Practical skills to be a Graphic designer? Ep19/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

Practical skills to be a Graphic designer? Ep19/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

Hello and welcome to this beginner’s
guide series to graphic design. From what graphic design is, skills to be a graphic
designer, design theory, education you need, equipment you need to the graphic design
portfolio and interview advice. This series is for anyone at any level. So if you’re interested in graphic design and
considering becoming a graphic designer join me as I discuss a series
of graphic design topics. Graphic design is a very
creative and specialised job. There are lots of skills and qualities
you will need in order to become a designer and become a good designer.
In this video I’m going to discuss the practical skills required. Now the
practical skills can be taught and acquired through practice and
determination and are the typical skills that are encouraged and
acquired in art school. These can be considered the foundation
skills as you will need to practice and harness these from the start.
So the first is: Verbal communication. Even though graphic design is visual
communication you will often have to communicate your ideas verbally to
discuss and sell them to others. The greater your ability to communicate
and articulate your ideas the better. Drawing and sketching. It’s been said that rough
layouts sell an idea better than polished ones. To be able to draw and sketch will
be able to communicate your ideas visually . All design should really start
on paper. Sketching is a great method to render your imagination fast and bring
your initial ideas out of your mind to rule out anything you feel may or may
not work. Sketches can become a discussion point. When you have something
visual in front of you it makes it easier to talk about that idea with
others such as clients or senior designers. Every time I’m at a meeting I
always sketch initial thought out and show clients. This helps engage them and
see their reactions. Every designer should be able to draw and
sketch to some degree. Research. Graphic design is about problem
solving and coming up with new and exciting ideas. The best way to discover and come
up with such ideas is through research and expanding your knowledge. You will
need to be able to research. Often you may be tackled with a brief on a subject
matter you know nothing about. The more time you spend researching the more you
will learn and become inspired which will ultimately reflect in your work. This will lead to you having more
original ideas and creating more interesting work. Software skills. Today a
lot of design is done using software tools like Photoshop, Illustrator,
InDesign and after fact to name a few. The more proficient you are at these
programs the easy it will be and the faster it will be to deliver your design.
You will need a certain degree of software skills to bring your
imagination to life. Time management. Depending on the project you often face
tight deadlines to complete work. That might mean on occasions having to work
fast and under pressure. You will need to be able to manage your
time effectively to implement the design process. You will need to be able to
adapt to various timelines in order complete and deliver your work. Attention
to detail. The integrity and success of your design can often lie in the
details. To achieve high standards you will need to pay close attention. This is
one of the strongest practical skills you can have because after all beauty is
in the detail. So those are some of the key practical skills you will need to be
a graphic designer. If you’d like to take a closer look at
the list discussed in this video you can find out more in the description or in
the PDF document that accompanies this series. Download link is in the
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some of the psychological skills you will need to be
a graphic designer. So see you in the next video!

8 thoughts on “Practical skills to be a Graphic designer? Ep19/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

  1. I've always struggled at sketching, though I've always wished I could do it well. How can I get started to be a good sketcher?

  2. As soon as you talking about software, what do you think of it:

  3. thank you so much for this video .. i have one question , is being so bad at drawing means a person can't become a graphic designer ? is it necessary ?

  4. This is the part i worry Im really bad in sketching and Drawing. but now I must learn to do this Is it too late for me too start my Journey in GD at 32?

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