for the Phoenix light. The first one had less witnesses, still a good amount of witnesses. The second event was the one that was seen by most news cameras because people had been kind of buzzing about the first event. The military offered
the flares explanation for the second event, but has no explanation
for the first event, pretty much ignoring that there
were two events in general. – I love that. I love it. – Which is like why– that seems like the
ultimate half measure to me. – That’s why I’m saying
they do not give a shit. – I mean, yeah, that would suggest– I can’t really think of any other thing to file that away under. Yeah, it would appear that
they don’t give a shit. – Yeah. I love it. Back on over to ‘gram town, Emily Cargill. “You’re dumb if you
think aliens don’t exist, “but you’re also dumb if you
see funny lights in the sky “and immediately go to aliens. “Also ghosts aren’t real.” Emily, there’s a lot of
negativity in the world. (laughing) You don’t wanna go around
calling people dumb, you know, if you disagree with someone. It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t think Ryan’s dumb,
I think he’s excitable, and that’s fine. – He’s not telling the truth there. He’s definitely said– – I don’t think you’re a dummy. I think you’re a smart person with some very unique views that don’t always add up. And that’s fine! – Okay, um, ghosts are real, uh, lights in the sky
may very well be aliens, they may not be. You don’t know. – Well, that does it. – It does do it. – What’s comin’ up this week? – This week, we have, uh, we take a little trip down to the south to start a little two episode journey. This first one is, uh, good for those thirsty for ghosts. – Oh, if you’ve got that ghost thirst. – Yeah.
– Get ready to get quenched. – (chuckles) Or not. Or not. That does it for this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem. Make sure you watch
the episode this Friday and send your questions
into the Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page and the Buzzfeed
Unsolved Instagram page, and maybe you will be
on the next Postmortem. – Very exciting.
– Yes! – Yeah.
– Yeah! – Our weekly Q and A concluded, I now welcome you to the part of the show we call the Hot Daga.
– What is this voice? – The Hotdog Saga commissioned by and starring Ryan Steven Bergara, written by me adored
by every single viewer, and if you don’t like it,
you can kiss my apple taters. Zap. The tiny ghost of a hotdog witch apparates in the middle of the jungle forests of the alien planet– – Is this a long one?
– Yes. – Her name is Pam, and for the first time in her afterlife, she’s doing the best she can. “Gene! “Mike Soup! “It’s me, Pam! “We don’t know each other super well “beyond me dropping all
your friends in a volcano. “(chuckles) Oh man, I
can’t believe that worked. “Anyway, I got murked
and it chilled me out. “Just visited Maisy in a
subterranean prison cell “and it seems like she
could use your help, “so I Pam-Pam-kazammed out of there, “which is my catch
phrase now that I’m fun. “Anyway, I’m here to help now, “so come on out!” Silence. “Tell you what, I hate this planet.” As Pam continues through the jungle, her eyes behold an eerie sight. The lifeless bodies of Gene, the Nobel peace
prize-winning French fries, and Captain Mike Soup, a guy who was really good soup. “Oh, what the heck? “I know I spent a great deal of my life “trying to make you guys dead, “and full disclosure, seeing you this way, “there’s a small part of
my funky, no-good heart “that’s like, ‘Hell, yeah.’ “But the rest of me is different now. “The rest of me weeps to
know that I’ll never hear “another chart-topping hit from Gene, “the French fries who sang songs so good “that the US government laser-engraved “some of their lyrics
onto the face of the moon. “And Mike Soup, I know you pretended “you weren’t the infamous soup baron, “but we’re all pretty sure you were. “Without you, the Chili
Wars might still be raging.” “Oh, wow, (chuckles) a
little talking hotdog lady.” From the brush, a Plopple. “Oh, freeze, dingle berry! “Get your hands where I can see them “or I’ll do some messed up
ghost-witch stuff to you “that would make puke puke.” “Oh, hey, no, no, no big deal. “Hey, you want some money? “It’s got my face on it. (chuckles) “Here’s a million Plubble bucks.” “I don’t want your money,
you ho-humming bean bag. “I want to know who ordered
you to kill these travelers “since you’re obviously too inept “to make any decisions for yourself.” “Huh? Oh no, they’re just napping is all. “Promise! (chuckles) “You can’t trust me, I’m a Plupple.” “Oh, all right. “That actually makes sense to me “because the one thing I’ve always said “is you can definitely trust someone “who repeatedly insists that
you can trust him, you idiot. “I don’t care if you’re a Plupple, “I don’t care if you’re Alfred Molina! “You think I murdered an entire menu “of beloved wedding
guests by being honest? “I’m the queen of deception
and straight up dirty tricks. “Game recognized game, however inferior. “Hope you don’t have much on
your to do list, donkey nut, “because you’re about to get possessed “by a hotdog witch!” “Ha, oh, wow. “What the heck are you takin’ about?” Pam hovers in the air briefly, then shoots toward the
unsuspecting Plupple. “Pam-Pam-Kazam!” Garce stands motionless. He blinks. “Shouldn’t have done that, hotdog.” From deep inside Garce, Pam’s voice echoes, faint. “What the hell? “Where am I?” “Shoulda done your homework, hotdog. “Only thing deep inside
me to possess is a pit.” “Oh, this is messed up! “How was I supposed to
know Plupples have pits!” “(chuckles) They don’t! “Enjoy your stay, Pam!” “Whoa! “What’s all the commotion?” Nearby, Gene and Mike wake from their nap. “I’ve just had a
tremendously confusing dream “about that old hotdog witch, Pam.” “Oh, that lady bummed me out.” “Oh, (chuckles) hey, guys! “We better get a move on “if we want to reach your
friend before sundown. “I let you sleep an extra 10 minutes “because you looked so at peace.” “Aw, Garce, you’re a peach.” “Oh, you said, it Mike! And that’s it for– I didn’t write the
whole, like (stammers)– wait, uh, will they ever– find out next week on the Hot Daga! Escape from the planet of the Plupple! – You don’t need to wrap it up. – It was good. Did you, did that one– (stammers) did that go down smooth for you? – No. (grave, eerie music) – It’s gettin’ good.
– No. – It was like I swallowed
the outside of a pineapple. Just rocked my fuckin’ throat
the entire time, it was gross. – Jesus Christ. (mysterious music)

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