Pro looking lighting for your next product shoot | DIY lighting tutorial

Pro looking lighting for your next product shoot | DIY lighting tutorial

what’s up beautiful people of the
Internet today we’re talking about lighting and how would you like to
change your lighting for your product from this to this
my latest YouTube video was a review of the gorillapod 5k kit and if you watched
it you might have seen that the b-roll was shot in a controlled environment and
it was lit from scratch now some of you reached out to me and asked how did you
do that how did you achieve that look how did you manage to light that product
in such a way and you might be surprised to find out that there was no
professional lighting involved but simply I was using two IKEA lamps total
cost $20 and an overhead light which was already present in my living room one
equally important thing that’s worth mentioning before we talk about lighting
is the composition so your camera placement when you’re filming a product
you want your camera to be as low as possible
kind of parallel with your product and sometimes even shooting up if you’re
going for that sort of like epic look it’s kind of like when you’re analyzing
an object and you grab it when you bring it to your eye level and you give it a
good look that way you want to bring your camera as if the camera was the eye
level so the eye line stays the same to your product and that helps to make the
picture look a lot better so with that out of the way let’s get into lighting
all I used as I said was two IKEA lamps and one overhead light now let’s get
started with the overhead light which I used as a key you would normally place
your key light 45 degrees at the front of your subject giving it that dramatic
kind of like split shadow a 50/50 split shadow in this case it didn’t quite work
for me so what I did I used a lamp shade that was already hanging from the
ceiling of my living room but the problem that you have when you use
existing lighting is that house lighting is designed to fill the room and to go
as far as possible because it’s serving the purpose of making the
room brighter but it doesn’t work when you’re doing that because one of the
most important thing to know when it comes to lighting and they see a lot of
people not realizing this is that you want your subject to be somewhere
between one and two stops brighter than the background or if you want to flip
that around you want your background to be one or two stops darker than your
subject because you want your subject to pop against the background a lot more so
keep that in mind you want the background to be darker than your
subject but how do you do that when your light is filling up the room what I did
I just grabbed some black wrap you can just use tin foil or whatever you have
cardboard everything will do you want to wrap that around your light and you kind
of want to beam that light down to hit your subject and that was my key light so now
that my light is nice and wrapped and beamed against my subject I can focus on
to my backlight the backlight in my opinion is one of the most important
lights when it comes to lighting something or someone you can get away
with not having a fill or not having a key light as long as your backlight is
strong enough sometimes you might see DPs using a very strong backlight and
maybe just using a little bounce board so some sort of white or gray material to
bounce some of the light back and that is just done using one very strong
backlight in this situation I was using one of those IKEA lamps as my backlight
and because the subject of this video was the Gorillapod and the colors of the
gorillapod are very dark I got away with using a very strong and harsh very close
kind of light so we didn’t need any diffusion it didn’t need any bouncing it
was just direct onto the subject and he made it pop a lot more so now we have
our key light coming from above and we are our back light coming from 45
degrees behind the subject but we don’t have any background the background is
kind of lost and we need that background because when we do our parallax move we
want to see the foreground which is our gorillapod and the background moving
against each other creating some sort of 3D effect I happen to have some fairy lights lying around the house so I just grabbed those
used some crocodile clips and clamped those against the curtain in my living
room using those as the background I had a choice to use white or red fairy
lights but I went for red because the Gorillapod I was filming add some red
features within it and the red color in the background in my opinion made it
stand out a little bit more so now we have our key light coming from above we
have our backlight coming from that very cheap IKEA lamp coming from behind and
we have our background but still I am almost happy with the way the picture
looks but I’m not 100% happy because I cannot read the Joby logo at the front
so what we have to do now we grab that second IKEA lamp we place that 45
degrees in front of the subject and we shine it direct we don’t want it to be
as strong as the backlight as it’s just serving us as a fill so I move this
slightly more distant than the backlight was to the subject making it more
diffused and a little bit more dimmed so there you have it that’s how I licked my
latest video however keep in mind that you don’t have to have the exact same
lights this is just to show you that you can use whatever you have around the
house and with some thinking you can create something that looks very
professional just in case you’re wondering that video was filmed with my
5d mark 4 no color grading applied everything straight out of the camera
which made my job a lot easier for faster around I hope you enjoyed this
video and if you did please consider subscribing to my channel give me a
thumbs up and maybe share this video with your friends also let me know in
the comments down below what do you think about this video did you like my
setup are you gonna use it yourself or would you do things different maybe did
I miss out something let me know in the comments down below let’s have a
conversation that’s it for today thank you very much for watching and until
next time ciao

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  1. great video 👍🏽 you are very underrated u give so many good tips and trick👏🏽 thanks man and keep doing what u doing😇

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