‘Practice’ How do I begin as a Graphic Designer? Ep25/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

‘Practice’ How do I begin as a Graphic Designer? Ep25/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

Hello and welcome to this beginner’s
guide series to graphic design. From what graphic design is, skills to be a graphic
designer, design theory, education you need, equipment you need to the graphic design
portfolio and interview advice. This series is for anyone at any level. So if you’re interested in graphic design and
considering becoming a graphic designer join me as I discuss a series
of graphic design topics. So you’re thinking about
getting into graphic design and you’re wondering how to begin. In this
video I’m going to discuss and suggest a few things you can do to help you get
started. To get started I would suggest you undertake six key steps and I would
recommend you do them in the following order. Step one: Learn research,
Step two: Collect, Step three: Be inspired, Step four: Practice,
Step five: Seek education and Step six: Apply your skills. Now these steps can be
taken at any stage in your life if young still in school and looking to get into
graphic design you can follow these steps. If you’re older perhaps you’re
thinking of a career change you can also follow these steps. In this
video I’m going to talk about step four: Practice. So as you expose yourself to as
much creativity as you can. Next it will be time to start to
practice and nurture your skills. First I would strongly recommend you practice
your drawing. This is the fundamental skill in any creative career. Drawing is
the basic skill of expression and communication. Drawing is the
essence of design. If you can bring your thoughts and ideas from your mind and project
them onto paper you can start to practice the design process. If you can
nurture your skill in drawing it’s really going to help you in future. So get a
sketch pad or layout pad and start sketching. Take it everywhere you can and
be spontaneous. Consider using mixed media use pencils, pens, crayons, marker
pens or paint. For this I would recommend a broad range of subject matter.
Observation and still life drawing: Draw a bowl of fruit. Draw your pet.
Draw a portrait of a friend. Draw the tree a flower in your garden. I recommend this
as it will help build your expressive Freestyle drawing skills.
Copy what you see. Draw your favorite comic book character.
Find a building or picture of a building and draw it. Pick a typeface you like type out your
name and draw your name in that font. This will help build your technical
drawing skills. So drawing is something you can be practicing all the time. I
have been practicing graphic design now for over 10 years and I still try and
draw as much as I can. So next I would recommend you begin
practicing your graphic design. Once you’re consciously learning from
creativity your observing, your reading creative books, you’re collecting things
you like, you’re seeking inspiration and you’re practicing your drawing, it’s time to put what you have learned
into practice and have a go at a small design exercise. Now if you’re a complete
beginner to design I recommend you start with a very simple and
fun exercise to get you started. So for this I would recommend you set
yourself a mini brief. Now this could be anything but for this video I’ll suggest
an example. If you’d like to take a closer look at this mini brief you can
find it in the downloadable PDF document that accompanies this series. Link is in
the description. So think of a local coffee shop you like or make one up.
1. Design or redesign a logo for that coffee shop. 2. Define some colours, a
choice of fonts and create a theme, a brand to go with your logo. 3. Take
that brand and design a poster to promote the coffee shop and include the
logo. 4. Take the poster design which should include your brand elements and
design a menu for their coffee list. So three things there. Now whatever you
brief before you even think about using a computer. First do your research,
Seek your inspiration and sketch your ideas on paper first. Do
not focus on one idea. Sketch as many various compositions as you can of the
same idea. Once you have at least three or four options of any idea. Only then move onto the computer. So the
next thing I would recommend you do is: Practice your software skills. Once you
have sketched out your design and you know roughly what you want to do you can
start to practice using software tools to bring your design to life. For this I
would recommend you use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. These are the key
design programs to use. Learning these software tools can take a while so take
your time and enjoy it. Stick with it and soon you’ll get the
hang of it. So that is one mini brief idea I would recommend to practice your
design process. Now to help you practice your software skills further I would
recommend you undertake an imitation project. Find a post that you really
liked or magazine article and attempt to copy it on the computer. Study everything
about it and see the creative decisions the designer made. Try to imitate the
design on the computer. You will not only be practicing your software skills but
learning about design principles. Now another way to practice would be to
undertake online briefs. Today there are lots of websites that small businesses
will go to to find designers from all around the world to do various creative
briefs. Now these sites do not require any particular design qualifications.
Here it is all about your portfolio. You can subscribe to these, showcase your
work, specify your rate and be in with the chance to be selected. If selected
this could be a good way to practice on some small projects. Well I hope you enjoyed this video
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to talk about the next step, step 5 and talk about how
you can build on top of your foundation skills and
seek education. So see in the next video!

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  1. That's very useful advice for a beginner, thank you!! I keep telling myself to start practicing my drawing as I am sure ideas and execution will flow more easily once on the computer, but I've got to stop procrastinating 😡

  2. with the steps 5 seek Education. how can i find someone to teach me about Graphic design or the only one thing by research from the internet?

  3. That's the best episode I've been enjoying so far. Thanks for sharing the tips of getting started with practice – especially for whom planning to switch to design career! Keep it going!

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