PowerPoint Designer NOT Working (6 Reasons Why)

PowerPoint Designer NOT Working (6 Reasons Why)

Hey speed demons. This is Taylor with a six reasons why
your PowerPoint designer might not be working and If you missed my last video, PowerPoint designer is a great
fast way Design tab, Design ideas, to generate new slide background
ideas for your slides. So notice with just a few clicks I can
come up with a bunch of different ideas. And in my other video I show you how to
break out these background elements of your slide that you can use
on your slide templates. So just check out my other video up top. But this video is about why your
PowerPoint designer might not be working. And the very first reason why it might
not be working is you don’t have an office 365 subscription or the
latest version of PowerPoint, which at this point is PowerPoint
2016 so if you don’t have that, you can’t use it. And this might be a good reason why you
might want to upgrade your version of PowerPoint so you can take
advantage of this cool feature. And the second reason it might not be
working is you might not have access to the Internet.
All right? This does not work offline like a lot
of the new PowerPoint subscription features. Like for example, if I come
into my slide, I will delete the ink, right? Design Tab, design
ideas. This is all generating, if I scroll down to the bottom, all
right, online PowerPoint services. Just like if I closed design ideas,
if I right click, change graphic, all of these icons that are now
in the new versions of PowerPoint, this again is pinging an online database.
So if you’re not online, you cannot work with or
insert these different icons
or use these different cool design ideas. So that’s another reason
why designer might not be working for you. Reason number two.
Now a third reason, which isn’t so apparent at first is it
might be because you have mixed shapes on your slides. Notice with just
a single picture design ideas, you get a bunch of different ideas. But if I just take a rectangle
and I add it to my slide, I immediately lose all
of those design ideas. So designer does not work with mixed
shapes, which can be a rectangle, a line, a textbox, ink, a chart and
a picture won’t work, et Cetera. So just delete the extra elements on
your slide or take the picture that you want to create a background for.
And again, I show you how to break out all of this
stuff in the back of my other video. Just take it to a new blank slide and
that should make your designer work again. The next reason that your
designer might not be working. Reason number four is what I call the
six one one pictures table chart rule. So designer works with six
pictures up to six pictures. Notice it’s working here. Control Z
to undo. If I duplicate the tiger, I immediately have too many images.
So it works with up to six pictures. It works with one chart. So if
I here have a chart here, again, designer will give me
different design ideas. But if I duplicate the Chart
Control d to duplicate, as of right now of the filming of this
video designer does not work with two charts. So you’re stuck with um,
working with one chart with designer. And the same is true if I hit page
down with your tables. And again, the designer will give you some ideas
for ways to work with your tables. But again,
if you duplicate it, control d to duplicate one of the best
PowerPoint shortcuts ever, all right, you’re going to lose all of your
different design ideas. All right? So that’s reason number four,
why designer might not be working. Another not so intuitive reason why
designer might not be working as you might be working with a custom slide
or a custom PowerPoint template. So designer doesn’t work
with everything yet. Notice here I have a title and two
content layer slide. So designer, normally if you come to the home tab,
layout drop down just as a heads up. It works best or typically works with
title slides, title and content slides, section slides and blank slides. So if you have a slide
that it’s not working for, my recommendation is to take the images
or the pieces that you want to create a new design idea for
Control C to copy them, hit Control N on your keyboard for new
presentation and Control V to paste those in and that should allow you to, as long as you’re in a blank default
PowerPoint presentation should kick designer back off.
Now this is a title of designer. If you come to a different layout style,
again, something that you should explore when
you’re looking for new ideas for your slide, it will give you some
different options. And again, I show you how to break out
these individual pieces, not
the pictures, but the um, background elements and my other
video if you want to check that out. So I’m just gonna close out of
this and I’m not going to save it. So that is another reason,
all right, reason number five, why designer won’t be working. You’re working with a custom
slide or a custom template. And what you should just do is take the
elements that you want to create that custom designer background with,
um, to a new default slide or a blank slide. The last reason that designer
might not be working for you, you might not have it
automatically set up to pop up. So if you just come to
the PowerPoint options, and I’ll do this for you for a second.
If you come to general, you’re looking for this
PowerPoint designer, um, checkbox, this will make sure that
as you are designing your
slides or adding a picture or a table or a chart, if designer has some
ideas for you, it’ll knock those out. So within PowerPoint to find that,
simply come to the file tab, come to options,
it’s going to be in the general options. And then you have the PowerPoint designer
automatically show or don’t show, um, depends on what you’re doing.
Um, if you’re building lots of Fullscreen
visual images for your slides, I recommend turning this off because
it will drive you crazy as you’re stretching, stamping and bending your pictures
out into a full screen visual image, which you can check out more details on
how to do that in the description box below. But that is six reasons why your
PowerPoint designer might not be working, if you need more help using designer, I highly recommend checking
out my other video. If you are new to our channel and
want to keep up to date on our latest PowerPoint hack trickery,
so PowerPoint hacks, tips and tricks to help
get you to happy hour. Make sure you subscribe here on
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training directly in the description box below this video. This is Taylor
from nuts and bolts speed training, and I’ll see you at happy hour.

31 thoughts on “PowerPoint Designer NOT Working (6 Reasons Why)

  1. Not sure how to use the new designer feature? Check out my other YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/GnCtQl6Bv60

  2. Cool! Is there a way that Designer can copy & paste slides between presentations. I think it only works with the enhanced meta file trick, any tips?

  3. One other quick reason why Designer might not be working (big thanks to Bill): If you have an audio or video file on the slide, designer won't propagate. Delete the audio and designer will propagate.

  4. Hiya, thank you for this however I've checked the points and I think I'm doing it correctly but it still says that there aren't any design ideas which is kinda odd because just before it started doing this, I was able to access design idea. When it stopped working, even the slides beforehand which used design idea, said that there aren't any design ideas available. I've tried everything that I've looked up. Do you have an idea of what could be the problem? Thank you x

  5. I have one question. I have Office 2019 and activated 365, I can use Morphs and other 365 cool stuff but for me there is no designer, not even in settings! Why?

  6. Hey Mate, you talked about another video in the presentation. Can you give me the link to it, I would love to view it. I really want to know how you change the background pictures, without alternating template and also duplicating desired templates, but changing photos. Can you pleasssse help????????

  7. I have the design options showing up and have been using them. Then they will disappear regardless of how many times I have saved the presentation, the slides revert to just words on a blank background. I can go back and fix them back to the designer slide but after doing that 3-4 times and it still switch back to a blank background I am frustrated.

  8. In my system, i'm unable to see the powerpoint designer option like in the 6th reason
    can you help me solve this case???

  9. Sir will it work with raw images if it has large size, earlier I did great designs but it is now not working, please help

  10. is it possible to get designer if i have a 2019 plus version of office (without office 365 subscription)?


  12. I tried to do also 6 things, and the design ideas option is still gray and i really don't want to install Microsoft again and i did tried to use a blank presentation on power point with text but it didn't work.

  13. I need help. I literally have no designer mentioned whatsoever. I don't even have the options/buttons on the design tab, or in my general settings. It doesn't show up. Therefore I can't check it on. It's funny, as just a few days ago it was working. I have an office 365 subscription, and am using powerpoint 2016. I don't know what to do. Someone please help!

  14. I have the account for powerpoint 365 but my software is powerpoint 2016,,,do i need to install another software?

  15. i, Sir. Mine is 2016 Student and Home Version of Microsoft Office. Sometimes when I start my PowerPoint, my Designer Idea is being shown and recommended. But sometimes, it doesn't show up, plus, in my Design section, there is NO Designer Idea shown. Your 6th point doesn't work on my version either as in the General of Option no Designer Idea can be found either. Do you think it happens due to my version of MO? If so, why does my PowerPoint show the Designer Idea on the right of my presentation page for me to select when I start my PowerPoint sometimes?

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