Preserving the Soul of Bauhaus Design

Preserving the Soul of Bauhaus Design

– [Christian] Modern furniture began at the Bauhaus 100 years ago. There have always been only
a few serious companies doing Bauhaus furniture
re-editions or replicas. We are doing this for 50 years now. It’s important for us to tell the story how it really was. – [Narrator] This is Tecta, a factory in Lauenförde, Germany- one of the few in the world to replicate original Bauhaus furniture. And this is one of the
crafters behind it all. – My name is Christian Drescher. I’m the owner of Tecta. We are a family business
fourth generations, and I co-work with my
uncle, Axel Bruchhäuser, for the last years. – With my father and I, we
took over the existing company, Tecta, and our dream was to produce all the forgotten Bauhaus furnitures. – Our aim is to prove everyday that these classics still play a role in current living situations. – The centenarian designs
are known for their minimal and practical nature and lack
of adornments and details- central features in the Bauhaus school. And these men are on an intricate mission to make sure that designs
like the 1925 Wassily Chair and the 1927 Cantilever
Chair are still sat on today. – Drawings and original
documentations are very important. So we worked closely, or work closely, with the Bauhaus archive
and then, from that on, we can realize things; we
have a carpentry workshop and a metal workshop, the upholstery, put all these together,
together with the designer; this makes it possible
to make the furniture. It’s a big satisfaction if
you see that you have somehow prolonged the life-cycle of an old classic by doing an interpretation of 2019 of a Bauhaus piece from 1919. And then people say, “Wow,
this is so avantgardistic, “this is so contemporary”
though it’s 100 years old. That makes us very proud because they are not simple products. They are furniture with a
soul with something more. (light music)

61 thoughts on “Preserving the Soul of Bauhaus Design

  1. Furniture in the Bauhaus style is fine, but houses often look realy cold, if you build them in this particular style.

  2. "Wow this is so avante-gardistic, this is so contemporary"

    Wow those are the most bullshit pretentious words I have ever heard.

  3. i always tought Bauhaus was overrated, its not that functional or minimal or confortable, and many of the pieces are honestly ugly

  4. The old Bauhaus designs are extremely significant in a historic sense but are extremely dated and just don't fit with the current values and aesthetics of interior design

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