Post-modern chocolate – Yummy Physics #3

Post-modern chocolate – Yummy Physics #3

Hello, can I get a skinny soya frappalapuccino, with just a soupçon of cream, please? Oh, a regular coffee. And would you like that
with today’s special, our “chocolat déconstruit”? Um, yeah, okay! Just one moment then, sir. That’s not chocolate! *sighs*
It’s “déconstruit”! Well, I hope that barista gets fired! Obviously I hope all baristas get fired,
but that one in particular. Because chocolate is important, and it deserves better than being served
in its deconstructed elements. Does he have any idea how complicated it is, and how much time it takes
to smoosh this stuff into chocolate? I am reliably informed, by our own script,
that it takes up to 15 hours. Fortunately, I have the exact opposite of a barista here to help. Someone who can tell us the
shortcuts: a real scientist! I thought I had… Well, they’ll turn up when they need it. Scientists always do! Right, let’s get mixing! You probably know that chocolate
is made up of these three main ingredients: cocoa powder, sugar, and cocoa
butter, which I’m just going to pop on to start melting down now. The reason this is so complicated is that we’re trying to mix two very granular solids,
which are non fat soluble, using as little fat as possible. Since I’m trying to maintain
my other job as Brad Pitt’s body double, my Adonis-like physique, my svelte figure, my uh… Rocky from Rocky Horror Picture Show… So, let’s just add this now: in go the cocoa powder,
and we’ll pop on the sugar as well. Now it’s time to find
my handy dandy science spatula. We’ll start giving that a little mix. This is the amount of fat you’d have
in a normal chocolate bar, like you’d buy in the shops. But we are going to add a little more cocoa butter, just to speed things along, a bit. *Two hours later* All right, after all that mixing, we are not even close to what we were hoping to achieve here. Which means, at this point, we have three options: One, surrender. And I never surrender! Two, keep mixing for about… an eternity! Or, three, add even more fat, and
risk our perfect rippling abs! Or, Alex, you could try taking this cheeky shortcut: it’s an emulsifier called “soy lecithin”. While you add a drop of that, why don’t I
explain the physics going on? Oh, please do! Scientists, always popping up
just when you need them! So, what’s happening in here, then? Chocolate is made of particles
of cocoa and sugar in fat. We want our chocolate to taste nice,
but not have lots of fat in it. So we need as many particles as possible. But the more particles we have,
the less room they have to move, and the more difficult it is to mix. It’s called a dense dispersion. Lots of solid tiny particles, in a little bit of liquid. It’s like going to a party: at the beginning, there aren’t many people, and it’s easy to go over, and order a beer. But, as people start arriving,
it becomes more and more crowded. And when the party is at full swing, it’s really hard to just move across the dance floor, to join your friends. You can make the room bigger,
which is like adding more fat, or you can use lecithin. The lecithin is like the milk protein. It has a bit that likes the fat, and another, that likes the water. It goes around the particles to form a barrier. That’s why it’s called an emulsifier. It keeps them smooth and slippery,
so they don’t stick to each other. Lecithin makes it easier for the particles
to move around each other. Now, the party doesn’t feel quite so crowded. I feel like we’ve all learned an important lesson today. Zoom in! Like many things in life, making chocolate is a trade-off, between how much effort you’re willing to put in, and how much fat you’re willing to add. And, of course, whether you want to add an emulsifier, such as soy… ligh light lychees lycanthrope lint Lindt Lindor What is it? Lecithin. Soy lecithin. The lecithin also helps to make our chocolate
look the same for longer. Chocolate is a dispersion of solid particles in fat. We have other dispersions on our kitchen, like tomato soup, and corn starch. That sounds delicious, but the only dispersion I’m interested in
dispersing is right here… Now, that looks like the perfect chocolate, but, luckily, I brought my own. How about you dip that? No, you could, you could dip it! That’s science!

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  1. Lol, this was great fun, and I actually learned something new even though Iโ€™ve been watching cooking shows for decades! โค๏ธ Alex Gray, he has cocoa butter voice!

  2. May we have more of these videos with Indiarose and Alex please? Perhaps one that reviews the science of yummy Islay single malt whisky? Cheers from South Wales, NY USA. – chaz.

  3. Wow I loved this. Also Alex has a wonderfully delightful voice that brings me great joy and I look forward to hopefully seeing more video!!

  4. I feel like a cool kid that finds all the cool things before everyone else. Just know I will grow distance once the channel grows to prevent me becoming "just like everyone else." Ugh

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