Pool Lighting – Cost and Other Common Questions

Pool Lighting – Cost and Other Common Questions

Cristian: What’s up, guys. Cristian here River Pools. And tonight … a little different, isn’t
it? Tonight we’re talking about pool lights. We’re talking about costs, we’re talking about
all the things you need to know. This is Two Minutes in the Pool. Okay, so if this video is helpful for you,
give it a thumbs up, subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow up on Facebook. Do whatever you have to do to keep learning
everything you need to know about swimming pools. Today we are talking about pool lights. I usually set a two minute timer, but why in
the world would I want to stick to two minutes when I am out here by this beauty? So, no timer. And don’t even time me at home. We’re just going to enjoy this beautiful evening
together talking about pool lights. So first and foremost, the question is why
would you want to light your pool? Well there’s two reasons in particular. One, because it looks amazing and two, when
you’re out here swimming at nighttime you have a little more peace of mind when it comes
to the folks in your pool. So there’s the safety factor in addition to
the aesthetics. Next up, do pool lights have to be installed
during construction or can they be installed after the fact? Pretty much you need to stick to them being
installed during construction. Could they be installed afterward? You’re going to spend a lot of money. Don’t even go down that road. Have them installed right out of the gate. Okay, so then the question is how many lights
do you need in your pool? This is a 30 foot pool behind me, and while
one light would indeed have a good impact on this pool, having two makes that lighting
even from one end to the other. So anywhere from 36 feet and beyond you’re
really going to want to look at having three lights or more. But two is what we recommend to all customers. So in terms of the type of light for your
pool, there used to be three different options. There were incandescent, fiber optics, and
LEDs. Incandescent and fiber optic lights are pretty
much obsolete right now and LED goes in everything in terms of lighting. That’s the only kind of light we use. So now, because I mentioned that this video
is going to talk about pricing, I’ll come out of the gate and tell you that a light
would cost anywhere from seven to nine hundred dollars, and that’s per light. So two lights in a pool could be anywhere
from $1400 to $1800. Okay, so now that you’ve pretty much decided
on including some lights in your pool package, you’re probably wondering well what about
the maintenance or the ongoing cost? Well, luckily with LED lights, there is zero
maintenance involved. You don’t have to worry about changing bulbs
because the lifespan is so long. And by the time you get to that point, you
probably need some other service work done on your pool as well and just have a service
technician do it. In terms of that cost, again, because of the
lifespan of the light bulb, you’re not going to have any added expense in terms of bulb
replacement and the energy usage is so low you’re not going to see any effect on your
electric bill. And the last thing you may be wondering about
is are the lights safe underwater? I mean we’re talking about lights, right? Underwater, electricity you would think. Well, they’re actually quite safe because
they’re low voltage and as long as they are installed according to manufacturer instructions,
you will have nothing to worry about except enjoying your time in the pool. I’m Cristian with River Pools. We took a little more than two minutes tonight
because who wouldn’t want to spend their time out here next to this beauty? We’ll see you on the next episode. Catch the wave.

7 thoughts on “Pool Lighting – Cost and Other Common Questions

  1. Can you recommend a brand of an LED Bulb? Also I heard that some bulbs you can change with a phone app…Can you elaborate on that also?

  2. Hey guy. We are having our 33 X 54 above ground pool installed July 9th. I have seen that people have been using some kind of led rope light on the rim underneath the rail. I like this look but how and what is this light? Great video.

  3. What's the most economical choice to add lighting AFTER construction. I have an old rectangle pool with no in pool lighting. Just using flood lights on the house to light it up

  4. Anyone know a good pool construction company in the Maryland/DC area?

    I've talked to a handful and they all seem to overcharge

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