Print Large Posters with Any Printer!

Print Large Posters with Any Printer!

Posterizing, tiled printing. Rasterbating! We’re going to make
big posters, people. Welcome to DIY Tryin. Let’s make something cool. I’m Patrick Norton. I’m Trisha Hershberger. And Michael Hand is out on the
injured reserve list this week after a terrible laser
shaving accident. Oh, ow. Well, Michael’s
half-face aside, we’re going to make some
giant posters. Yes, we are. This is really, really cool
and really, really easy. If you have a printer– like
a standard size printer– and a little bit of software on
the internet– which brings us to Rasterbating– a pile of
paper, and some patience. Like, the hardest part
of this is actually getting the stuff on the wall. So we actually have a
map you and I did before. And we’ve got some artwork
we have permission to use. And this is crazy. Because what it does is,
it’s called tiled printing. Ooh, I like that. We can start laying
them out up here. Yeah. So the prints you’re looking
at here are from PosteRazor. PosteRazor, it runs
locally on your machine. It’s got an application for
Windows, OS X, for Linux. Rasterbator has kind
of a Windows app, but mostly, you use it at
the Rasterbator website. And so what you’re looking
at here is a tiled image. And what it does is it
takes your JPEG, PNG, TIFF– just about anything
on the planet– and it cuts into sections that
will fit into the size paper you chose. Could be 8 and 1/2 by 11, could
be A4 if you’re in Europe, could be letter,
could be legal size. And then it prints them all out. And this part’s
really, really simple. Where it gets crazy is when
you start playing around with how big you can get. The biggest one I’ve done
was about 180 sheets, which I think was 12 by 8 feet. But if you take a look at the– That’s pretty big. I’ve seen people do ones
that were like 1,000 sheets. Wow. Well, yeah. In that case, you really
want somebody else paying for the ink, because
the most expensive part of something like
PosteRazor, which is doing a full page,
full bleed print, is you start blowing through
your ink cartridges really, really fast. So you want to see what
the Rasterbator looks like? Yes. OK. So what we’re looking at
here is the Rasterbator. And it’s pretty simple stuff. We’re going to upload a
file from my desktop, which hopefully turns out to
be– hey, Abe Lincoln. It’s Abe. That’s a pretty sexy
picture of Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln was a stud. US letter is the
standard thing here. And you can choose
portrait or landscape. And like everything
else in life, most things work portrait unless
you have a big, wide image. You can see in the background,
there’s a human here. So if you’re like, I need
this big enough for people to stand next to– Oh, you can scale
it right there. Yeah. So you can go like, OK,
I’m four sheets wide. Let’s make it eight sheets wide. Oh, snap. And then you see
how it re-scales the person on the side there. So now we’re at 1.73 by 2.21
meters, which is 6 by, like, more than 6 feet, which is a
sad, sad sign that someday, I’m going to have to be
able to figure out how to do the metric system. So once you’ve done that– in
this case, black and white’s the natural. OK. So what I’ve just did there
is halftone the image. You can also go in and
drop a Pantone color in or pick a color that you want. So we can get– what color
do you want to make Abe? Let’s make him green. Yeah, I’m down for that. Like the money. Brace yourselves. Background color on white. Boom! There we go. And if you have a full color
picture like we were printing out before, you want
to click multicolor, and that gives you a
giant full-color image. And if you click
the presets there, does that just make it spotted? Let’s find out. Let’s see. Hemophilia. That’s actually not bad looking. No, it’s not at all. Want to try out
“R’lyeh by Night,” “Antidiluvian Newspaper,”
“Acid Attack.” Ooh, who got to name these? I don’t know. “Patriotic Moose”? Yes. Ah, that works. I’m into “Patriotic
Moose,” let’s do it. “Patriotic Moose.” And then finally, you’ve
got your output options. So the standard
thing is a halftone. And if you want
smaller dots, you can go down to 3
millimeters, which will give you more detail. And you can also
get bigger dots. 25’s the standard setting. 25 millimeter dots give you
this huge really random-looking image. And it’s either going to
look like art school– and that’s the original. Oh, wow. I love what we did to it. I’m sorry, Abe. And then when you’re done, it
has two more things going on. Cutout lines, so if you
want to cut the edges off, it makes it easier to cut it
by putting a little dim lap a around it. I see. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the page position actually
numbers all the pages. And that way, if you screw
up as your pulling them out of the printer, you don’t have
to spend 18 hours puzzling through your 64
pages to figure out where Abe’s hands and feet are. Rasterbate 64 pages. And then it creates
a giant-ass PDF file. And then you take the PDF
file and you print it out on your printer. And you get something like this. Now obviously, this is not
Abe Lincoln down here– Nope. –but the concept is the same. And this is where
the fun starts. So with that one over there–
the map– we did it with tape. We’ve stapled them to walls. I’ve seen people
do wallpaper paint. Do not do that if you are in
a place where your landlord is a real pain in the ass
about your deposit. Oh, yeah. I saw somebody do
an amazing job. They basically wallpaper
pasted an entire wall. That’d be so cool. It was incredible. And then they lost
their entire deposit. By the way, if you’ve got a
fancy tool like Illustrator, you can get the same effect. All you’ve got to do is go
into the scaling section of the Print box and
select “Tile full pages.” And you get a full range
of options inside of there. And what you’re
looking at right now is, of course,
Michael Hand’s face. And one of the places you can
learn about Adobe tools like Illustrator is our
sponsor, Along with guides to learn
how to use Illustrator, they can pretty much
make you– well, jeez– a Premiere expert or
just about any other tool. Photoshop, they have
skills they will teach you through the video tutorials. And you will be
supporting DIY Tryin. So Go check it out, please. Trish. Yeah? This was fun. This was super fun. Now I know that I can
make whatever poster I want and just lacquer
it up on my wall. And– do you own your
place, or are you going to be refunding
the deposit? Nope! So will you be taping or
stapling it to your wall, or thumbnailing? Well, first I’m going to
get out a real big ladder. And then I will probably
be poster-tackying it. Is it going to be a “Lord
of the Rings” print? Yeah, I’m going to do all
of Middle Earth, the map. Really? Sure. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yes. You have to send us a
picture to @diytryin or [email protected] Please subscribe at or Comment down below. What’s coming up with
you on the YouTubes? You can check me out on or That’s seven days a week. You can also find
me on the Twitters at @thatgrltrish,
no I in the girl. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks
for watching DIY Tryin. Hopefully, Michael will
be out of the hospital, and we will see you next week. Aw, does he look like Two-Face? I made a joke about that last
week and then it turned true. So I felt kind of
bad about that joke. Oh, no! He’ll be just as cute, he’ll
just be wearing a facemask. He looks like Brad Pitt. At least if you look
at him this way.

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