Plantas aromáticas de interior y exterior de casa

Plantas aromáticas de interior y exterior de casa

Aromatic plants for interior and exterior of the house Anyone who is interested in gardening should dream of having an aromatic garden or even being able to have inside a house a space to enjoy a vibrant green place with a good smell. Many of the aromatic plants have found use in the kitchen but there are others that do not necessarily have to go directly to the palate but can be part of the decoration and the home environment a gift of nature without a doubt we will see this top 10 aromatic plants inside and outside that you should not miss Number 1 smells night night osestrum
It is an outdoor shrub whose main characteristic is to bloom and these flowers give off an incredible smell at night does not need much care you just have to protect it from the cold frost because it does not resist to very low temperatures its new foliage develops after the winter Number 2 lemon balm or lemon balm
It is also known as the anti mosquito plant is an outdoor plant as it grows as a large bush with green leaves that emanate a delicious lemon aroma is widely used in tea refreshing drinks and desserts mainly need a place with a lot of sun and loose soil at the end of winter the plant requires an almost complete pruning so that it can develop a new foliage Number 3 gardenias a shrub that gives beautiful white flowers with an intense scent that seems hypnotizing there are indoor and outdoor gardenias these last ones require high temperatures and directly receive sunlight grows in regular size indoor gardenias simply need to be in a lot of contact with the sun and being taken care of from excessive humidity Number 4 fennel
It is characterized by thin and tall with stems that can reach up to one meter in height therefore should be planted outdoors from April in a place with loose and sunny land compared to other herbs fennel has a much development process slower since it amounts to 2 years Number 5 cilantro
Small shrub that can be placed as an indoor plant its green leaves are widely used in the kitchen but you should not forget its beautiful white flowers after flowering in June the seeds need a period of ripening that extends until autumn the cilantro in this time is harvested or otherwise all its leaves are dried Number 6 rosemary
Rosemary is a robust and very versatile plant that also has many variants its smell is unmistakable and therefore it is widely used in a large number of dishes and ingredients native to the Mediterranean its bittersweet green leaves resembling a little pine the plant is a perennial shrub so that the leaves are always fresh and available throughout the year, it is recommended to have it outdoors Number 7 thyme
It was formerly used in Egypt to assemble the dead as it has a potent preservative property there are many varieties of thyme but only a few are used in the kitchen as common thyme and lemon thyme is widely used in medicine since it has several compounds like vitamins and minerals that increase health and help prevent diseases Thyme is one of the richest sources of potassium iron calcium manganese magnesium and selenium that in combination help maintain blood pressure and heart rate you can have it in indoor environments and also from outside Number 8 rue
It is a bush with a protuberant foliage that with just touching it will release its strong aroma to many people the smell is unbearable but the truth is that it is one of the aromatic plants par excellence the rue is an outdoor plant that needs total exposure to sun plus that inside a house the smell could be too penetrating but in your garden it goes very well do not worry much about your care because it is enduring as few Number 9 parsley
Without a doubt, the best-known and most typical plants is a plant that goes very well in my interior, besides that it does not need too much care and Number 10 basil
The basil is a plant that goes very well indoors and is very used to make salads infusions among other culinary preparations when it has grown enough and in spring you can place it indoors and Number 10 basil
The basil is a plant that goes very well indoors and is very used to make salads infusions among other culinary preparations when it has grown enough and in spring you can place it indoors.

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  4. en Perú usamos el cilantro albahaca en la cocina , últimamente el romero y tomillo se están conociéndose más y es apreciada en los platillos

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