Porsche Macan GTS 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Porsche Macan GTS 2017 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone this is the all-new Porsche Macan GTS this color is called common red metallic a special color on the 10sec cos power it produces 500 meters of torque 0 to 16 5.0 seconds and top speed is 256 clocks brow that’s about 160 miles per hour the engine is a 3 liter v6 twin-turbo engine this is the second most powerful become the most powerful makan is the turbo with 400 horsepower the GTS has a different body style different rims new black accents and the interior is different active active LED headlamps with four dots as a data running late there’s also corner illumination headlight washers parking sensors 360 degrees view camera system – underneath the mirrors one in the back 20 hrs spiderants beautiful red brake callipers it is the camera underneath the mirror LED turn signals panoramic sunroof is also in black special to the GTS 3d taillights full exhaust there is a maken a smokin GTS smokin diesel and a comfortable this is the middle makan I call it refute camera the curve is 1810 70 kilograms the space in the back is 500 liters ready fold the rear seats down its thousand five hundred litres storage compartment you can lower and higher the back of the car lift the back of the car power twin-turbo 3 litre v6 engine the Makhan is also available with a diesel i also film the Macan turbo you can find it on my channel adapter 61 yeah beautiful red stitching TNT three windows I love the Alcantara of Avatara it has a Bose sound system storage compartment really big I shall fix seeds cup holders in the back GTS logos Alcantara headliner on the right song and we’re now and beautiful cockpit order mark on GTS what’s different the seats are really different and the normal model red seatbelts the speedometer is different with the red speedometer and the GTS logo it has a great great sound when you started I love the chrome along the dash and the leather – this is the space in the background bomb me train 83 my head this slightly touching the roof I love the panoramic serve goes all the way to the back LED illumination two cupholders this color combination with the black and the red looks stunning in my opinion lock/unlock three person members it it has also a memory function steering view storage areas Nikon GTS logos on dorsals leg extensions I love the shape of the seats very sportive Porcia written on the floor mats again the settings for the seats you in the beautiful cockpit of the Mekons GTS touchscreen navigation I love the letter – on top and the red stitching a lot of buttons I will explain all of them wireless charging USB aux input two cupholders electron can’t break mark on logo looks nice for the PDK automatic gearbox ESP air suspension you can lower the car suspension settings it has a sport mode and Sport Plus mode you can turn the start/stop off exhaust system Lane Assist off-road settings on a GTS heated seats three settings with the little lights to let you know climate control with digital screens dual zone Hilti sent two SD card slots and a same slot like the Audi multimedia system it’s the same touchscreen navigation new screen like the 911 this is the main menu of the car radio media settings it supports carplay and android systems navigation you can also give it commands with your voice you can also zoom in and zoom out it is an upgraded system this was the map phone settings with Bluetooth connectivity car settings fuel efficiency Park Assist safety systems system settings sound settings for the Bose sound system is available I like the stopwatch on top because it’s a sports car I think I like to chrome along the dash and the steering wheel it is a special steering wheel with chief pedals behind the steering wheel this is a special for steering wheel for the Makhan GTS it could the buttons on the steering wheel cruise control down here like all even this is leather with the red stitching it has automatic steering wheel automatic headlights the ignition is on the left like all Porsches dimming rear view mirror with garage door own link function three settings parking sensors on top sunshade and sunroof control that’s for the Corrado room link LED illumination Sun Visor it’s it’s leather thanks for watching

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  1. I know the Turbo has a different front, and IMHO is more beautiful…but the GTS series looks so badass…they looks like they are provoking you….great car…great review. I wish they bring back GTS on the new 718 Boxster and 911.

  2. Whoa Alaatin, i liked the backgroundsound on your videos. People talking jibberish while you do the video sequences. Dont have it silent!

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