34 thoughts on “Project Zomboid Architect! A New Series Proposal…And Project Zomboid Server Updates!

  1. I'd love for you guys to join us on the Discord server and PZ server to come survive together! See the description for details. It's honestly a blast and something I never expected to happen!

  2. I'm all in for PZ content. I dont think it's necessary to create another channel, you can post PZ videos on this one ^.^

  3. I dont even have time to watch your vids cause i need to study for the exams… ;-;

    But i still love your vids 😉

  4. ID say go for making the videos , but I am not sure you need to make a separate channel for it . Your viewers will merely pick and choose what they like to watch amongst them but atleast you will have greater visibility to these new videos to have them take off or not as the case maybe.

  5. I personally would like to see a map fitted and adapted to your liking, but please remember, we are not in control of YOUR series, that is your thing to control.

  6. Personally I won't subscribe to a second channel but would watch some concise modding videos on this channel.
    I only watch streams on YT so I would also gladly watch you streaming modding/mapmaking on youtube.

  7. I've always wanted to build a map on PZ. I tried but it didn't really and up the way I wanted it.

    If you do go through with this it'll definitely give me the motivation and the knowledge to do better next time!

  8. I'd love to see you make a map especially if you do a tutorial style. I've dabbled in map making as well. If the community grows we can upload our creations too and you can build a world for a let's play with all of the family's creations.

  9. Sounds like something the player would find interesting but a watcher would soon find boring!
    I would stick with playing 2 or 3 games at a time because if you take too much time to post episodes people may just wander off and lose interest in you!!!

  10. I would love to see a let's build run on project zomboid. It would be great to see how it all works now.

  11. I’m all onboard with this idea I like seeing this type of stuff, and so does most people here so far I think.

  12. Great video Ambiguous. In my opinion, you should go for it. Put your artistic skills to the test and make it flourish and help you benefit.

  13. I still support a mod review segment. If there is enough interest to support a second channel, then all the better!

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